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Latest articles and publications 2019-2020  Jedi Works shared with the Plasma Reactor Knowledge Seekers Team of the Keshe Foundation

Latest articles and publications by Jedi Simon. Jedi Search, spiritual findings, metaphysiscs, sientific research and Artworks.

Resonant Fields   by Jedi Simon

Resonant Fields   by Jedi Simon  pdf file

Addendum 247

Plasma Fields by Jedi Simon

Music and Spectrograms. Jedi Research

Coherence Loss by Jedi Simon

Whirlpool Study by Jedi Simon

Jupiter: pictures


Jedi Simon - Comic - The Portal

Jedi Portals Pdf of the comic "The Portal" by Jedi Simon

Astral Voyage 4 Harmonic ways to reach the sky


Dryu Tree Spirits

The Emanation Formula

Con Causa Emanativa Activa 

Alien Code Lines 
The Swan

Manas and Pranotherapy
Brahmand Starship

Jedi Simon says

Paradise Lost  
Quantum Cymatic Fingerprints 
Datamining: Creation Myths

Paradise Lost 2 "Flowers"    
Water Fields 

Floating Gans Bottles       
Meditation Vipassana Samatha

Sonic and Photonic Time Crystals     
Mission 61

Multiversal Visions from Acqua di Luce.

The Revelation.

Simple Proof and Disclosure

The Revelation by Jedi Simon




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