Multi Quantic Retro Deduction
by Jedi Simon

A visual brainstorming quantum leap. From Hypercubic Retrodeduction to 4 dimensional and metaphysical counterspace cubes.

From the Electric car to the Wheel, Wi Fi Teleforce and Vimana, Resonance and Sensitivity.

Multi Dimensional Hypercubes. Nested cubes and Hyperdimensional Multi Slit Experiment. The Magic of missed curvature.














Quantized Matrix - Matrikas Rainbow Curvature


Addendum 2




Addendum 3


Ground Zero Missing Cubes 6 - Saturn's Black Cube

Central 9th Cube Missing. Upper missing Cube. Inner structure, 9 Cube Pool. Inner Central missing Meta Cube, Black and Invisible receiving waters of two different kinds.

Anamorphic Pentagon Metadimensional Hyperphysics.

Proportionality... and Gravitational pull... from a plasmatic point of view...

Confirmation of existence and symmetry, specularity and illusion...


Addendum 4

1900 Electric cars


WiFi Teleforce

Wi Fi Energy


Addendum 4

So what....?

Addendum 5

Take a close look....






Resonance... 3 6 9 12 ..... within proportionality, relative dimensions and orders of magnitude, minitude and multitude.

Addendum 6

MonoWheels.... guess what....


Wait a moment....

where does this technology come from...?


Addendum 7

Weaponization of Teleforce for military use proves the existence of Wi Fi Energy





Make good use of knowledge. Karma follows.


Addendum 8

Test these pick  ups and different configurations ( as well as headphones ) to reach a better understanding,

definition and sensitivity. A much greated depth offers plenty more perspectives, dimensions and

knowledge.  Electric Guitars are wonderful antennas...  Expand instrumental learning...













Jedi Simon



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Guess... Latest Experiment but one

Keshe Plasma Reactor Group 12 07 2023 Video

Keshe Plasma Reactor Group 12 07 2023 Audio

Video and Audio cut of the KPRG lesson. Teachings by M. Keshe and Jedi Simon

complete recording of the session here:  7 hours