Quantum Brainstorming

by Jedi Simon

Read this page whilst listenting to the teaching ( addendum 5 ) and follow the keywords to better understand the passages,

Quantum Brainstorming Jump technique, requires open mind, adjustment, fluidity, non prejudice and integration, present stream of consciousness,

mindfulness and a Zen approach together with a Raja Yoga mood. Try it out.


A cryptic teaching on Quantum Brainstorming technique and how to expand conscious intuition, rationally, logically and functionally.

Key Words that offer the seeker that is looking for a deeper understanding of nature, ulterior pathways to knowledge.

Sympathetic Resonance, Morphic Fields, Antenna and Signal. Phase, Lenghts, Dimension, Shape, Oscillation, Rhythm, Twist, Pause.

Angle of isotopes. Axis mundi. X Y Z 3D model. Particular Atomic Understanding. Atomists.

X Y Z T 4D model. Wavefunction understanding. T Quantum FieldCloud Understanding.

Quaternium model.

Temporal definition. Plasmatic understanding. Karmic consenquences. Derivates and Subordinates. Sequential thinking. Non sequential Thinking. Parallel Thinking. Non serial Thinking.

Parallel and serial connections in matter state. Fixed structures. Sequential linear thinking. Ultra Sequential Multi Linear thinking. X Y Z T Substrata and Overstrata.

Quantum Connections. Quantum Cymatic Interconnections. Fractal Antennas. Noise versus Signal. Quasicrystalline structure of lattices and textures. Reshaping materials and Mutaphorma.

And now let's get into the Metaphysical aspects of the topic, quantum jumping to different levels of understanding, glancing angles and positions.

Positioning. Shape. Form. Structures of fluid materials. Shape overunity. No resistence coils. Rodin Coils.

Electric, Dyelectric, Magnetic, Gravitational.


Conglomerate of minerals. Hutchinsons natural mineral battery. 3D Atomical energetical free energy.

3D Alchemical nano state substance to produce electrical energy. Nano state dusts and scattered emements. Doped salts.

Resonant fields and frequency related energy, 3 6 9 .... 12  Without substance but only oscillating fields. Harmonical Sound versus noise.

Enthalpy versus Entropy.

Enthalpy, a property of a thermodynamic system, is the sum of the system's internal energy and the product of its pressure and volume.

It is a state function used in many measurements in chemical, biological, and physical systems at a constant pressure, which is conveniently provided by the large ambient atmosphere.

S inversion of planar primitive 2D circuits. Opposed configuration. Yin Yang S barrier. A B AB third created by interaction of primary interference. Secondary interference produces

plenty more. A B AB BA ABA BAB ABAB ABABA etc...

Constructive resonance. Cymatics. Desctructive dissonance, fear and disergy.

Soul = S whole = S = to Dyamics of the Multiverses.

Intent = axis bender. Tilt, bent interaction. Wobbling and losing control. Disequilibrium. Unbalanced cycles.

Kama = Desire = Karma = Gravitational pull = magnetic attraction to a center point = confirmation of specular image of the eGo, projections and wishes.

From the Tarot deck. 3 = 1

Idea, Project, Construction = to one action. 7 negative vs 1 positive answer.

From Alchemy

Nigredo, Albedo, Citrinitas, Rubedo.

Calcination, Black, Decomposition, Putrefaction. Albedo, white, Purification. Citrinitas, yellow, Sun, Awakening. Rubedo, integration of the psycho spiritual and outcomes of thought

and reasoning into a coherent state. Logical Disclosure. All passages derived and connected to Solve and Coagula oscillations, where Dissolution, Solution, Liquifaction, Reduction, and various

other matter states shall appear. Fire ashes, Heat, Light, Sound, Taste, Odour, etc... related to the elements used to transform and transmute the principal element of the experiment into something else,

its essence, its quintessence, its temporary shadow of the matter, ghost of the matter, echo of the matter. Natural tendency of nature is to balance itself.  Excess, wrong path = explosion, implosion,

danger. Take care.  Tarot teaching. Deck of cards. 4 suits  Arcana. Cups, Water, Swords, Air, Wands, Fire, Pentacles, Earth.

3 of Pentacles. Improving. Master, Teacher, Idea. Architect, Project, Wish. Mason, Worker, Transformer.

3 Triangle. 6 of Pentacles. 2 + 4 Proportionality. Equilibrium and balanced action. Measure. 8 of Pentacles, Work.

9 of Pentacles. Wellbeing. Infinity Loop, 8 of Pentacles. Infinity Loop. Plasma Loop.

Deeper symbolic understanding. 3 6 8 of Pentacles show a Cube. Phylosophical stone. Pietra filosofale. Quintessence. Gold of the Alchemists, lower path, Goal of the Alchemists, upper path.

Re introducing heart. Hearth beat, cycle, pulsation, rhythm. 


How do muscles and command signals work in in the body?

Muscles receive sequential bursts of signals that last a thenth of a second per area involved, then the area rests for some time, recovers; alchemically speacking, and then is ready again

to contract and work. Rotating spatial and time sequential bursts and trains of signals, to carry out the work needed,whilst charging and discharging at the same time the cells.

This is nothing new. It is called Sequantial sinergy of systems based on chemical receptors, functions, conversions, etc....

100 Millisecond bursts. 10 per second. Wiping out whiteboard and starting a new cycle shortly after. Discontinuity principle  that creates Sequential Synergy.

So frequency exists, and within resonance You shall find the key to overunity. If frequency did not exists, consequently, You would not be able to move after a minute, burning out all the local

energy of the muscles themselves. Multiple beats, create chords, or multilinear sounds, that take place at the same time, charging and discharging.

So, time T, from circadian to infinitesimal processes, macro to micro, is a fundamental function of life, movement and motion, present in all conversions that involve subtile and invisible commands,

wishes, intentions of sentients related to the actions carried out by their bodies, following need, tropism and habits.


( 1 )


Electric Guitars and reactors. Study the various electric Guitars models and the magnetic and electrical fields they produce.

Here are some models. You shall clearly see how magnets are used here to perveive, within the interaction of fields, oscillations, then turned into sounds, of a very particular kind,

tuned to feelings, emotions, and related to taste, pitch, acidity, bitterness, soft or warm sensations. High outputs, or low ones, harmonically speaking, where interactions

consequentially shall create fields of interactions outside the instruments themselves towards the public.




( 2 )


Pick ups and circuits of the magnetic reactors; Quantum Brainstorming into Sound Fileds produced by Electro Magnetic Reactors, in all possible position, serial, parallel etc... where sound, tone, phase

and spectrum, voltages, amperage, quality of the frequencies, etc... shall give You a direct Idea of what is happening from the point of view of emotions, feelings and sensations produced.

Alchemically speaking, a step further into subtle fields, away from the Alchemical nano and right into the plasmatic and cymatic fields that shape reality.

Fortunally, You shall be able to play Your electric Guitar in space too, even if there is no air to expand the physical vibration of the instrument, or the worng gas on Your freind)s planet, to share

 the right kind of sound the instrument produced here back on earth. Enjoy the ride.

How to move form a stacked reactor system to another, without moving the jars.

Circuits, act as spatial multiple configurations. Tone controls and volume controls, as transients. Switches, as activators or inibitors.

Magnetic Reactors. Humbuckers.


Non sophisticated hand made simplest circuit. On off switches.

Quality of the metals involved and of the magnetic alloys, shall produce different fields.

Bass Pick up. 4 strings.

Obsolete Pickup.


How to create Your own System of reactors. Build Your own Guitar and play it.

500K and 250K panpots are required to control ev, and now, let's build our new Electric Plasmatic Guitar....

https://www.seymourduncan.com/resources/pickup/wiring-diagrams PLENTY OF DIAGRAMS.... ENJOY

 ( 3 )


So natural resonance, rhythm, frequency and field, is quantized, ordered and symmetrical.

Quiz.... let's see if You have missed something......

Use deduction

Use Retrodeduction





Reactors at work. Here You can see how Hydrogen Wave Functions create changes in the expressions of the field. Symmetry, is present, as nature does not fall apart.


Quiz n° 2...



Tilting the axis.... isotopes and atoms..... guess what.....




Mechanically speaking.....







Resonant Fields, so to speak, from a matter state point of view... instrumentally speaking....

( 4 )



Going much smaller









Going Nano Nano...


( 5 )


Teaching of June 21 2023


Keshe Plasma Reactor Group  June 21 2023  Video cut

Keshe Plasma Reactor Group  June 21 2023  Audio cut

https://livestream.com/kfssi/plasmagroup/videos/236613010  Complete teaching on Livestream


( 6 )


Quantum Brainstorming

Take it....

Kapagen.... Kapanadze















Perpetual energy machine....

Perpetual energy Machine Overbalanced chain Liquid Quicksilver


( 7 )


Second part of the teaching by Jedi Simon

Keshe Plasma Reactor Group June 28th, 2023 Video cut

Keshe Plasma Reactor Group June 28th, 2023 Audio cut

Jedi Simon



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