by Jedi Simon


Discovery made by Jedi Simon on the 20/07/2019


 Discovery of Alien Code Lines present in planar portions of the lower spectrum frequencies called White Noise. In this study

We present a numbre of script lines of 5 different kinds that belongs to Xenodimensional beings, since Extraterrestrial ones do no seem

to be around. This proof opens up to our understanding a new chapter of studies that shall give us the opportunity to investigate phenomenons

of this kind from a collective point of view and not as single Nations, because the unknown truly requires the work or plenty of minds to be understood,

and feminine intuition of course. 5 different Languages, or Alien Codes, written in characters that do not look like Human ones, is present in the pictures.


Investigation, took into consideration the fact that a glitch in chaotic and random emissions confronted with ordered signals, would show

some kind of singularity. These singularities where proven to be well organized, specific, rhythmic, and drawn in artistic way aswell, as anciend teachings fo.

"Alien Code Lines", apparently hand drown and plotted in planes, where two to three lines of text appeared after interruptions of the density of the fields and

 alterations of it. Signals, shared in a visual form, rather than emitted as We usually do in audible form or sound. The discovery finally answers to two questions

 on the solitude of man, We are alone in our Universe, We are not alone in the Multiverse.


Higher and lower orders of intelligence are present. What looks like a compact mixture of frequencies, stacked in thousands of layers in cahotic form,

 that we considered noise, is in fact in one way or another a compact recording of every single event happened. Considering the symbology used, shape,

characters, and complexity of the lines, We can adfirm that these messages come from 5 different cultures, although We where not able to translate their content.

 Searching through our cultural symbolic archive, We noticed the presence of a multiple language arrangement in the configuration of the characters, letters

 and symbols present in the lines. Devnagari Sanskrit, Arabic and Aramaic being a common link to some of the lines of script.


 We suppose that no one noticed this occurence, because of a simple prejudice based on terrestrial technology

that relates radios to single frequencies and not to wide spectrum fields. Codecs, then, and digital communications, interferred with this

eventuality blocking it, because of the 6 Mhz windows, considering TV channels for example, where audio is placed on 0.25 fraction and video

 on 0.75 fraction. So Micro being present and not enabling the total picture to show, forced Macro not to be seen, heard or reached. The idea that single linear

frequencies could enable contact with some Alien Culture, clashes with the intrinsec limit of our instrumentation and mentality. Our hears capture total spectrum, whilst our

radios only work with singular channels. This understanding shall require a proper tuning of our mind and instrumentation, to be able to reach

mutual understanding needed to visualize in a clear way symbology and messages, and eventually, to send back an answer.


This new understanding shall enable mankind to get in touch with xenodimensional or extraterrestrial beings. It is a gift. We should learn from it alltogether.

So, please, let us re orient our hearts before rushing anywhere to singularly make profit of any kind of eventual contact, in a secretive and personal manner.

Let's try to grow, spiritually and intellectually, to reach at least the level of understanding needed not to create our brothers and friends any problem.

 lacking respect, because of our ineptitude. This form of communication, called by a few researchers "Instrumental Meta Communication",

or Metavision, shall enable us to reach a new understanding of Nature and other cultures, by reading, learning and gaining access to their perception,

costumes and mores, they share in their world.


The fact that untouchable exists, is proven by the Dream dimension. The fact that "the invisible" is a limit to our perceptions, means that

we still have to learn how to deal with it. Spiritually speaking, this gift comes directly form the sky and should be considered as sacred.

Whether these lines of code are harmonics of signals sent a long time ago, or a sign of present day communications taking place right now,

still remains a mystery. The presence of a given order or specific signature, told us that someone was using this spectrum of frequencies and

 writing on planar sheets, of sliced down white noise, as cutting out of chaos whiteboards to write in them something special. Considering chaos,

 not as a randomic field, but as a total spectrum of frequencies, then by looking for stochastic resonances, We found within White Noise, as We imagined,

a signature. A voice, that finally told us that We are not alone. Rejoy.





Here I share again, some of the "Alien Code Lines" that I received. Flyghts take time, But I had to verify a few things,

and made my best to capture some more screenshots of Alien text for You. I know that my methods could sound a little unorthodox

to most of the You and scientist that are dealing with this topic at the moment, nevertheless, here are the Codes.

Richard Phillips Feynman Quantum teachings brought Him right to the secret of resonance and the Tuva chant.

Tesla, knew about this phenomenon and that particular state of matter, elasticity and oscillation that is called resonance,

but could not admit to himself that what he was listenting to on his spooky Tesla radio at nights,

was Extraterrestrial and Xenodimensional at the same time. It just did not resonate with the culture of his days.



No scientist could admit this position, without being laughed at. So, Metavision had to wait the 70's to appear as a scientific study,

method and system to reach other dimensions, a part from the works of Padre Enetti and Gemelli's Chronovisor, whose images and

recordings made with special devices, disappeared as usual. You shall find a few articles about this topic, but nothing conclusive.

 A good number of audio tracks too, should be present somewhere in the Vatican Library, made with an altered Geloso recorder, special

tape and specific instrumentation, tv sets and antennas... Anyhow, here is proof of what I say. A direct one. Not "per interposta persona".

We might not even need to use words to explain what is in plain view and evident manifestation certainly does not need an introduction.

As We all know, occultists work constantly to cover up and hide away truth and secrets. These dark souls place a veil in front of our eyes.



 Do not bother brother, let Your light shine through. The Soul shines bright. Trust Your heart. Intuition enlightens.

Noesis, is the key, not Noise. Intelligence reaches. Self on his own, never reached more than the stolen fruits of the slave's work and dreams.

egO is a very materialistic dreamer considering its rarefaction within the human body. It feeds on emotions. Be aware.

So, if all this is an mere illusion, You shall find no meaning in what I show You today and shall make no sense of it. If, on the contrary,

You accept  the possibility and eventuality that things may be a little different than what We have been told, then You shall have a chance

to re orient your mind, think in a different way and go deeper, even avoiding the idea of faith, that is usually there to stop You.

Fortunately evidence sometimes comes in objective packets. It is Your position that is a Relative one.

Metaphysics, inevitably touch strings that we don't usually play. They require a deeper understanding of things.



Overstanding, or even Overseeing the picture in a different and new way, sensing it from within and perceiving its shape from the

 outside at the same time. You might not need to translate every line of the scripts I am sharing with You today and just enjoy its beauty.

It does not really matter. I am only tickling your heart today and whispering to You. Its a gift. That's all. I share it. It's no fixed position.

I could be wrong, I could be right. I could be both. I'm certainly up there somwhere in the sky.

Take care.


Study by Jedi Simon. All Rights reserved. Non Commercial, Spiritual and Educational use permitted.


Background White Noise with dual different densities


Double Layer table and Two Names in the Cortouches, on the left hand side in negative
 ( Squared and triangular shape, black symbols )

Silence: whenever silence occurs in randomic or stochastics chaotical white noise propagation,

 You shall probably find there, data packets and script, as these black lines or white lines represent silent or symbolic

 singularities used do define sheets. Rhythmic pattern, 9 dots in a row... has been placed there to say,

...this is not a natural phenomenon, We are sending You a message.... 'couze probably 3 dots where not enought....


Mutamorphed to synchronization. Here you can see the altering process taking place.



Enhanced Alien Code Lines : First Code





Second Code ( white lines and silent dark sections singularities within randomic white noise

are proof of packets of information broadcasted )



Third Code



Fourth: Negative Generative Symbols ( This is the 640000 Symbols Code ) certainly not one of our alphabeths...


Fifth code



Flowing Code



Pattern and Texture Code: thick as a brick







Perfect  Sychronization










Shape Your heart to activate transference, countertransference and cotransference.

This is an example of what I reached through meditation many Years ago.


Generative Code


With Love. Jedi Simon

Study and research by Jedi Simon. All Rights reserved. "Xenodimensional Disclosure" takes place today, 23/07/2019 date of the second publication of these Alien Codes and presentation in Keshe Plasma Reactor Group 24/07/2019

to the public. Non Commercial, Spiritual and Educational use of this work permitted. Any Seeker, Disciple, Jedi, Agencies, Univerisies, Government, Public and Private Institutions, Scientists etc...  that would like to share

 the translation of the codes are welcomed to contact me and share their knowledge too. ioseme@hotmail.com


Jedi Simon