Plasma Fields

Master of Arts Jedi Simon

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A Physical Voyage to the outer Space. Sounds from the Star Ship, Plasma Fields and Resonances.
Painting by Jedi Simon ( circa 1998 )


Anekantavada  -  Many Sidedness

Consider Intellectual Ahimsa.


From religious plagiarism to pluralism.

Universal to Multiversal.

Plenty, One, None, One, Plenty.

Consider Kevala Jnana.


Any partial expression of the truth is Naya.

Syat means that it shall be valid in some aspect

but “perhaps”.... ( Non absolutism )


No philosophic or metaphysical proposition can be true if it is asserted without any condition or limitation.


Consider the Optative Potential and Maya.

 Ego shall be nullified by the Multiversal Vision.

 Reach the Harmonic Temple and Resonate with the Force.


Here, I share with You a study that I made recently to show You how music looks like

from a frequency and structural point of view. This is not a score,

 but the total view of the sound events produced by music and sounds: a Soundscape.


I composed “Plasma Fields” to give You the opportunity to see what is happening

 in the background. Since the skin does not allow the eye to see what can be found below the surface,

a Spectrogram will show You what is going on.


Whenever we want to find out what light has to teach us, we use a prism, mirrors, tiny holes

 and the principles of diffraction, scattering, reflection, etc... etc...

Conscience, Consciousness, Awareness, Insight and Intuition, are needed to sense what We cannot see.

Consider them as subtle instruments to reach knowledge.


Spectrograms, are a simple way to translate sounds into images and show us the Invisible.
We shall understand what is going on by looking at things from a different point of view.

What do these structures mean?

How do these lines and areas correlate to music and what this new language is teaching You?

Down below, You can see the b/w Spectrograms of the 27 minutes track.

Within this music track You shall find some plasmatic sounds, the internal sounds of a Star Ship,

and natural resonances that You can find in Space.

I detected sounds produced by various activated Gans disks placed inside spinning rotors with flabbergasting devices,

 that I will not mention, because now we are here just to find out what they sound like and how they produce miracles.


One should always try to see things from a different point of view, angle, or even, from a number

of different angles at the same time. You look but You do not see, listen but don't hear.  Sense life.

Kevalins know. Connection is relevant, although experience that comes from the sum of the 50 physical senses and the

subtle ones, is a result of our conscious interaction with resonating images, forms and shape: situations, moments, actions, reactions,

interactions: events, in the past, present and future, memorized within the inner and outer layers of the physical code and the Akashic flow.


It is never one single Frequency. It is an infinite number of them. It is a Multiversal Chord, self evident and manifest, that

takes place continuously, and floating, melting, changing, forming, informing and deforming, interacting, transforming and

transmutating the apparent and the invisible, acting upon the strings of the multiverse and propagating the Sabda

within harmonic, scalar and fractal understandable emanations to us.


Since We believe in decision, We shall be separated. Since We believe in the power of control that forces ignorance upon the people

We shall live that condition. Since money can buy everything We are, Spirit and Soul included, We have chosen the nullifying path.


Take care. There exists no such coin in the Multiverse. Universally speaking, We could even play God's game for some time,

but eventually, ends would meet, then, I bet We would try to recycle ourselves again in some other form. Very, very old stuff indeed,

and as Dharma has nothing to do with the laws that We invent, Samsara will take care of us as soon as We give it a chance to teach us

something more than what We believe We are.


It is not as simple as changing Name, a couple of actors, the plot, in some way or another, and the title, just to sell a new product.  

We need to get involved with the change, and this one requires the work of the heart, soul and spirit.


Whenever two shall be there, interaction will come from resonance, dissonance, consonance, of the uncountable billions

that make them. In a non localized multiverse, positioning, is rather a condensation of density due to pressure and gravity,

that We shall find within our hands, as index and opposable thumb. That one is touch, but of a physical kind, since

a caress, that without love has no meaning or sense at all, is a very different and peculiar way to feel, give and share the untouchable.


There We shall find evidence of resonances that We may call love. Respect the Invisible, learn how to share, practice dignity

and become aware on unification, rather that separation, privation and looking for something to own, possess and command.


Never forget that Instruments are instrumental. Conscience makes the difference. Motivation becomes legitimation as soon as

the importance of a single answer, desire or a sick wish take over. Intuition and Insight, are paths that do not belong to this business.


Whenever We follow the thread, the sutra will teach Us how to reach the other side in happiness, but that is a Universal condition.

Wheneve We wear the cloth, and Tantra will teach us how to be in Love, embrace and participate to creation, in a Multiversal

condition, then We shall become that Invisible light.


Here are the Spectrograms. Music and Pictures by Jedi Simon.

Jedi Research 29 October 2018






Jedi Works by Jedi Simon

All rights reserved. Oct 2018





Safe and sound?


Here is the Vision of the Future, circa 1998

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