Paradise Lost Project

Normal condition of the Fields and trees. Here You can see my beloved three sacred limes.

  First zone

First Zone

Second Area

Third Area

Third Area

Third Area

Third Area

Fourth Area

Fourth Area

The four areas presented unbalanced energy fields, trees where in a terrible health state and prana was missing from the four areas.

Phase two: Taking action. Paradising a little around the areas....

Conversion of the fields and pranization of the area. Alchemical and radiant solutions applied. Transmutation of preceding condition into permanent vital flow.

Learn the art of tree hugging...  Nature loves You


Third Phase

Re-creating Paradise.

Here You shall see the effects of Plasmatic Fields and waters at work. 12 different kinds of Radiant Ganses have been used.

Charged alchemical waters,  ( various formulas ), based on the needs of the plants and trees, fields and environment.

Our goal was not to produce more and eat back the shared energy, sell goods or follow personal interest, but to thank nature,

reminding ourselves that every time you sit down, a tree is probably holding You. As soon as you arrive, a cradle is your home

 and as soon as you go, a coffin is your boat. So, plant ten seeds a day, and help us to fix up this mess.

Partecipate to the Paradise Project.


Alchemical Waters at work

Alchemical Waters second zone

Alchemical Waters third zone

Alchemical Waters fourth zone

Alchemical Waters fifth zone


Alchemical Waters: all alchemical waters given to the 3 trees were equally shared with environment

Alchemical Waters sixth zone

Alchemical Waters + 2 meters in one month

Alchemical Waters: shared equilibrium, harmony and beauty. Perfect integration.

Alchemical Waters. Equipotential, symmetry and plenitude.

Alchemical Waters: a perfect place where to meditate.

Alchemical Waters. There was a continuous sound. Billions of bees working incessantly. Elsewhere, none.


Alchemical Waters and radiant fields can do the job. I do not believe in promises, and practice here and now Dharma, as One of the

 emanations of Nature. I am thanks to all this, no faith is higher than this one, and as a part of creation, I take action to balance mind, spirit,

soul and heart, to make a better world and to live in harmony with all beings and creatures in peace. Behind every eye there is a soul.

Within every soul, Multiversal Conscience is present. Form, shape and body, depend upon temporary and relative conditions that

have to do with the fields in which manifestation is taking place. "Con causa emanativa activa" should balance back again the dualism

of the Tao. Where none is first to the second, there, no enemy shall ever be. Partecipate in harmony, generate with love, create sincerely.

Torsion fields that are expressions of the Force, require good dancers. Breath is where every heart and vital flow starts to become.

This is the only and true name of God. It is the gift of Life. This is in itself direct evidence and manifestation of the Force. This is Paradise. 

Do not look for the god of gods. Look for the origin of origins instead. You shall understand that there is no place for solitude, someday.

Peace and Love. 


Transformed fields.

Sharing together in a balanced and harmonical way.

A single view. Notice on the left hand side the Bee...

The suffering tree.

Alive again.

Radiant method: interknot flow 3km to1km ratio distance: Ganses Knot Waters ( GKW configuration ) Nano crystalline / Alchemical

Radiant method interknot flow 4 km distance: Ganses Knot Waters ( GKW configuration ) Alchemical

Radiant method. Interknot flow. 4 km distance: Ganses Knot Waters ( GKW configuration ) Nano Crystalline / Alchemical

Radiant method. Interknot flow. 4 km distance: Ganses Knot Waters ( GKW configuration ) Nano Crystalline / Alchemical

After heavy rain. Radiant 40 meters Nano Crystalline Ganses.

Radiant method: multiple charged plasmatic fields 40 meters away


Partecipate to the Paradise Lost Project. Plant ten seeds a day.

We are much better than this. The spell is over. Love wins.



Jedi Simon