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Addendum to 247 Keshe Teaching.

Elevate the children, and their love will reach those who have turned their hearts into stone.

Linearity, angularity, rigidity. This has been the problem for so many centuries.... Curvature, is something We deleted form our sight, thousands of Years ago. Remember Babel's Tower. You could reach creativity, elaboration, interpolation, even clone and mess up things a little more, but You cannot generate without reaching this principle. Curvature, in so many ways is Love. So, Who does really understand Love? To own, is to go gravitational. That is not Love, it is possession. This is what You have been practicing all this time. So, because You could not generate, You killed Yourselves to own the same piece of land, because two, could not share.

Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is Lao Tsu. Feminine Principle is curvature. This is to Love unconditionally.

Every matter state is a crystalline structure that matches to a specific harmonic field, so You shall receive its resonant flow that is structural to positioning of energy grids. These are called Monsters, within Fractal Cymatics, and whenever You shall place Yourself within a dot, You shall receive its resonant flow. Shape shifting knots will be there, because systems are dynamic. In a 3 D spatial configuration, You shall place electrodes in the air, at a specific height, and the antenna will work as a receiver.

A monster, geometrically speaking, is a shape that has a pattern, structure, symmetry etc... that we can recognize easily. Metals, add to the flow their own synchronizing effect, as filters do, Nanocoated metals, could respond in a much better way to fluxes.

Consider that energies will pulsate. You can add fluid gans, or simple air to such a battery, Gas or resonant space. Try with sound, please. Rise the frequency and voltage by adding sounds. Test it with a physical sound, and then, with a plasmatic sound. Resonators, will introduce change, that will manifest energy in different ways.

Resonance, is in fact, a magnetic gravitational, electric, etheric, state of vibration of all the fields. Heat, will show up. Light as well. By controlling this plasmatic sound, or etheric resonance, all the elements will interact . Fire water earth and air, will mix and configure themselves. It is not frequency, in the sense of a singular value. It is ratio, of a very high dimensional order. I has to do with orders of magnitude. Ratio of ratios. If A pattern shows up, how would You call that configuration? If a structure comes up, how would You call it? If a shape, a texture, a sound will answer, or a light will show up, will You consider its colour, a possible fingerprint? A measurable one, of course, by intensity, frequency, etc... nanometrical, of course, and in the optical field we perceive, as a part of the visible spectrum.

Cymatic positioning and propagation gives birth to movement, and matter as we know it. This result, is there because it is holding, within a resonant space. Crystal crack, as You reach their note and tune to it. Once You force a gap into their structure, they will open up. You can see this happening all the time. Limits, are structural in fact, to rigid mind.

Interacting silicon balls are a way to create systems. In fact, cells, are this. Solar systems, are this. Depending on the number of them, vibrating, at a specific strengh, they shall give You the skin You need to manifest Yourself.

Amount, quality, quantity, state, temperature, emanation, distance, position, pattern, structure, 2D physical grid, 3D grid, geometrically speaking, will give You systems that are functional to required needs. These variables, can be numbered, calculated, and considered in an harmonic way if You are into this kind of understanding, or simple chaotic disposition, if You believe that things happen randomly, just the same.
Vectors, shall be there, in any case.


You can still buy Your tiny silicon balls tomorrow, but if You shall not consider these variables, then, You might as well use them for Your flowers as they are ment to. Understanding, makes things, a little different. What are You going to do with them, if You are not into harmony?

Two, is a consequence of relation. Proportion, ratio, call it as You wish. Since interaction is what we are looking for, then, a chaotic one, or a non conscious one, not being aware of what is happening, will make the difference. This is what we call ignorance, whenever we do not see something because our view angle is too narrow. You need to circumnavigate the question.


I do not say that numbers are essential, but the understanding of the values they express, from a particular dimension of flows,
 space, time and motion, is essential to reaching.....

Anyone that is not aware of the dangers of a desert, of the sea, of a mountain, shall soon meet a limitation to his good intent.
Ignorance, concerning nature, is the best way to access to samsara.

Natural progress, in fact, has to be educated, because we have worked very hard on bending the methods, thorough our selfish retributive mind processes and personal gain.

Again, elevation, in a non localized universe, is a kind of positioning that has do to with definitions of the past. It is a 3 dimensional point of view. Not even a 4 dimensional one, because time, since You keep making the same mistakes, in cycles, is recursive, so eternally stuck into its loop.

And, as usual, as We answer to cycles with cycles, we created RTA, RITUALS, rhythm, re inforcing our point of view, with numbers and repetition, but this action does not make something true. It is simple propaganda. Hypnosis.

Awareness, is something that is related to. So, two parts make one understanding. Plenty of parts, make experience. Millions, life.

Elevate the children, and their love will reach those who have turned their hearts into stone.



Jedi Simon


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