The Harmonic Temple

Jedi Simon




13:21 minutes


The Harmonic Temple - Jedi Simon - Brahmand - 4th track

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Using Resonant Stochastic Quantum Cymatics to reach the Sky


Use: How to reach the sky

( Brahmand Starship )

This tune generates a "Temporal Crystal Tetrahedron".

 ( 4 field dynamic multistacked multi dimensional matrix array )

Whilst spinning up conscience, allowing it to come in touch with vision and insight.

this track shall Elevete Your Soul, dimensionally speaking, to non local space, allowing 

presence and multiversal conscience to take place. By loosing Our state of coherence,

We slide back to Our previous positions, so, just try to avoid interferences from Your mind,

thoughts, senses, environment and memories... State of coherence, and ultimately, Our pure state of

natural vibrations, within harmonic resonance, makes the difference. Every dissonant and

dampening field that interacts with Our soul, not enabling it to reach its pure state of resonance,

truly goes against our state of coherence, harmony and equilibrium. Inner silence enables.

Harmonic Practice makes perfect.


Enjoy. With Love 

 Jedi Simon




"Jedi Simon's Video" "Brahmand".

Art work, Concept, Mathemagics, Force field Renderings, Design,

Charts, Diagrams and Portals by "Light Bender" Jedi Simon.



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Here is the Quantum Cymatic Resonant fingerprint, in nature...


Here you are.... Quantum Cymatics ....