Jedi Portals


Sounds and Harmonics are able to open up portals.

Everything that You may have practiced in the matter state level

can be achieved without the use of the densifications, by practicing the

conscious and correct expression of sound, thought, intent and conscience.


Human voice :  3 Harmonics configurations ( + upper n x )














This shows how to modulate normal and typical Harmonics found within sound. Voice, then,

can be used to modulate and resonate within or effect the outer world by using resonant fields to heal,

cure, transform, transmutate, resonate, enchant, teach, modify mood, reach equilibrium and harmony,

or transmutate state, open portals and plenty of other magical things....


Singing bells, follow the same kind of patterns, and whenever you shall open your mouth next to them, they shall

produce variations in the harmonic spectrum, that can be used to reach precise states. Whenever you shall need to

modify the pitch and harmonic fields produced by your singing bell, you shall have to fill the bell with water,

or different kinds of liquids, according to your needs. These new configurations, that open up the instrument to

more precise fine tuning and sounds. Whenever you shall meet the resonant frequency of water, within a singing bowl,

whater shall loose its gravitational weight, and pull shall not be there anymore. This resonant state allows it

to become "resonant water".


When I composed and recorded the Three Meditative cds based upon Metals and resonances produced by singing bowls, gongs,

tubular bells etc... all this clearly happened in front of my eyes, around my ears, and my conscience was able to reach resonant states that

are fundamental to the seeker and to the seer.

Recording required octophony, and absolute quality, so I had to use 8 microphones 96Khz in a specific configuration to capture subtle fields and

harmonics. I salute Max and Emil that made all this possible.















Here I share again the submission that I sent to the Keshe Foundation, dealing with subtle resonant fields created as plasmatic reactors,

totally generated in a subtle way by integrating sound morphing, waveshaping technology, sampling, instrumental, plasmatic and resonant field

etheric echoes, to elevate the soul and open portals. This work has been shared with the Keshe Foundation that is allowed to freely use the first track

of the Cd offered in Creative Commons Copyright BY-SA. "The Harmonic Temple", that is my latest musical work.



Here is the explanation of the method used.


Master of Arts Jedi Simon.

Since Art, as a medium to reach understanding, equilibrium, discipline, study, insight, awareness, and beauty,

within order and measure, rhythm and harmony, has not been considered, I offered my help by creating

the first Plasma Field composition. This track, that I sent to Rick, is a CC Creative Commons work, that I have shared

with the Foundation in the hope that it shall consider Arts, as a path to consciousness, presence and work

on the soul itself, alchemically speaking. This composition, was made by recording Gans Spinning Disks,

 by gathering Rf and magnetic impulses created by the nanomaterials. Sonification, was not needed, as the sounds

 in ELF, VLF bandwith, were audible. These, were then used within a work composed specifically to carry the energy fieds

 that the ganses created during the experiments. Music, composed in a specific way, following Keshe's teachings,

then, was created by using a multi layering system, to create this sonic instrument.

Subsequently, the results were analyzed by using a spectrogram method, where we can clearly see the Plasmatic fields at work,

 together with the texture and frequency patterns of the music. This work, is the first attempt to correlate sound to plasmatic fields,

which is in fact a direct consequence of magnetics, and gravs, generated by loudspeakers.

Since this work was aimed to alter the electrical fluxes obtained with ganses, by adding to the environment "sound fields",

I composed it to experiment sound sequences that otherwise would have required a very boring sampling job,

 so, this sonic instrument, is a very pleasurable way to test and experiment variations introduced by adding sound frequencies

to the transmutations and to detect flux changes within flows.

 This Work is named "Plasma Fields" ( 27 minutes ). It belongs to the Cd called "The Harmonic Temple".

It is track number 1 of the Cd, composed, arranged and performed by Jedi Simon.

The music in online, so use to seek, test and study, verify, modify and meditate.

This is the first piece of Art that has ever been recorded and composed by using Plasma technology teachings,

then, translated into music. I hope You shall enjoy the music and use it during your experiments.

I uploaded the track in one of the sections of my web site, in high quality, and if You open the page

after a couple of minutes ( high quality with harmonics requires some time to download ) it shall start as a background music

to the teachings, proof, and experiments that I write from time to time in my web site.

I thought that this work, even if it looks a little too subtle considering our matter state experiments, apparently, could be

 a good starting point to reconsider frequencies, resonance, harmonics and quantum cymatics, that take place all around us,

as Mr Keshe says, according to my understanding and translation of the knowledge, of course.

 I thank You for the opportunity You gave me to produce such a work.

The other 5 tracks of the Cd are connected to a development of the study, and deal with Sigma Field waves,

 that enable meditative states, harmonization and slowing down of fluxes that are not under control.

We shall wait to introduce these concepts to a vast audience, as this kind of music is too odd and effective to be broadcasted,

as it could change the world touching directly the strings of the heart, mind, and soul, spiritually speaking.


Take Care.

I believe that this is not a product, but a gift from the heart. This music field, is in fact connected to the heart,

and shall produce effects on the soul, even if I mitigated them by adding rhythmic patterns and sequences that help the rational

 mind to hold on to the sequences tricking it.  Whenever You do things without thinking about money,

retribution and interest in mind, You shall truly serve. May the Force be with You. Seekers must work very hard to reach

and elevate themselves. Phisicality reqires together with the knowledge, insight, to create instruments that will win gravity.

 Seers, poets and artists, do fly. Technicians, scientists and engineers, once someone opens the door, perfect the invention.

The two approaches are compatible, and none is wrong. Everyone follows a path, whether it is his own or someone else's.

Stand in your footsteps: accordingly or consequentially.

Good morning! And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

See you out there.

Jedi Simon


Normal Sky



Macro Portal Opening



 Dimensionally speaking, this will appear as an abstract picture. So, please, save it to your pc and reduce it untill you shall reach its resonant octave.

This is how things can be seen or not, according to their positioning in the scalar field. Micro and macro, co exist. Evidence, and manifestation, will

take place as soon as it resonates with the size of your consicence and octave you are working into.

Both images are real. Idea and Para Idea, are parts of the understanding. This example enables a rational understanding of the

Multiversal Conscience, that has to do with multiple and clustered vision, subtle sensing and understanding, that goes far beyond imagination,

dreams, science, magic, miracles and wonders of this world.


 Plasmatic thought, is required to reach the stream of consciousness "plasmatic flux perception" where geometrical solids, are rare as densification

and solidity, within transparent fields that offer complete clarity.


Shadows, are the true weight of matter.

With Love.


Conscience I. Reaching the sky.


Alien Craft




Rays and Particles




Micro Portal Opening and Voyagers


The beauty of the souls


 Crossing the Multiverse 


Shape Shifters Fleet


If you wish to practice the inner path, please, follow the teachings of the ancient ones and of the elders.

I summarized the teachings in these four sutras. This is only a starting point. Nothing more. Write down your own

understanding of the work of the soul in four pages. This will do you good, and help others.


 The Invisible sun

The Secret Source


Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Control of the Mind, Purity,

Practice of Charity, Control of the Senses, Non-Violence,

Service, Compassion, Simplicity, Absence of Greed,

Absence of Malice. Austerity, Truth, Restraint of Anger,

Good Relationship, Understanding, Listening, Learning,

Absence of Envy, Knowledge of the Self and Forbearance.

Continence, Self-Control, Serenity and No-Stealing, Offering,

Absence of Covetousness, Control of the Senses, Fortitude.

Temperance, Non-Meddling, Respect, Celibacy in thought,

 word and deed, Non-Stealing, Self-Restraint,

Internal and External Purity, Contentment. Fearlessness,

Clean-ness of life, Steadfastness, Wisdom, Alms-giving,

Straightforwardness, Avoid doing Harm, Absence of wrath,

 Renunciation, Peacefulness, Absence of Crookedness,

have Compassion for the living, Mildness, Modesty,

Absence of Fickleness, Vigour, Forgiveness, Absence of Pride.

This you may practice. This you may… become.


The Invisible sun

The Secret Path


By Practising the Truth Fearlessly, the Identification

 with the body will vanish. Soften the heart through

the practice of Mercy, Sympathy, Charity, Generosity,

 Magnanimity, Hurting no one, Mildness, Disinterested action

 and Tireless Service. Expand the heart through the practice

 of Straightforwardness, Truthfulness, Cleanness of life,

 Alms-giving and Non-Covetousness. Purify the heart

through the practice of Celibacy in thought, word and deed.

 Practice Non-Violence in thought, word and deed. The practice

 of Non-violence is not Impotence or Cowardice or Weakness.

 It is the highest type of heroism. The practice demands

 immense Patience, Forbearance and Endurance, infinite

 inner Spiritual Strength and Great will-power. Let all

Hostilities vanish; Live together peacefully. Love totally,

Practice One-ness, Unity of Self, and Self-restraint.

 Constant Vigilance and Alertness are needed; if you are

 even a bit careless, you will be carried away by the force

 of previous wrong impulses and will become a victim of them,

 despite your good intentions. Pursue Silently, Behave

 Discreetly. Truth must be observed in thought,

word and deed; Established in truth, all other virtues

 will cling to you by themselves.

This you may practice. This you may… become.





 The Invisible sun

The Silent Source



Purify the body, Purify the mind. Purity of body is only the

 preliminary to purity of mind. Cleanliness is a part of godliness.

Restriction in diet if adopted helps make the Mind Pure.

Food exercises a Direct Influence on the mind. Purity of food

 leads to purity of mind. The Mind is only made up of the fine

 essence of food. As the food is, so is the mind. You must be Pure

 in thought, word and deed. Your heart must be as Pure as Crystal,

 Innocent, Straightforward and Absent of all Evil Thoughts.

 He who is endowed with purity will find it easy to tread

 the Spiritual Path. Reach perfect Self-Control, Self Mastery,

 Control of the Body and Control of the Mind. Lead a

 well-Regulated and Disciplined life. Keep all the senses

 under Perfect Control. Self-control implies Self-Sacrifice,

 Annihilation of Egoism, Patience, Endurance, Forbearance

 and Humility. Overcome Attachment and Dispassion.

Overcome Anger and Forgive. Love constantly, Serve selflessly,

 Practice goodwill. Overcome evil by good. Return good

 for evil. Overcome lust. Practice regular Meditation.

 Conquer greed by Charity, Generosity and Disinterested

actions. Conquer Pride by Humility and Delusion by

 Discrimination and Enquiry. Overcome Jealousy by

 Magnanimity.  Conquer Egoism by Self-Sacrifice,

Self-Surrender, Self-Abnegation and Meditation

on the Non-Dual innermost Self.

This you may practice. This you may… become.






The Invisible sun 

The Invisible Source



May you all attain eternal bliss and immortality through the

 practice of the virtues. Perform duties Efficiently, Act Freely,

 Untied and United, Separate but One. Be Pious and Virtuous,

 Heroic and Humble. The form is One, not affected at all

 by changes of time, place, surroundings and individual

 differences. What changes according to the change of time,

 place and surrounding circumstances is the external shape.

 The colour of Conduct cannot be disguised. Stage by stage,

 complete the Cycle. Let only those Actions that are free from

blemishes be done and not others. Be Moderate in everything and

 remember that the whole world is nothing but your own Self.

 That work which gives elevation, peace and joy to the mind,

 is right, and that which brings depression, pain and

 restlessness to the mind is wrong. By doing Virtuous

 Actions, you develop a Noble character. Any deed,

any thought that causes an effect, is followed by

 consequences, sooner or later. Desire, Thought

 and Action go together. Things do not happen by accident

 or chance in a disorderly manner. Step by step, every action

 produces a threefold effect: it yields a fruit, it affects

 your character, it leaves behind an impression in your mind.

 The impression will urge you to repeat the act again

and it will assume the form of a thought-wave in the mind

 on account of a stimulus, either internal or external.

 You sow a seed, a stem grows up. You sow an Action

 and reap a habit. You cultivate a Habit and reap a

 character. You sow a Character and reap your Destiny.

 Silent witness of the actions of the senses and of the mind,

 find the Path to the Invisible Source.

This you may practice. This you may… become.


 Jedi Simon


Spiritual Path, Intuition and Insight, before even attempting to practice a jump,

should be present in the seeker that would like to see what cannot be seen.

This, is a personal work, and a path that has nothing to do with the external one.

Teachings, advice, books, experiments, and indications, may help you to practice...although

discipline, patience, insight and intuition, deep vision and intelligence are required.

The job of the soul is an intimate one, and what makes the difference here,

has truly no effect upon the unity and purity of the vision,

 once clarity is present.


Anyhow, since various disciplines enable man to work with the "Energetic Fields", "Chi", "Manas",

"Prana", etc... etc.. just choose one, and develop within your physicality the gifts, or "siddhis", required to

reach awareness, consciousness, harmony, balance and equilibrium.


Consider the teaching of this Master, from a spiritual point of view, rather than a physical one,

although I assure You that you shall never forget his sharing of the work on the invisible.


His name is Lama Dondrup Dorje






All rights reserved. Images, concepts, study and research by Jedi Simon.

Shared for Didactical and Spiritual teaching purpose.