Meditation Shapes: Vipassana and Samatha


The fundamental characteristic of Vipassana practice is to reach, through Dhyana, the threshold of access to the Samadhi but then

not to cross it, maintaining that level of concentration sufficient to produce a good dose of stillness and extreme attention (Sati).

Without progressively abstracting the practitioner will continue to relate to the object of meditation with lucid awareness,

seizing the instant present in his tality.

The object of meditation in Vipassana lives through sensory and analytical perception as a whole characterized

by the constant modification of the perceived and its changing reflections, which in the impermanent form find momentary

and ephemeral immanent reality. The presence in the "continuum" of the modifications leads in Vipassana to the awareness

of becoming, beyond which, having reached the last permanent reality, being is in being, as pure Tality.

For this purpose all meditative supports are suitable, but some preferable by beginners. Traditionally the practice identifies

some that have the common characteristic of containing a large dose of "impermanence": the body, sensations, emotional states,

and mental contents. The attention placed on the constant changes in the state of the perceived media and mind, unfortunately

does not allow the practitioner to reach that threshold of the Dharana in the direction of the Samadhi.

Here there is nothing but the careful observation of what is relative, of what is there (the object), of what is (in me),

of what we are (in the report). The summable of infinite changes as an awareness of the absolute, is the next step,

as a naked perception that surrenders to the evidence of what it encounters.

Atman, as memory, observant and absolute consciousness (only emptiness ), and Prakriti as a vibratory nature of becoming

( first spark ). In the emptiness of the Atman, which offers space and time to the first manifestation of splendor,

as the original form of the state or nature (way, way or method), the essence of force takes place.

Further translation of the term Pali Vipassana : Vision before the eyes. Clairvoyance. Inner vision. Direct experience.

Although the term Vipasa is attributed to a river, where it is said that a King, threw himself tied to a stone, having lost his own son

to the Despair. The river that rejected him on the shore melting those ropes, So it was called "Loose".

Shape, feeling, perception, mental formations, awareness.





 Samata Meditation

Pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhi are the four fundamental stages of the mental path that leads to nirvikalpa samadhi, the condition of total absorption, complete stillness proper to the Samatha meditation (which pursues samadhi, precisely) in which it is dissolve shard shards the time, dual and relative parameters, to access the size of the absolute.

Meditation supports, as Patanjali's Yoga Sutra teach, can range from the infinitely large to the infinitely small and on them the ability to concentrate the sadaka. Classic texts offer a wide range of possibilities for this purpose; from the five elements, to the inner sounds, to meditative supports gradually more subtle. The mental structure through which the modes of return are articulated, such as previous texting, behavioral vices and errors, can be through this disassembled method, understood in its functions and transcended. Concentration on the inner fire (inner sun), walk through the door (without light, firm in the current ), be what is mind (to shed light in the mind ):

meditation, contemplation, deep thought, consideration, reflection, attention, mind, memory.

non-other" (polarization of light, undifferentiation ). Patanjali's Formula: FAITH->FIRMNESS->ESSENCE->IDENTITY.

It is no other, not as anything outside of my polarized attention, but as non-distinction from the other,
identity Being the Current Free of Current.





Conscious Meditation :  Jedi Meditation Guidance

I wrote this Koan in a manuscript called "Synergica Synchronica" quite a long time ago in "La".
La language, is what We could call "mother languge", and it is written in "Generative Code",
I apologize for the poor translation that I offer here, and hope that You shall be able to reach the sense
of this teaching just the same. Complexity of the mother language, ( 640000 symbols ),
readable within 12 fundamental levels, unfortunately, forces one's mind, by using oversimplified languages
and alphabets to face a truly demanding exercise, where logic, reasoning and comprehension, shall be forced
to solve a riddles and a rebus at every path. The average reader, so shall find this cryptic and metaphysic language
quite different from the standardized mnemonic ones, where reductive protocols are used to narrow dawn the vision, not allowing
 it to generate further insight. Akashic La requires intuition, creativity and fantasy, to reach deeper levels of understanding,

So, please do not look for "a literal meaning", or You shall find Yourself in the middle of abstractions. Look instead for a "plural sense",
produced by fields emanated by the seed words, concepts and melodies. You shall find in Bharata and Sanskrit the origin of
what we still use today to "speak out". Sounds and words that unfortunately, looking for a better key word to hide, We shared with new
formulas, symbols and cabala every time. Intent, makes the difference. Open gates rather that shut doors.

Teaching: A tiny Koan on Meditation

The page provides for a set of concepts and teachings in which students can find and experiment with different

meditation techniques themselves, in order to center their conscious attention within, as it usually escapes their ordinary consciousness.

Stop the Current

Order in a balanced way what is the fruit of the mind, of one's own and of others' thought, in action as in the idea,

 distributing force correctly, through a healthy inattention towards the misdeed impediments that maintain vice and thirst for

 any form of Maya's hypnosis. The crest of the wave, the place of maximum elevation of the waters, and transmutation of the posture,

allows those who aspire to confront the multiverse thrusts, to shape their courage in the unchanging essence of becoming.

Those who are worthy, in the balanced posture of the being who becomes, remain calm in the presence of flowing waves,

 and motionless in the storm, live the way of Dharma that moves in the sense of their being.

From the domination of instincts, to that of the thirst of the Senses, harnessing temporary impulses and fleeting desires,

 the attitude to the present is born, which does not chase past or return to it.

It is essential that it enlivens the spirit and exists that finds meaning in the experience of the changes that follow.

Consistent location. Spontaneous Balance that does not lack anything. Place of the righteous.

Neither partisan cause nor consequently related. Spirit that burns and pervades the soul.

Free of indecision, uproar, slippage. Present Continuity. Simple evidence. Unwitting minds suffer storms.

Too many grains of sand confuse it.

Read your lips in the deafening din. Close your eyes when the wind rises.

The blinding glow blinds the traveler's eyes blind. Too much beauty enchants, little is not seen.

You feel that feeling inside you. What's left after so many words.

What's left after so many years. What shapes you as you are.

The masters are wind and breeze, strength and lift, dance and transparency.

Live measuredly, adequately, relatively, and gently, outside of desertive iterations and fragmentation.

Don't fight: splitting is good to know and bad to be.

Reorder. Arrange. Order how much you are. Where it is order, there is justice.

Pure are those who embody it, but where confusion reigns, it is the empire of those who do not find peace.

Preserve the ring and weld the Matrix. Immaculate conception, virgin and integrates generation,

which does not fear rupture, cessation or thrust. May you be peace, where there is none. State of stillness,

and pure compassion.  Imponderable, levitably above all things and such, as you are, be the heartbeat of the heart.


 Without haste, without fear, without deprivation. The mountain doesn't move. Be. Sit. Stay.


And if the wave rises, meet it and glide on its back. In the laid mud cup, the water separates from the earth and becomes clear.

Breathe, and cross the waters of the river as if you were that water.

Preliminary Awareness. Knowledge of the "I, Me and Se". Inner inspiration. Vivifyed Spirit.

 Abandon of the illusory "I". Offer of the "Me". Essence of the "Se".

Yama and Nyama. Abstentions and Observances. What there is to do. What you don't have to do. How best to do it.

Non violence. Veracity. Continence. Enough. Honesty, ( not appropriation ). Purity. Cleaning. Morigera. Austerity.

Burning selfless aspiration.

Asana. As still as the Mountain. Maintaining the Correct Posture until you savor the benefits.

Stable, Comfortable and Balanced. AnnaMayaKosha. Physical body. PranoMayaKosha. Pranic body.

ManoMayaKosha. Mental Body. Earthly memory. Nervous system and brain.

VijnanaMayaKosha. Mental Body. Animic imprint. Samskara previous lives.

AnandaMayaKosha. Body of Joy. Satisfied fullness.

Pranayama. Balanced breath exchange. Universal particular.

Prana, apana, vyana, udana, samana.

Purakha. Inspiration  Kumbhaka. Detention  Rechaka. Exhale

Kevala Kumbhaka. Achieving spontaneous breath retention.

Pratyahara. Suspension of external stimuli.

A-perception. Withdrawal of the mind from the objects of the senses.

Dharana. Concentration. Dhyana. Meditation.

SamYama. Unification of concentration, meditation and absorption.

Savitarka Samadhi. Awareness of the name, quality and knowledge of the object of coarse meditation.

Nirvitarka Samadhi. Identity with the coarse object meditated, without awareness of the name, quality and I know.

Savichara Samadhi. Meditation on a subtle object, with the awareness of the meditating self and its distinctions.

Nirvichara Samadhi. Object of subtle meditation. Without awareness of the name, the quality and the acquaintance' self.

Achieving purity. No more seed or consequence.

Savitarka Samadhi, Nirvitarka Samadhi, Savichara Samadhi are called Samadhi "With Seed": generative definitions of the mind.

When the mind is beyond knowledge by deductive, inferential, or causal and consequent reasoning reasoning,

it is present to itself, without speculative reflex and reaches the NirviKalpaSamadhi,

in which the unified being transcends the concept of time cause and effect, entering a permanent state.


 The very essence of being, such as it is. These. One, like Ananda, fullness, Atman, totality, and Brahman, Absolute.

The one who proceeds on this path reaches the Unified, Identical, Entangled being, and more,

joining in infinity and freeing himself in this life from the finite condition of the bodies.

The mind freed from the Samadhi, is freed from the latent impressions of karma and all cravings and no longer underlies

 the law of the Guna, determined by desire, craving, inertia and satisfaction. If ignorance ceases, freedom is obtained

from the power of Karma. Relative sensory knowledge loses value in comparison to the infinite reality

 in which pure consciousness is freed. Motivation and action are one thing. Cause and effect, High as Low.


Here the separation ceases and the Endless becomes. He who writes, at the same time, moves his hand and generates the symbol,

whilst at the same time, reads with wonder and understands the encounter of the currents of dualism in the present experience of the Being.

When everything is just and perfect and the sense of Earthly Dualistic Justice of good and evil is transcended,

the dogmatic limit of the Doctrines, some intervening before the Monade manifests itself, in the last and confused gesture of separation,

 will invite the Dragon to whip with a stroke of the tail the one who to this reality will be too approximate, to bring him back

to the doubt of the Just and the Relative Unjust.

It is good to keep in mind, that in essence of the One, the "other" has no way, and of the World, only Question and Answer remain.



Jedi Simon