Renderings by Jedi Simon: mathematical patterns, textures, quasicrystals lattices and particle configurations.



Quasicrystals by Jedi Simon


Symmetry - Non simmetry   Non perfect texture configuration.

Quasicrystal quantum entanglement => Jello : non equilibrium matter ( organic vs mineral ).

Broken symmetry : non conservation momentum.

Arrangement : temporary phase existence.

Resonance : Variable Resonance. Explicit breaking. Spontaneous breaking.

Energy introduced never stops. Dynamic natural grow.

Quantum phase manifestation. Mutaphorma. Transient. Shifters.

Multiple layer quasicrystals and time crystals.

3 variables : Temperature, Sound variation, Light.

Energy flow, potential differential.

Rigidity, mineral. Liquidity, gasidity, plasmidity.  4D Time Crystals.

Periodic cycle, Quasiperiodic cycle, Amorphous sponges.

Solid transmutation from non symmetry random configuration towards structure.

Each order of magnitude shall present specific octave structures, so, according to the dimension,

You shall find amorphous, regular, precise, patterns and texture configurations, that belong to the specific level.

Local Laws shall dictate the angular momentum and quantum configuration of the field flows generating

the quasicrystals. Time translational energetical symmetry then shall co generate Time Quasicrystals that will

appear as perfect, geometrical, following th rules of solid shaped crystals. Non symmetry shall produce variable lattices

and multiple clusters clouds, within the states of rigidity, ( that you will not see because of Human time frame ),

and of liquidity, gasidity and plasmidity, that shall be easily seen and studied. Sound, Light, Temperature, Ion flow, and Magnetics,

shall introduce quantum mechanical angular momentum field flows capable of mutating basic structural matters, re configuring them

in different order, or melting/merging them into composite materials. Whenever lining up shall take place, states of coherence

shall follow. These lined up materials, shall meet densification, and hold, according to their magnetic properties, into the physical state

that they have assumed growing in such a kind of fields. In the first models presented in the study, I have created such a kind of "microscopic

enlargement pictures", by using 20 to 40 different equations, to produce 3D renderings that show how We shall be able to grow with

 Atomic Printers / Plotter devices, matters generated by feeding multiple fields at the same time, within constructive quantum cymatic

quasicrystalline integrated functions. Light, sound, electric flow, magnetics, plasmatics, etc... shall create distorted or destructive particle / wave

 variations capable of shifting and morphing matters according to required needs. Phased matter shall be the consequence of this science.


Unbroken symmertry  :   Discrete Time Crystals  :  Thermal 3D

Too little or too much energy shall introduce perturbations in the structural states. Time curvature shall be the solution to solve

these kind of perturbations, and create quasiperfect lattices, that shall not present symmetry braking or randomic arrangement matter states.

Time traslational symmetry thus, is the key to the basic structure of nature, that follows the conservation of momentum, and biodiversity

organic needs based upon mnemo-cymatic quantum time quasi energy fileds present in the third invisible filed that hods together DNA.


A beating heart is in fact a quasicrystal, considering this understanding, point of view and perspective.

This shall not be a new state of matter, but a way to reach density states by using subtle energies within quantum cymatic fields.

Lasers, considering light, shall force spin into atoms, to reorganize structures in differentiated ways. Holographic 3D flashes,

shall be able to configure solids, layer upon layer, from the seed center toward the finished shape.


Phased shall be periodic.  Scalar and harmonic shall be resonant.

Quasiperiodic sponges, shall follow weak link coupling. Tunnelling, shall produce conjugated phased state condensations,

in the 4 states of matter within evident manifestation. Matter, liquidity, gasidity, firidity and plasimidity, shall all interact within

the etheric force field to create physical or sensorial evidences, bodies and configurations.


to be continued.... 









Nano Coated Plates and Quasicrystal Lattice Configurations

All pictures by Jedi Simon









































































































































































































































































to be continued

Study By Jedi Simon on Quasicrystalline structure, nano matter quasicrystal and crystalline structures. All rights reserved. For educational, artistic and spiritual teaching students.

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