Mid Waters

by Jedi Simon

A photographic study on plasmatic waters and ganses . Co2 Zn ascension process.

Giving and taking in cycles, levitating matters and ascendig waters.

Cross separation of matter and liquid states during plasmatic pulsed interaction.

First Cycle


Rising matter

Ascension purification process and plasmatic bubbles

Cyclic levitation

Cyclic levitation 2


Plasmatic bubbles

Second cycle

Ascending matters

Color study. Second cycle.



Inverse 180 pictures to enhance plasmatic bubble positioning












Third cycle











Fourth cycle


Plasmatic rising

Plasmatic positioning

Plasmatic positioning 2

Plasmatic positioning 3

Plasmatic positioning 4



Plasmatic shifting

UFO bubble

UFO bubble 2 Module Separation


Reconfiguration 2

Reconfiguration 3

Reconfiguration 4

UFO integration

UFO integration 2

UFO just before jumping to Quantum, back to the future....


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Jedi Path Metaphysical and Alchemical Works
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Phason is a quasiparticle existing in quasicrystals due to their specific, quasiperiodic lattice structure.
Similar to phonon, phason is associated with atomic motion. However, whereas phonons are related
 to translation of atoms, phasons are associated with atomic rearrangements.
As a result of these rearrangements, waves, describing the position of atoms in crystal,
change phase, thus the term "phason".

Quantum Cymatic configurations as I see things, are what We are talking about, as phased phonons
can be simply called sounds. Chords in this case, or harmonic configurations that produce plasmatic
and physical patterns, are at work evvery moment. Quasicrystalline evidence of this reality is present
everywhere, although only a few can see it, notice it or even think about it in a scientifical way.

To understand the sacred nature of Plasmametry, does take some time., nevertheless, once You access
 this domain, Time Crystals shall open up a new reality just in front of Your eyes.

 Panta Rei


Jedi Simon


( 3 )











Fourth cycle

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Original teaching on livestream.


Jedi Simon