Alien Code Lines

by Jedi Simon



Wondering about, one day I came accross a very peculiar message.

I was not looking for anything special, and just flying around enjoying the fresh breeze

of the etheric winds... when I saw them... and as soon as my attention reached them 

their surprise met mine, and their intentions through the resonant fields that they emanated,

was clear. Lost in space. This, is a common situation in space, especially if You are still thinking

in a linear way. To my knowledge, the only verb that could help someone to understand the

action he should take to overcome this problem could be; "to Unfold", as curvature is very tricky

indeed and things are never where you left them, because the entire picture is moving on.


Forget linear reasoning.


I swiftly moved on to allow them to solve their problem.

In any case, they where trying to contact home and sent a few lines of code

 to their brothers. I placed the coordinates right inside their heart, although

they were looking for numbers and solving plenty of equations at the same time.


Variables. Nothing more. Unuseful ones, considering their position.

If this was a short Science Fiction story, everything would be fine. 

Just in case You enjoyed the short story and wanted to play with their code,

I shall publish it here. These are some of the Alien code lines sent.

I am not asking you to believe me or not. This is not the point at all.

I am offering You the possibility to translate it and understand

a different point of view and multiversal position altogether.

This is the message that they sent back home. I picked it up

within what we may call silence, making quite a nice melody.

Since it was not a direct projection of sounds, it might sound a little

 bizzarre to someone, but text, in the shape of fractal quantum

resonant image does truly have better chances to reach home, without

disturbing ore calling unwanted attention, than audio. You never know...

So, within quantum background cahotic interferences that normally would

look like white noise to to us I picked up these signals. So, we answered to

a couple of questions and solved the mistery of the century in one go.


We are not alone.


Aliens and Angels both belong to the multiversal picture. Intelligent life is present.

Knowing where to look for things, makes the task much more easier than sending random messages

to space. Still looking for three signals in a row? Extraterrestrials and Xenodimensionals, are present.

One should look for the right portion of the harmonical fields to match with.

It all depends on the octave and the dimension You start with.

    Conscience makes the difference.


Place yourself in front of the light, and You shall not see  a thing.

So, turn around and forget all this nonsense about being the first, the best, the greatest, the only,

and the owner, because what we truly own, as a consequence of the densified egO is the poverty and misery

of man, within the beauty of a multiverse that He cannot see, sense of feel, due to its greed, limited

as we all know, to materiality. Is this the shape of your hand?


Listen. Signals are present. You should try to act when help is needed.

Timing, lenght of call, probabilistic and stochastic variables apart, should be considered.

Doppler Torsion Fields shifting, within curvatures that make the entire picture a little more complex

than a linear one or even the orbital one. It might take You some time to decipher these code lines,

nevetheless, do try. To my knowledge, although plenty know, no one is willing to openly share this knowledge

because of the advantage that secrets offer to minority. I place this gift here to the benefit of the soul.

The seeker shall be able to reach a higher understanding of things and multiversal matters.

The multiverse is full of races that express themselves in the most peculiar ways,

so please, stop considering a monster everything that does not look like Your God.

Shape, is some sort of irrelevant detail considering liquidity, gasidity and plasmidity,

that allows beings to shapeshift most of the time. So, take a ride on the wild side, and behave.

 Stop considering unreal what you may today define as unsubstantial, invisible or untouchable.

Tality, is only a few steps beyond. Change MenTality. This one is not even ReAlity, but ReAlterity.

Paradigm shift does require a change of mood. If You are unhappy, change octave and smile.

 Take care. Love.




 Here You can see the first six lines of code that "They" sent back home... and various other images form the Xenodimensional Fields....


                              Just a second.... I shall enlarge them for You are.... and the rest of the message.... of course....



Now please don't star comparing it to this and that. We all know We come from somewhere.

We are not discussing about the Origin of Origins right now.




Here You are. If You are interested in what it says, just translate it. It will do you good.


These beings are Xenodimensional, so please do not Google them to find out a ready made translation.

Alien Code Lines, that come from the sky, or outer or inner worlds, must be considered as sacred scriptures.



By reducing a little the image, definition is better. This one does look like Devanagari Sanskrit,

but even Arabic, Aramaic and Generative. Now I will show You some of the beings that You might see up there...



By reducing the size of the pictures You shall recognize them. Dimensionally speaking, going down a few octaves or upwards, in the case of entities that are much smaller than us, beings that without magnifying them in some way, our eyes would not be able to see. Microscope and telescope could do, but this science takes much more than plain physical technology to be understood. Our limitations made this impossible until now. Maybe now it is time to sit down and meditate before doing things. I do not like at all the idea that someone scratching its back or even just sneezing, could flatten us down or vaporize us. You do not truly know how vast all this is. Show respect.


These are some of the images I was able to capture during the "flyght..." where You can see quite a few beings, a part from those who were sending the distress call: the aged one, a woman, various soul travelers, the crew and a few friends, and plenty of other beings captures as apparent interferences that merge into the pictures, to show us again and again that plenty of other beings are present on the same lenghtwave at the same time.

Multiversal signals can be received by any possible instrumentation as long as this one is matching the harmonic field and intent of the seeker, and as conscience, is truly part of the picture, this one allows manifestation to take place. Notice that We are not talking about a temporary loss of conscience here. Do not consider it a medianic state, half asleep and not in control of your functions. Consider it to be a some sort of continuous meditative state, where attention is in fact holding you fields, intent, moving you towards, and presence holding your being there. Can't express it more clearly.


.... so, the true problem,dear friends, shall not be the one of believing or not, but the one of being able to make sense of all this. This is only going to show us our limit. Personal limitations as prejudice and culture itself, shall not allow most of the average people to access dimensions which are far beyond their comprehension and understanding. This is, and I must say, unfortunately, the boomerang effect produced by idiocy, whilst holding back discoveries, science, knowledge and understanding because of selfishness. Only those who shall surrender to the beauty of the multiverse, shall rech its dimension. Sense it, reach it through heart and soul, art and spirit. This has to do with how strongly you grasp and take hold of a particular position, understanding and reality, to comfortably sit there and avoid. Comfortably Dumb... yes... Reality has nothing to do with tality, multiversally speaking. Free Yourself. The Journey is only starting now... The most distant place from Tele Vision is right in front of your TV.
You opened a billion billions windows and kept looking at Yourself. Narcissus' mirror syndrome mixed with the king's madness I suppose...


Stop using Brainwashing Shampoos everyday and start using your brain again... thinking with your mind, and avoid everything that has to do with egOic procedures in the dark, because that one shall never see the light.....

 on the left hand side.... come on....


  see it???


  I guess so...


  No pareidolia, translate the alien code lines... before denying evidence....


I share all this with love, respect and address this message to your soul.

Captain Jedi Simon, from the Far Traveler.



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