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4 Harmonic ways to Reach the Sky by Jedi Simon. 


Harmonic Chant  6:34

Using Voice to reach the sky





Using Singing bells to reach the sky



The Harmonic Temple

Rising Sun 7:42

Using Resonant Stochastic Quantum Cymatics to reach the Sky



Jedi Zen Fire Meditations

1) Satori   4:08

Using Flutes to reach the Sky ( lower down volume  to 12 % please )




All Music by Jedi Simon  Cd SABDA BRAHMAN  Singing bells track number 3. Cd ASTRAL VOYAGE HARMONIC VOICES track number 3. Cd The Harmonic Temple Track n2 Rising Sun.  Jedi Zen Fire Meditations

Track n1 Satori  . All rights reserved. Personal and Public Didactical and Sacred use of these tracks is permitted by the Author. Broadcasting of the tracks, permitted on Public and free Video Channels that  share Keshe Plasma Reactor Group teachings.


Transform and transmute


Energize Trees



Energize Fields


Piece of Advice.

Meditate and reach stability. Center Your mind and practice harmonic disciplines. Do not look for phenomena, loss of coherence, and oblivion.

Presence, is the key: since the definition of being, alien, angel, monster or creature, be it material or immaterial, shall probably be entirely related to your level of understanding.

Don't trouble the trouble if You don't want the trouble to trouble You. Far beyond imagination and common understanding, you shall find the unseen.

Show respect and do not seek to alter, interfere or dictate any plan on it. Ascend to the light before even trying to reach it. Within transparence, You shall see and sense.

Within darkness, You shall perceive reflections of the form and the shape of  the egO, crawling shadows and hidden wishes.  Physicality, only related to the material world,

is nothing but a state of absent mindedness.  We are not alone. No one is. Consciousness makes the difference. Do not try to understand love; just Love.