Con Causa Emanativa Activa

Primitive Quasi Crystalline Textures

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Mandala are primarely based on Symmetry. Here You shall find the laws of Reflection, Emanation, Propagation expressed in a

 regular manner, as Rta, is the key to their multiple range of frequencies they emanate. Within a Quasi Crystalline structure, so We

 shall find patterns and textures that oscillate in specific and particular ways creating Field interactions and Resonance. Any time

You shall produce a sound, the wave shall reach and activate the answer of his twin. This Twinity, due to personal configuration

shall enable direct contact between the two sides of the Diapason. As Multiverse does not stop to Twinity, and Trinity or Family,

are a consequence of adding up living entities, so Race, Species and other Infinite Configurations shall eventually be able to

receive a call and answer to it. This phenomenon shall be called Resonant Mutual Excitation, and you shall find it within the

 silence that preceeds earthquakes in nature.  This pheomenon, in one word is called Tranference.


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We shall find the concept of Tranference in psychology, as well as in the Emotional fields: Emotional Transference,

within Feelings, Love matters, Thought etc... etc... From the point of view of "memorized data", flows can be defined as

culturalcondensations when they belong to published works. By reaching a piece of information that has not even

 condensated yet into a script, a book or scientific paper, artistic work or idea, the receiver, most of the time a telepath or a

very sensible person, shall directly benefit of that gift without any effort, as the shared knowledge shall already be present

within the field. Insight, vision, clairvoyance, remote viewing, precognition, second sight, synchronicity and a few other

parapsychological phenomenons, normally, take place all the time, although rationally we do not admit them because of

cultural implanted filters that do not allow us to go beyond and reach a more profound understanding of reality.

Mandala, offer the possibility to concentrate energy and direct it into a present state of vibration or frequencies, that are

 harmonical paths to resonance and sound, vision, insight and sixth sense.



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Once noise is not present anymore, there you shall find a peaceful heart.

Order, makes the differece. Pattern replication, present in Mandala, fixes the shape of the crystals. Size, measure, position

and color, to be related to the first 4 variable of the chord, shall tune it. Scalar, harmonical and fractal, as well as quantum cymatic

emanations, shall enable the Matrix to become  transparent, enabling visible "Tantric Quanta" to show themselves clearly.

To penetrate this portion of the universe, is to reach the Con Causa Emanativa Activa, exiting the realm of Absolute Truths.

 Absolute Truth - Inflexible Reality, defined as inflexible reality. Fixed, invariable, unalterable facts that do not allow

Relativism to show up because of our susceptibility. This limitation being the principal cause of  fixations, obsessions,

vice, prejudice and ultimately hate, formed as soon as We are nor able to change inside ourselves harmonically what the world

is offering us. Once You reach Presence, stability of the fields shall be there. Holding, but transmuting fields are the key

to the sky. Permutation, elaboration, translation, transformation, transmutation, and plenty of other algorithms used to morph,

bend and curve, shift of soflty change what usually takes a crisis to break down things, and start everything up back again.




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"Organic Quasi Crystalline Reticulm" shall be the definition of quasi crystalline matter matrix that enables bones, cells, biological

forms, and life altogether, to accomodate, change, interact with molecular fluxes and live, within transient forms that require

elasticity. Functional Tropism being one of the characters of this evolutive and vital process. 


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Mandala of such a kind, or patterns, because of their high order of symmetry, shall calm us down and offer us

a moment of silence, compared to the noise that we usually find in dirt, unorganized, amorphous and disordered

contructions of the mind, thought, objects and realities built to end in a short time, collapse, break and fail.

Purpose of these temporary systems, that You shall recognize as soon as You reach the state of equilibrium,

is to build up continuous illusions and projections, to expand the dampening field that does not allow love and

joy to reach the heart.



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As the matrix has been hacked, we should not take for granted that everything is perfectly functioning.

Although plot and programs are regularly shown every day, and nothing appears to be spinning the wrong way round,

the fact that the repetition of stimuli is constant, does not make them either true nor real. Illusion, called Maya,

in the ancient Bharata language, should be considered as the primary cause of plenty of disfunctional behaviors, mistake,

error, malady, illness, pain and sufference. So, just open the curtains, and remove the veil.



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Bending Re-ality


Jedi Simon

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