Creation Myths

Datamining approach.


How to find out the truth... without recurring to personal exclusion directed against everything that shows possible / or even a 1%

 slightly different version of the story and facts that took place so long ago. Dealing with myths, takes quite a good number of integrations,

comparison, verifications and logical reasoning. Well accepted stories and ideas are often the work of adjustment, whenever plagiarism

took place, so, let's simply add what We missed, and reconsider things from a wider perspective.

 Repetition, does not make assertions true, and in the end it shurely hypnotize the listener.

 To seek the truth, avoiding the usual prejudices, take courage and audacity. Here, the concept of "respect" should not be introduced

by the promoter of the widespread version, in the negative sense of "unrespectful attitude". Here, We are talking about

"Inclusive Understanding", and trying to avoid exclusion mechanisms, to find out what truly happened in a civilized way.


Through inclusion and in a peaceful state mind, silently, respecting beliefs, mood and ideas of the other, We shall look for

what resonates with our heart, intuition, moral sense of justice and compassion, logical sense, deduction and retrodeduction.


Within the path of open mindedness, and by accepting without exclusion, the ideas, explanations and suggestions of the past,

We shall be able to consider, reconsider, and see all sides of the pictures, which we may have missed because of the limited understanding

of narrow visions which did not take into account what could effect in a negative way, the vectors, importance, originality,

and meaning of their beliefs. Here We shall focus here our attention upon the various colours of the spectrum, considering its

 interpretations as functional and particular to specific moments, cultures, understanding, but nevetheless, connected to a seed,

or original root, that originated them. This non exclusive method, that requires the reaching of a "zero prejudice state", shall be used

 by the seekers whilst datamining, and coming in touch or contact with the known and unknown matters af the universeS, timeS and cultureS,

in a respectful way. Datamining "allows... whilst... giving the " 1) gathering, 2) non avoiding or 3) stopping at dogma,

4) stopping at taboo 5) stopping in front of "that sinful question" 6) simply questioning or asking 7) trying to go deeper....etc... etc...

that shall make some of the "holders of that knowledge", really angry.... Those who benefit from the limitation of clarity,

are "de facto" the creatores themselves of a variety of fictional universes that gave birth to plenty of explanations, without explaining.

Interpretations, that all share the same conduct, methods and organization, structures and formulas. These protocols, changing only

in time and space, name and apparent way, but linked to the same attitudes or states of mind, where you shall be given silence,

poetical images, abstract concepts and evanescent thoughts and ideas, to find the answer You are looking for, that utimately

shall be turned into your personal psychological problem, if You insist.  Datamining, and the practice of further investigation,

enables the seeker, the miner, the worker, to find the gold, the precious gems and truths, hydden to the moltitude.

 Minorities, reporting and referring to life, or living themselves, by following such projections, as a consequence of ignorant states

and answers to nature, culture, project and agency. Missing the essence, where conscience and understanding, sit, and the "persona",

or personal state in which one identyfies oneself, ( professionally speaking in actions and deeds), shall turn itself into "a problem",

or "the problem", ultimately produced by the algothytm chosen to solve the functions and equations, or vectors that limit within themselves,

the free harmonical expression of the being. Limitations deeply felt within the soul, the emotional and mental bodies, often imposed

through scarcity, or ulterior and neverending placebos given insted of the true answer, thus generating as a consequence, even more suffering.

By being present, aware, and conscious, You shall be able to enlight Yourseves and shine, because no shadow can limit the splendour

 and beauty of creation, when the generative principles are alive within, and life is, whilst now, it's not even a part of it, because of the consumistic

idea of an expendable world, creation and life, used and abused by the selfish ones that commercialized every thought, item and object, action,

practice and work, to own and force those who have no force to stand anymore, because they have been turned into slaves, where We discover today

that "the industrial revolution", finally fulfilled its own dream of creating "a perfect kind of slavery", enslaving machines to better enslave men.

"Con+sider", "Re+Con+sider", and "Datamine" any written work You find, to find out. The whole, does not lack.

Side, besides, within "opposed dualsims", soon finds its best use in prejudice, diversity and war.

Loving, embracing, respecting, uniting, sharing and taking care, is the path.

Possessions, produce obsessions, and subsequently, addictions, which shall lower down the frequency of the joyful spirit You are,

not allowing the soul to reach happiness and enjoy life, creation itself and pop corn.         


Jedi Simon

and please... do remember that "up there", if You laugh, criticize, or show any kind of like or dislike face, lifting Your eyebrow like Doctor Leonard McCoy, for example, You might as well give away Your return to speak...

so let's try out this simple game, and se how You react to someone else's faith, interpretation, understanding or misunderstanding, respectfully... centering your position and not allowing prejudice and its vectors, to dictate Your state....

and how things should be... 


( limited sharing )

now, choose a topic, and find 100 studies, copy them in a document, compare them and write down all the possible keywords to subsequent web searches....

datamining example has expired...