Image Service


Press, agents and labels are invited to meet my knowledge to take high-class pictures. I have a great amount of pictures in my Image Bank. All works can be transformed in any way ( digital or analogue ). I take offers in on demand. All orders will be handled fast ( maximum time 2 weeks ).

Image Bank
50.000 Photos 10.000 Digital Pics


Just step  throuh my galleries, sure you find something for your projects.

Or you can book me for your projects !

Interested ?
Feel free to take contact !

 V U O I      P O S A R E     P E R     J E D I   S I M O N  ?    

E' possibile!!!  Iscriviti all'agenzia per Provini, Show Reel,
Lavori Artistici e foto per lo spettacolo, Cinema, Cortometraggi, Teatro, Televisione, Ritratti artistici e familiari, Pubblicità, Mostre, ecc...

Manda una mail a per informazioni sui prossimi Casting Set, Corti o Film in programmazione.

Richiedi il modulo di iscrizione gratuita, e dopo esserti iscritto
avrai la possibilità di essere contattato per e-mail.

W O U L D   Y O U   L I K E   T O   P O S E   F O R   J E D I   S I M O N  ?

This is possible!

Model tests (presentation portfolios)
Private sessions (for your eyes only)
Artistic work (for my exhibitions and books)

M o d e l    t e s t s :
- to create or update your portfolio
- let your agency contact me

P r i v a t e   s e s s i o n s :
the session you have been dreaming about
- fashion style images
- individual or  family portraits
- 'a day in the life of', a family story, your family story
at your (favorite) place!
- nu artistique
- this is your session, no matter if you do not have the ideal body
or do not belong to the ideal age group

A r t i s t i c   w o r k :
- you want to figure in my next book or exhibition
- you have the looks and expressions I am looking for

W h a t    t o   d o :
- send me an e-mail to or phone

            Simon's Studio 0039 34975 64 968









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