Jedi Station wavestate bundle

Wavestate Korg 100 SOUNDS Bundle by Jedi Simon





The "Time Crystal Work" by Jedi Simon: 4 cds Opera, recorded at Mystic Clan Studios
with Korg keyboards Oasys, 01W, M1, Triton, Wavestate and Hackorg Hybrid keyboards.

Waveshaping Synthesis, Soundmorphing, Soundscaping and Transient Generation Programming engineered by Jedi Simon
right from scratch by hand, and crafted to fit the needs of Holophonic Environment, Multiversal Perception and Shapeshifting Creation
shall allow You to reach point zero center and the inner sky in a very short time, meditate and easily reach a spiritual state of resonance.

 Transient Matrix Programming, Organic changes and reflections, derived from Wavestation Korg 1990, enable today the musician, the listener and
the soul seeker to directly access the subtle realms of the transcendent. Neverending evolving textures and patterns, shall do the rest within structural
metaphorma and mutaphorma. Fourth Dimension, as a starting point to jump to the fifth dimension, harmonizing your subtle bodies to reach states of
balanced resonance and clarity.

The JEDI STATION Patch is going to transform You Wavestate into a Sacred Instrument. Take Care. I am a Composer,
and as a Sound Designer, before starting a new work, I prepare every time a complete set of sounds, and renew my machine,
reinventing a palette that shall inspire me, and help me to express my ideas, thoughts, mood, understanding and state.
So, as "Life is a state of mind" quote Chancy Gardner.... "Waves are a State of Plasmatic Matter not yet condensed into a Kosha...."

So, I do not create sounds as a hobby, I am not testing machines or program them for fun; I usually spend a month or two  to regenerate a keyboard or a
Synthesizer, because I need that quality and touch that circuits and binary stuff miss most of the time, not forgetting poor programming. So; "trust the cook" and ascend.


Jedi Station wavestate bundle

If You are interested to purchase the JEDISTATION bundle for KORG WAVESTATE

send an e-mail to for further instructions.

Price 40 euros x 100 sounds + 5 bonus free sounds on

You may use Paypal to buy them that is safe and secure, link is down below.
I am trying to avoid external servers and hopefully it shall work fine for the next collections aswell.

Prices as You know are far greater, for professional stuff, but I decided to start with a discount. 40 euros
You could find cheap sounds too, but remember that programmers are neither musicians nor composers.
You still need good hear and fine tuning, taste and experience to do this job. All the sounds are brand new
and as I usually build them to Fly, You shall too. Trust me.

Tell Me by email, when You make the order so that I can double check out if paypal has received the money.
Then I shall send You the Bundle, 100 Sounds, as You have already downloaded the bonus 5 probably from

Please Compose all The music You can with them, and let me listen what You are creating, so that I can get better at producing the sound You need.
Feel free to ask, give advice or send a link to Your tracks. 

I do not use randomization process; that is faulty and nonsensical, pure rubbish, so all the work is man made with the experience
of a life time programming on korg keybords. I have created thousands of sound for M1, 01W, Wavestation, Triton, Oasys and Wavestate.

Plese respect the work and do not freely share these sounds or resell them, but use them with respect,
because work is sacred, and I created this Patches to transform the Wavestate into a Sacred Instrument.

I did the maximum to lower down price, considering times, and avoided nonsensical sounds that would rather be called noises,
non musical, randomized stuff made by machines that do not know anything about empathy, poetry, love and emotions.

I shall e-mail the bundle to You as soon as the transaction takes place, usually at night standard european time,
within 24 hours, hopefully, if I am not composing at studio...

If You need specific sounds just ask. Brand New Time Crystal Second Collection below, and Third Collection Anima Mundi.
Here are another 100 patches to vivify Your Korg Wavestate. Soundscapes, Pads, Cynematic, Transient Spheres and Meditative.

Take care

Jedi Simon



Wavestate Korg 100 SOUNDS "JEDI STATION" by Jedi Simon FIRST BUNDLE

Jedi Station wavestate bundle
Jedi Station Wavestate Bundle








Time Crystal



Wavestate Korg 100 SOUNDS Bundle by Jedi Simon  SECOND BUNDLE



Wavestate Korg "TIME CRYSTAL" 100 SOUNDS Bundle by Jedi Simon  SECOND BUNDLE

Buy here









Wavestate Korg 100 SOUNDS Bundle by Jedi Simon  THIRD BUNDLE



Wavestate Korg "ANIMA MUNDI" 100 SOUNDS Bundle by Jedi Simon  THIRD BUNDLE

Here are another 100 patches to vivify Your Korg Wavestate. Soundscapes, Pads, Cynematic, Transient Spheres and Meditative.
No noises, no useless samples, no ugly randomized chaotic waste. When randomization has been used, this particular kind of sounds
shall show sub organic qualities that must not be considered essential, but marginal, working with shades of transients. Since the first two
collections I have discovered a more mature approach to create on Wavestate Keyboard sounds that are now starting to introduce Quasi Holophonic
positioning, interchangeable spaces, sequential growth, elastic time frame and interacting functions that You shall discover. It is a new language altogether.
I worked hard on the expanded remake of some typical sounds as well, including synths, brass, organs, choirs, bell sounds that shall never disappear,
in a soundtrack producer key, as well as concentrating on soundscapes, atmospheres and meditative dimensions. Most of the sounds, as We all come
from the Korg school, shall be formed by the integration of 4 layers, which we found in the Combination sections of the Korg keyboards since day 1.
No need to say that the amount of programming time grew a lot: x4 sounds themselves + x4 multiple effects + x4 seq motion changes and
waveshaping functions all directed to to enhance spatial integration of the created multisound. Here I tried to reach "Anima Mundi"
to allow it to resonate. Some sounds have emotional qualities that could change Your mood, some are silent, joyful, sad, and if You allow
them to touch Your heart, You might experience a couple of tear drops or reach Insight. This is called reminiscence, although in Highlander,
they mixed up the concept with reviviscence, which derives from a different concept, deviating from the original one and follows
 a different path than Plato's original thought. In Anima Mundi, Wavestate shall be the fire, and You shall use its light to find out
what the cave of the ideas has in store for You. Clarity, Vision, Insight. Forgive me if I never stop teaching Jedi Yoga, but my approach
is multiversal, and as instruments are instrumental, I might still utilise them, in the mean time, to ascend, whilst I am playing and enjoying myself.

 Take Care. May the Force be with You.
Here is the "Korg Wvestate Anima Mundi Bundle 100 patches Collection by Jedi Simon". Paga adesso button if You are interested.
Even if these sounds took me a little more programming time, price shall still be 40 euros. Nevetheless I shall share 4 freely
on which are extras.





Jedi Simon