Jedi Simon

Nella fede dell'amore agisci in verità.



The Secret Path



By Practising the Truth Fearlessly, the Identification

 with the body will vanish. Soften the heart through

the practice of Mercy, Sympathy, Charity, Generosity,

 Magnanimity, Hurting no one, Mildness, Disinterested action

 and Tireless Service. Expand the heart through the practice

 of Straightforwardness, Truthfulness, Cleanness of life,

 Alms-giving and Non-Covetousness. Purify the heart

through the practice of Celibacy in thought, word and deed.

 Practice Non-Violence in thought, word and deed. The practice

 of Non-violence is not Impotence or Cowardice or Weakness.

 It is the highest type of heroism. The practice demands

 immense Patience, Forbearance and Endurance, infinite

 inner Spiritual Strength and Great will-power. Let all

Hostilities vanish; Live together peacefully. Love totally,

Practice One-ness, Unity of Self, and Self-restraint.

 Constant Vigilance and Alertness are needed; if you are

 even a bit careless, you will be carried away by the force

 of previous wrong impulses and will become a victim of them,

 despite your good intentions. Pursue Silently, Behave

 Discreetly. Truth must be observed in thought,

word and deed; Established in truth, all other virtues

 will cling to you by themselves.

This you may practice. This you may… become.




Jedi Simon: from the "The Invisible Sun"