The Invisible sun

The Secret Source


Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Control of the Mind, Purity,

Practice of Charity, Control of the Senses, Non-Violence,

Service, Compassion, Simplicity, Absence of Greed,

Absence of Malice. Austerity, Truth, Restraint of Anger,

Good Relationship, Understanding, Listening, Learning,

Absence of Envy, Knowledge of the Self and Forbearance.

Continence, Self-Control, Serenity and No-Stealing, Offering,

Absence of Covetousness, Control of the Senses, Fortitude.

Temperance, Non-Meddling, Respect, Celibacy in thought,

 word and deed, Non-Stealing, Self-Restraint,

Internal and External Purity, Contentment. Fearlessness,

Clean-ness of life, Steadfastness, Wisdom, Alms-giving,

Straightforwardness, Avoid doing Harm, Absence of wrath,

 Renunciation, Peacefulness, Absence of Crookedness,

have Compassion for the living, Mildness, Modesty,

Absence of Fickleness, Vigour, Forgiveness, Absence of Pride.

This you may practice. This you may… become.

 The Secret Path



By Practising the Truth Fearlessly, the Identification

 with the body will vanish. Soften the heart through

the practice of Mercy, Sympathy, Charity, Generosity,

 Magnanimity, Hurting no one, Mildness, Disinterested action

 and Tireless Service. Expand the heart through the practice

 of Straightforwardness, Truthfulness, Cleanness of life,

 Alms-giving and Non-Covetousness. Purify the heart

through the practice of Celibacy in thought, word and deed.

 Practice Non-Violence in thought, word and deed. The practice

 of Non-violence is not Impotence or Cowardice or Weakness.

 It is the highest type of heroism. The practice demands

 immense Patience, Forbearance and Endurance, infinite

 inner Spiritual Strength and Great will-power. Let all

Hostilities vanish; Live together peacefully. Love totally,

Practice One-ness, Unity of Self, and Self-restraint.

 Constant Vigilance and Alertness are needed; if you are

 even a bit careless, you will be carried away by the force

 of previous wrong impulses and will become a victim of them,

 despite your good intentions. Pursue Silently, Behave

 Discreetly. Truth must be observed in thought,

word and deed; Established in truth, all other virtues

 will cling to you by themselves.

This you may practice. This you may… become.

















The Silent Source



Purify the body, Purify the mind. Purity of body is only the

 preliminary to purity of mind. Cleanliness is a part of godliness.

Restriction in diet if adopted helps make the Mind Pure.

Food exercises a Direct Influence on the mind. Purity of food

 leads to purity of mind. The Mind is only made up of the fine

 essence of food. As the food is, so is the mind. You must be Pure

 in thought, word and deed. Your heart must be as Pure as Crystal,

 Innocent, Straightforward and Absent of all Evil Thoughts.

 He who is endowed with purity will find it easy to tread

 the Spiritual Path. Reach perfect Self-Control, Self Mastery,

 Control of the Body and Control of the Mind. Lead a

 well-Regulated and Disciplined life. Keep all the senses

 under Perfect Control. Self-control implies Self-Sacrifice,

 Annihilation of Egoism, Patience, Endurance, Forbearance

 and Humility. Overcome Attachment and Dispassion.

Overcome Anger and Forgive. Love constantly, Serve selflessly,

 Practice goodwill. Overcome evil by good. Return good

 for evil. Overcome lust. Practice regular Meditation.

 Conquer greed by Charity, Generosity and Disinterested

actions. Conquer Pride by Humility and Delusion by

 Discrimination and Enquiry. Overcome Jealousy by

 Magnanimity.  Conquer Egoism by Self-Sacrifice,

Self-Surrender, Self-Abnegation and Meditation

on the Non-Dual innermost Self.

This you may practice. This you may… become.



















The Invisible Source



May you all attain eternal bliss and immortality through the

 practice of the virtues. Perform duties Efficiently, Act Freely,

 Untied and United, Separate but One. Be Pious and Virtuous,

 Heroic and Humble. The form is One, not affected at all

 by changes of time, place, surroundings and individual

 differences. What changes according to the change of time,

 place and surrounding circumstances is the external shape.

 The colour of Conduct cannot be disguised. Stage by stage,

 complete the Cycle. Let only those Actions that are free from

blemishes be done and not others. Be Moderate in everything and

 remember that the whole world is nothing but your own Self.

 That work which gives elevation, peace and joy to the mind,

 is right, and that which brings depression, pain and

 restlessness to the mind is wrong. By doing Virtuous

 Actions, you develop a Noble character. Any deed,

any thought that causes an effect, is followed by

 consequences, sooner or later. Desire, Thought

 and Action go together. Things do not happen by accident

 or chance in a disorderly manner. Step by step, every action

 produces a threefold effect: it yields a fruit, it affects

 your character, it leaves behind an impression in your mind.

 The impression will urge you to repeat the act again

and it will assume the form of a thought-wave in the mind

 on account of a stimulus, either internal or external.

 You sow a seed, a stem grows up. You sow an Action

 and reap a habit. You cultivate a Habit and reap a

 character. You sow a Character and reap your Destiny.

 Silent witness of the actions of the senses and of the mind,

 find the Path to the Invisible Source.

This you may practice. This you may… become.