Satan (Hebrew: הַשָׂטָן ha-Satan), “the opposer”, is the title of various entities, both human and divine, who challenge the faith of humans. To oppose implicates conflict, and fight against something or someone. “Sat” means to “know”, knowledge, and “an”, is a privative particle that stands for “without”. “Without knowledge” is it’s name, and although ignorance could explain many mistakes, it is no conclusive proof of idiocy. Ha means “Master” or “able” and so this name could be translated as follows: 

“Great master of Ignorance”, looking back 7000 years into Sanskrit roots.

As so many people all trough history have copied myths, here and there, in such a way that this procedure has been called plagiarism, thanks to the present day revelation, we can easily find out where these people pinched their infos from, and reject their diverted translations and misuse of them. 

Thanks to memory today, we are able to understand what happened, and even if so many schools tried to cancel, erase and make us forget the past, truth is here to teach. 

Illusion, is what makes ignorant people move. Once they know, they change path. It happens all the time, once you learn a lesson, you don’t touch fire anymore.

Experience makes the difference.

Unite vision. Let there be no conflicting dualism in your mind.

All the time. Oneness. Presence and Harmony.

by Amonakur