This book contains all the information one needs to know to be a member of Jedi Harmony. The Jedi Temple is the logos where knights meet in silence, to meditate and practice harmony. They do not need to meet somewhere, know each other, or gather, because concentration and dispersion are functional to material powers. The force is everywhere and acts whenever equilibriums are broken, to transform and correct what has been altered by selfish thinking. Once a Jedi understands that all is one, he will not use a sward as an instrument anymore, and will unite vision and thoughts in the truth. This pages, are not mere fiction, but could be of great use to reintroduce the concept of Harmony and Equilibrium, so build your own Jedi Temple and fill it up with invisible love.

Jedi Temple
Mission Statement

Jedi Harmony is a style of jedi as some would see it yet it is not. The main focus is being a jedi and doing it being in harmony with the Force(that means everything). A student does not have to follow a certain style, which means a way of someone else. It is about being a jedi of utmost efficiency what is expected of every member here.
Jedi Harmony is a community not an organization . It is here for each jedi and only reason there is any structure is to make things simple and efficient. Yet the key is that the structure can exist even if there is no structure.
For those who need a definite training program, etc we have what they ask. And those who want to grow like a flower grows, all by themselves they can visit here and yet belong into a group. So it is for a reason of doing things together, otherwise there would be no need for this group.

The ideal of this group is to be limitless so to not obstruct the growth of individual jedi.

If jediway is followed there will be no problems.

Wish you all the best and
May the Force be with us all.

Jedi Code

Jedi are followers of the peace, harmony and Force.
Jedi improve themselves through knowledge and training.
Jedi respect all life, in any form.

Code of Force

There is no emotion; there is peace. ( Harmony and Equilibrium )
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. ( Intelligence )
There is no passion; there is serenity. ( Tranquillity )
There is no death; there is the Force. ( Transformation, Force = Vita = life = Vatha = flux)

From Sanskrit:

The “Dosha” theory (Three Doshas) is one of the basic theory of Ayurveda . The word “Dosha” is a Sanskrit word whose expansion is “Dooshayati iti Dosha” ie.
That which get easily vitiated is “Dosha” . Body constituents (tissues) are always in the process of metabolism which is a combination of deterioration (Catabolism)
on one side and construction (Anabolism)on the other. Health is maintained by balancing these activities. Metabolism is controlled by lot of chemical reactions,
hormonal activity etc. When these systemic and natural functions get disturbed, it results in various types of diseases. As the basic functions of the body are
innumerable, the number of diseases are also innumerable. Even Hippocrates, the father of Modern System of Medicines accepts the importance of “Dosha” Theory.

According to Indian philosophy the basic constituents of all beings are “Pancha Maha Bhootas”
(These Five Maha bhootas are Prithvi(Earth), Ap (water), Tejas (Fire) , Vayu(Air) Akash (Ether).
The basic constituents of human body are also the same “Pancha Maha Bhootas”.
Each and every cell, system and organ is made up of these constituents. The proportion of five “Pancha Maha Bhootas” is different in different systems and organs,
Based on their involvement, the qualities and functions are also different. The deficiency or excess of their involvement results in various diseases.

Ancient Ayurvedic Experts have conceived this “Pancha Maha Bhootas” theory into “Thri Dosha” theory for their easy diagnosis and treatment.
“Thri Doshas” are “Vatha” , “Pittha” and “Kapha”. “Thri Doshas” are also made up of “Pancha Maha Bhootas”.
The functions of “Thri Doshas” should be taken in a broad spectrum. “Thri Doshas” decide the “Prakrithi” (body constitution) of a being.
If “Vatha” is predominant it is known as “Vatha Prakrithi” (Vatha constitution). A “Vatha Prakrithi” person is prone to be afflicted
by “Vatha diseases” if exposed to conducive surroundings and causes. Similarly for “Pittha Prakrithi” and “Kabha Prakrithi”. Brief explanation is given below:

1.“Vatha” All movements in the body is maintained by “Vatha dosha”. The expansion of the term “Vatha” in Sanskrit is “Tatra va gati Gandhanayoriti”
ie. all movements and catabolic activities of body are controlled by “Vatha”. Finer movements like cell division, circulation etc. are maintained by “Vatha”.
The predominant “Maha bhoota” involved in “Vatha dosha” is Vayu (Air) and Akash (Ether) .

2.“Pittha” The “Maha bhoota” predominance in “pittha” is Teja(Fire) . All the digestive activities of body is controlled by “Pitha”.
Digestive activity means not only the digestion of food occurring in the intestine but the hormonal, chemical and metabolic changes
are attributed to “Pittha”. Body warmth, taste, vision, appetite, skin luster, intelligence, bravery – are all qualities attributed to “Pittha”

3.“ Kapha” Predominant “maha bhootas” in “ Kapha” are prithvi (Earth) and Jal (Water). All the anabolic activities of body are maintained by “ Kapha”.
It is contributing the nourishment and bulky form to the body.

When the doshas are in equilibrium, good health is experienced On the other hand when this equilibrium gets disturbed ( increase, decrease, vitiation)
it results in various diseases. The nature of the disease is based on the predominance of the involved “Doshas”. The diagnosis and treatment of diseases
are also based on the involved “Doshas”. That is, predominant “Dosha” exhibits their symptoms in the body. By analysing these symptoms
the physician can come to a conclusion that this “Dosha” is vitiated and based on that treatment can be decided.

Due to various causes when the body functions become improper, it results in various diseases. Whole body functions are maintained
and controlled by “thri doshas”. So when the “Doshas” get disturbed it results in symptoms like
Vridhi(Increase), Kshayam(Decrease) or Prakopam(Vitiation of Doshas). An observing physician can diagnose the disease based on the symptoms
exhibited by “Doshas” vitiation.

Theosophy Dictionary on Absolute

Absolute (from Latin ab away + solvere = to loosen, dissolve = connected but not tied = Empty space that enables
the Force to express itself )

Freed, released, absolved; parallel to the Sanskrit moksha, mukti (set free, released), also to the Buddhist nirvana
(blown out), all three terms signifying one who has obtained freedom from the cycle of material existence.

Absolute, in European philosophy, is used somewhat loosely for the unconditional or boundless infinitude. On the
other hand, Sir W. Hamilton considers the Absolute as “diametrically opposed to, … contradictory of, the Infinite,”
which is correct from the standpoint of both etymology and abstract philosophy. Blavatsky uses the term both ways:
sometimes equating it with infinity, at other times with the first cause or one divine substance-principle.

Strictly speaking, absolute is a relative term. It is the philosophic One or cosmic originant, but not the mystic zero or
infinitude. An absolute or a cosmic freed one is not That (infinity), for infinity has no attributes: it is neither absolute
nor nonabsolute, conscious nor unconscious, because all attributes and qualities belong to manifested and therefore
noninfinite beings and things.

The boundless or infinite, in which exist innumerable absolutes, includes the cognizer, the cognized, and the
cognition, and is both matter and spirit, subject and object; all egos and non-egos are included within it.

From the zero emanate an infinite number of cosmic Ones or monads. Every absolute is not only the hierarch of its
own hierarchy, the One from which all subsequent differentiations emanate, but is also a cosmic jivanmukta, a
released monad freed from the pull of the lower planes. Every monad at the threshold of paranirvana reassumes its
primeval essence and becomes at one with the absolute of its own hierarchy once more. The absolute is thus the goal
of evolution as well as the source, the highest divinity or Silent Watcher of the hierarchy of compassion, which forms
the light side of a universe or cosmic hierarchy.

VATHA = Creativity * Enthusiasm * Freedom * Generosity * Joy * Vitality

Vata: one of the three doshas, wind and gas. Vata: means “wind” literally. Va means movement. Vata is the source of
both structure and function of the body. It is that which is represented by the five forms of the bodily currents:
apana, udana, samana, vyana, apana. It is the initiator, controller, companion, organizer, stimulant of many
functions of body mind and spirit.

Spiritual Yoga Dictionary
Vata: The dosha governing all motion and flow in the body. ( Multiverse )

Direction and Consent

Vata: the dosha responsible for all movement in the body,
A biological space which enables the sensitive consiousness of a mind to sense the presence of something moving,
not indicating the energy itself that makes things move - attraction or repulsion -, ( wish or will vs denial
or refusal ). Expression itself of consent that follows Dharmic rules, which are expression of Vita Flux, The Force Itself.

Emotions cloud the understanding of Force; peace opens the doors.
Ignorance leads nowhere; knowledge will come sooner or later.
Passion can madden; serenity leads to fulfillment
Death is a transformation of the Force and not the end.

Pillars of Jedi Strength

1. Knowledge - By learning more we can improve whatever be.
2. The Force - Learning to connect, flow and control the Force will give a jedi his tools and his way.
3. Self-Development - By improving ourselves we become more able jedi.
4. Self-Discipline - A jedi has to be aware of oneself and be able to choose how to be.
5. Harmony - A jedi who is in harmony with oneself and the Force(all there is) then he/she will be the most successful.
6. Detachment - If a jedi is detached even to his/her own way there will be no failure, though it may seem otherwise.
7. Disillusionment - A jedi is objective. A jedi’s acts do not depend on information.
8. JediWay - If followed will get you through more troubles than someone else can stand
not to speak of making the world a better place.

Jedi Path

“Jedi are followers of the peace, harmony and the Force..” - It is a responsibility of a jedi to strive to bring peace and harmony to oneself and others.
Jedi seek to learn about the Force and use this knowledge to better the world including themselves.
A jedi seeks to be in harmony and peace with the Force, that means with everything.

“Jedi improve themselves through knowledge and training.” - A jedi is aware of one’s ignorance and thus seeks knowledge. A jedi has to constantly develop ones body, mind and spirit. A jedi cultivates oneself in as many areas they like. Jedi seek enlightenment of ones total being.

“Jedi respect all life, in any form.” - All life is precious. A jedi learns to respect and defend the life of oneself and others.

Jedi guidelines

1. Way of Harmony
To succeed in something especially in becoming a jedi one must know the way of harmony. It is about combining understanding with knowledge and practice, one side with the other. It is to avoid conflicts.

2. Discipline
A jedi must be disciplined. Without it there will not be advancement.
At first it might be hard to get there, but soon you discover that discipline leads to more freedom and stability of yourself.
Discipline does not mean austerities but being able to regulate one’s life.

3. True helping
Listening is only half of our exercise, the other is to help find a solution. A jedi keeps in mind that helping may turn out into causing more trouble and distress. A help in some cases can not be forced upon and at other times it can not be kept for the later time.

4. True way?
A true way never forgets the completeness of the life, Multiverse, Force. We have our jedi path, but each individual still has to walk their own paths that no one else can walk for them. This path is best walked with freedom of mind, body and spirit as a goal. Being a jedi is more of responsibility, but also a definite style. But both of these have to support each other. Though what I just wrote may be necessary for some, or a serious thing it can be all said in one word “reality”.
At the same time there is no true way, there are just different levels of doing things. It can be a more sophisticated way or completely another branch of doing, and what is the true way is up to you. Yet you always have a balancing factor, The Force. Yet remember different acts are linked with different balancing points which cause different end results.

5. Integrity.
In a modern world we try to separate so many things from each other rather than seeing that it is all one. And in a certain level we are all one and the same, the flower, the car, the persons and the Force, etc. We would have so much less unnecessary conflicts if people would act from that understanding.
While training your body do not forget your mind.
While doing hard work do not forget to play.

6. Power
Do not shun gathering more energy for yourself than someone else.
After all this is not a issue. It is not a goal, but a necessity. For everything you do strains your Personal Force and the more you have it the more you can do.

7. Intent
What does not matter what you do, or how you do, what matter is with what intent you do something. Without true intent whatever you do is just a theater.

8. Equanimity
Bad, good these are just verbal classifications. Use them as such and not get entangled with them. Equanimity will come as a state of mind where not the certain factors are important but just being and then you choose what things to do.
Brake your habits if you are attached to them and when you have come to treat everything as equal then it really does not matter what you do or how or what you have or do not, then it is about that you “are”.

9. Enlightenment
The way is important not the practices as you will transcend the primary methods through example. What once was toil becomes a happy free time. Develop your mind as without it power is useless at best and destructive at worst.
Enlightenment is mastery over oneself and that includes personal liberation of dependency on mental constructs.
You will transcend the need for any guidelines not by repetition but by understanding. And understanding when it grows leads to enlightenment.
What matters more with the jedi is not the path but the walk. As path only limits the walk. But walking is connected with everything, though jedi do walk in their own way.

10. Endless guide-lines
There are so many guide-lines , I have brought what I think most essential for a jedi to start with. Try to become a knight, practice and live in harmony, without the need to fall into conflicting thoughts of fight. Remember that no sward can be compared to the gifts of the heart.

To study the Force is not a light work. Everything is at reach, if you are a good climber.

Religions vs. Force

Religions all have a central deity or deities who are worshipped by the followers. Some of the descriptions of the deities are similar to that of Force, like in Hinduism. Yet Force is not a deity. The most informative descriptions about the Force we can learn from taoism, shamanism, buddhism, ninpo, wizardry, yoga. Also many other religions describe the Force but not in so complete way.
The Force is an energy field that makes up all there is or is not. Flux = Vita

Force Aspects

The Force is an eternal infinite flow. It makes up everything there is or is not. Through the Force
everything is connected. It is all one and it certainly does not follow our mundane logic.
It can not be controlled by anyone that wishes. Will is no use. Mind is no trick.
A Jedi knows when it is the time to act because Vita is alive in him,
and He feels the call of the Force within, without no doubt.

- Unifying Force - An energy with no humanly characteristics. It is uniting everything into what it is yet into one and the same. It controls all the processes in the universe. This Force makes possible other energies within the universe:

- Living Force - An energy of living beings and things individually and all together. It stores the information about what has passed and what is and maybe even about what will come. It has many aspects within it, of which some are:

- Light Side - an energy that flows freely it’s characteristics are benevolent. Postive influence. Harmonic.

- Dark Side - a disrupted energy, malevolent. Negative influence. Disordered.

- Resonant Force - an echo energy living beings have and which surrounds their body. Functions to keep the negative away.

- Invisible Force - Multifying Force that spins emptiness creating every living creature in, out, here, there and anywhere, with no dimensional frontier.

Living energy is not all one and the same, but the term is used to name a collection of different energies.

The rhythms of the living Energy.

The less you know about these rhythms of the nature the more you are affected by them.
If you know them you can at least use them for your benefit.

The unbalance of the five elements creates disharmony:
More element fire (rhythm 1) creates tension.
More element wood (rhythm) creates storm, anger and violence.
More water element (rhythm 3) creates fear, and irresponsibility.
Unbalanced element earth (rhythm 4) stubbornness and lie to our life.
Too much element metal (rhythm 5) pathological nostalgia

If these elements are balanced within us and surroundings they make vertical, powerful and parallel lines.
If not then they become deformed and bent.

Many-sided rhythms are to be found. Take care.

Positive rhythm gentleness, Negative rhythm stress

Evil rhythms are bad for you: do not let in or produce fear, anger, violence, hard feelings, enviousness, falseness, obsession, depression, suicide, deception etc…

Healing rhythms are good for you and others

Vital force (Living Force) is power to transform.

Mastery and development are a duty.

Spirituality and perfection should be the goal.

Ethics of Force Use

A jedi’s goal is to bring peace and harmony to the world and themselves; to protect and guide. It is pretty logical therefore how the jedi should use the Force. But here come into consideration the aspects of Force - light, shadow, dark. The difference for example how a shadow and light sider use the Force and reflect upon are dramatically different. And the Light side is the hardest to master for there are so many nuances where one may create darkness even with good intents.
The ethics of the Force use each jedi has to develop individually, because they must be understood otherwise there is no use of them. Also there is a substantial danger of any green student to want to seek the Dark Side, for it is very seductive and you do not have to work on your mind and better yourself. Beware, tread carefully and be conscious.

Using the Force, Living Force

Living Force is the easiest to grasp as it is very close to our physical existence. Unifying Force is the essence of the universe and holds much mystery in it. Though it is said that unifying Force unites everything and guides our destiny, the Living Force does it as well.

The Force makes the whole existence, in it everything is connected. Keep that in mind before doing the energy work.

The method to use the Living Force requires fine tuning our senses and mind.
The areas one should develop are:

- Visualization - a very critical component of the energy work, whether it be a visual imagery or tactile imagination.
- Telepathy - something without what many other skills are hard to attain and it is already one step into the greater world.
- Memory - One way to create a distant connection for example with someone is to exactly memorize something essential about the other person. Also memory is a kind of a switch to feeling the energies.
- Calmness - While being calm and relaxed one is more tuned to sense the Force.
- Patience - Sometimes, especially at the first times ever it is seemingly impossible to sense or do anything with the Force
- Chakra - are what generate the energy necessary to operate on other levels and they also need to be cultivated like your eyes and ears.
- Use the Force - exercises can help you to find necessary switches to learn to do the feats instantly.
- Feelings - trust them they will tell you many neccessary things.
- Synchronize your sensing - like with moving objects, if you have attained even a slight synchronicity more unique ways will be at your disposal to feel the informtion what the Force carries.
- Personal Force - you must gather more energy accordingly to what you spend or you may become ill or have an accident. Your life depends on your personal energy. Do what you will and harm none and give your energy of love to others. By taking you will loose and by giving you receive more.

Unifying Force

Learn to see the energy directly. You have to intend it. Intent is an energy of the nature and if to put it into words then it is -wishing of something and knowing that it is going to be ful-filled at the same time. The senses you have to develop to perceive the Unifying Force are mostly not belonging to your physical body nor even to this space time continuum.
Even far greater world will open to you. This world is beyound anythig a beginner could imagine. It is also a world of greater understanding and wider possibilities.

Quotes from Fiction

To understand the jedi way we can always look to the fictional jedi.
Also we can learn about the Force from them.

What is the Force?

May the Force be with you.
— Qui-Gon Jinn (and many others)
Commentary: A blessing or a wish that someone would be aware/connected/using well the Force.

Nothing happens by accident.
— Qui-Gon Jinn, Episode I
Commentary: Everything that happens is what we have called out. Sometimes it is our wishes, sometimes it just is what we need.

Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not.
— Yoda, Episode III
Commentary: Everything is energy and energy transforms not vanishes. We are already Force and we stay that.

The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It?s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.
— Obi-Wan Kenobi, Episode IV
Commentary: It is a description you would give to one who has never heard of Force. It gives a simple understanding of the Force, not what it exaclty is.

The Force can have a strong influence on the weak minded.
— Obi-Wan Kenobi, Episode IV
Commentary: There are various methods to influence someones mind. First is telepathy. Second is projection of energy carrying certain commands or vibrations(love, peace, forget). And more. But it is not sure if the two are not the same. Second one can be done with Force projectile(energy balls) and we do not know if the waves generated by the brain are not the same thing.

[The Force] partially [controls your actions], but it also obeys your commands.
— Obi-Wan Kenobi, Episode IV
Commentary: This could well lead to a religion. In fact we are affected by the radiation from sun and moon and other natural phenomena while not being aware of it. And as the Force is everything there is it can be said that it affects our life.

[The large and the small are] no different; only different in your mind. You must unlearn what you have learned.
— Yoda, Episode V
Commentary: What we perceive with our five senses may not apply to what is on the levels of energy. Actually everything is connected. How would you imagine that in a physical level?

Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size do you? And well you should not, for my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it; makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us.
— Yoda, Episode V
Commentary: Whoever you are if you follow the way of Force and use it no one is bigger or smaller than you…

Strong am I with the Force, but not that strong [to not die]. Twilight is upon me and soon, night must fall. That is the way of things, the way of the Force.
— Yoda, Episode VI
Commentary: We are not made to live forever. We can though choose how long we live, given our skill and knowledge of Force. But maybe…

Methods of Force Use

Don’t center on your anxieties… Keep your concentration here and now where it belongs.
— Qui-Gon Jinn, Episode I
Commentary: While you think it is not easy to feel what is going on in the Force. If you concentrate on here and now you will not mistake unless you intend otherwise.

Don’t worry, the Force will guide us.
— Qui-Gon Jinn, Episode I
Commentary: A skilled jedi does not need a map. As all is Force and each piece of it is connected to the whole. There are various ways to perceive this information. Here it seems to imply letting ones unconsciousness perceive and guide the jedi.

Reach out. Sense the Force around you. Use your feelings you must.
— Yoda, Episode II
Commentary: With your energy body extend out and perceive. Also try to perceive with your senses like telepathy as a bat does with voice. And be aware of your inner feelings about something or someone.

Remember, a Jedi can feel the Force flowing through him.
— Obi-Wan Kenobi, Episode IV
Commentary: A jedi must learn to feel the Force moving in them before doing telekinesis for example.

Let go of your conscious self and act on instinct.
— Obi-Wan Kenobi, Episode IV
Commentary: Letting go of your ego and just being will enable you to feel the connection to Force and act accordingly.

Your eyes can deceive you; don?t trust them… Stretch out with your feelings.
— Obi-Wan Kenobi, Episode IV
Commentary: Not only your eyes but also your mind. Still your mind and feel. Blind yourself and feel. Somehow this feeling is always more correct than what can be perceived with un-trained five senses.

Use the Force… Let go…
— Obi-Wan Kenobi, Episode IV
Commentary: To let go of something means to let go of your ego. Then the perception or use of the Force is more likely

A Jedi’s strength flows from the Force.
— Yoda, Episode V
Commentary: For a beginner this is very unclear. How? and then “why?”. A jedi draws the energy from the Force to do the energy-work. It can be for casting a spell, healing or increasing physical strength.

Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere…
— Yoda, Episode V
Commentary: We are not only the physical matter what is easy to perceive. We are also luminous beings. In few words our being has many levels and facets, not all visible to an untrained eye. From there comes an understanding that if we are this then we also act accordingly. A jedi has to take care and act with whatever facets are perceived of oneself and always learn more. In the end we are mysterious no less than the Force.

That [because you don’t believe] is why you fail.
— Yoda, Episode V
Commentary: For a successful energywork belief that it will work is necessary.

Through the Force, things you will see; other places: the future, the past, old friends long gone.
— Yoda, Episode V
Commentary: Force is an field of energy or more exactly a combination of energy fields that carries the information. There are methods how human being can train to perceive and understand it.

Ethics of Force Use

A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense; never for attack.
— Yoda, Episode V
Commentary: This is one principle of what the jedi are about.

…if you choose the quick and easy path… you will become an agent of evil.
— Yoda, Episode V
Commentary: If you do not forge your patience, and love then this is what happens with you.

From a fiction we see much Force use but the exact methods are not told.
That is why the commentaries were.

First steps, Introductory Information.

1. Learn to see Auras
There is a very easy method to learn to see auras. Touche the tips of your index fingers together and look right in the middle where they touch.
Now separate the fingers half an inch(a 1 cm or so) but keep looking into the same place. If it does not workd try doing it by having a blue sky as a background or anything that you think will suit. the trick is to not look at your hands. If you see something you have done it. Practice it and keep trying to see the auras of trees for example.
The best time to see the auras is after sunset and before sunrise.

2.Meditate daily, especially in beginning. It will open your senses and attune you to the Universe making everything possible.

3. Relax.
Do breathing and relaxation exercises. I bring one example here. Breath in and tense your feet, breath out and relax. Do this for all of your body parts ending with head. After some practice you should be able to tense and relax all of your body at once. It is a must for the beginners. Later own when you start to mediate your body will relax by itself.

4. There is no passion; there is serenity.
Have no passion to what you are doing. Do not expect any good results. Let go and just do with a serious and sincere intent.

5. Learn to travel in other realms and discover the mistery of creation.
We are all multi-levelled(multi-dimensional) beings. We just need to link our different selves to beckome aware of ourselves. We also need to create an energybody and forge it so it would become as capable for acting as our physical one. Such practices usually make the energy in your body flow and the day you sense it you have achieved a very important result. The goal for any beginner in energywork is to feel the Force flowing inside, from there one can feel it outside as well. After this one is more aware of how to manipulate the energies.

Example method:
Lay down or sit down comfortably and close your eyes. Imagine making a garden of a kind. Create your visualization also, how is up to you. Walk around there in your visualized body. Build things there, make conditions better. You are in your subconsciousness and by changing it you are changing your life. After some practice you can travel to the unconsciousness of other people and use this skill to heal their diseases or to change their lives for the better. Later you can also travel in the unconsciousness of the Universe.

6. Discover, dare and do not doubt.
Learn eagerly new methods, you must have an inspiration and enthusiaism to succeed. To not even try to follow the jedi Code of Force here too much, you may stop right in the middle, beckouse of the lack of interest. The goal of jedi though is to learn to calmly, sincerely and without attachments study and work. It is not a must for all time, but it has to be made there and you will succeed in critical moments.
Dare to venture, learn, question, invent and combine whatever you feel like. This is the way great discoveries are made.
Do not doubt in your eventual success. Wish it and be sure it will come and it will.

Perceiving the Force

In Quest to Find the Nature of Force

Actually all people perceive the Force, even unconsciously. People who are unaware of any energ ywork and have a crude materialistic world view still affect the environment although very subtly. Because our unconsciousness(called also subconsciousness) never rests and given that the brain is a sensory organ on its own there is no doubt of it. The layers of our being are though so complex that the level of the interaction with the All is probably much wider than perceived on the levels nearer to the crude physicality.

While what is called crude physicality is actually only perceived as such. It consists of many complex factors and energies. But actually it is all one. If you take a sand into your hand it will act as seem by a certain laws, if you throw a stone it also seems to be regulated by definite laws. These laws of nature like gravity are measurable. For our well-being science has measured a lot of things and continues to do so. The more scientists measure and learn, as we have seen, the more complex the physical world-view becomes. Eventually it goes not to particles that are like mechanical bolts and nuts in the sea of oil, but to waves and energies. The latter do not act like physical objects.

Our world in essence is composed of waves and rays of energies. An attuned senses of human being can perceive for example X-rays visually and tactually. I can say without any doubt in the experience that I have done it, and the less I like X-rays. So what if the energies in this world are also rays but with different characteristics. Maybe one day we have a chart for energies like we have for chemical-substances(Mendeleev’s Chart). Actually there are already devices to photograph certain energies, like Kirilian Camera. As to what is being perceived with this is unsure but it can be said to be a physical light of the body. And for centuries there have been esoteric groups talking about what we now call an “aura”.

Does it all end there. Physical light that can be perceived by advanced technology. There are reports that Yogis do see more waves and lines of energies. Even more wider picture comes from Taoism and Toltec sorcery(refer to Carlos Castaneda books). A world of immense field of energy which is composed of 108 perceived emanations. Why 108? Don Juan mentions something like 47 what is in our reach. But the number 108 comes up in many religions from Asia. It is said to be a number of all world. These emanations are said to be coming from a huge central source that connects all living beings to itself with rays. It is also said that the current world we see and operate this computer in is only our view and there are at least 600 different ways to see it. That means we can only try to grasp all what IS. At least we can perceive some layers of this Whole. But whoever seeks to learn more sure will know more truths about our existence than others. And that is a way of jedi, to forever learn and know that the Force holds secrets we never can grasp.
What next?

If you can see auras you have made one very important step towards understanding the Force and your world has become greater than before. In case you have not felt the energy flowing in you keep working on various practices.

Preparatory Exercises.

1. Breathing and relaxation. Always the first thing to do.

2.Practice sitting in lotus position. It activates the base chakra of your body. Meditate.

3. Diamond position. Sit on your legs which are folded under you. Hands resting on hips so that each forms a triangle pointing to the left or right side. Back straight.
It is said to give mystical powers. And it is done for healing the body. It also makes you digest the food faster and you will sleep lesser.

4. Any yoga asana you like.

5. Mudras. Study them and find which you want to practice.
Follow any given instructions. If you do not know what you are doing DO NOT DO. It can be dangerous.

6. Study various telekinesis and telepathy techingues and practice regularly or whenever you have feel like. This will make at least your energy flow in your body. To become a telepath learn to feel connected to everything. For telekinesis you must give an intent, imagine it happening in your head and let it happen instead of making it happen.

7. Massage. Massage the center of your left palm with right thumb and vice versa. If the spot aches or feels stiff it means this channel is closed. Do until it feels comfortable. Also take your feet soles and just massage and rub them. Study various acupuncture point and use them to relax and heal yourself.

8. Practice keeping your mind still. Our mind uses 90 % of the energy, and is the one responsible for our diseases and troubles.
By keeping your mind still you save the energy. This energy will accumulate. Also something else will accumulate. You start to change until the human pettiness will be gone from you. It will take you to an altered state of mind which lead to more discoveries.

9. Watch yourself. For and effective and fast practice look at yourself from the perspective. You need to be free as a child yet have a sense of what is right and what is wrong to do. Be prepared to loose your highness of your ego but beware of just doing some goofy stuff. Be aware of your feelings. If you feel bad
about, stop.

10. Do not rush. Do not forget precautions. You will meet beings from other realms which have nothing to do with our physical one.
Develop your detachment and strength of intent(will).
Do not loose your mind, balance yourself and walk on.
Do not grasp for an easy power. Make your own power.
You just are and you need nothing but good conditions to keep being. Remember this and that you are a jedi.

Exercises and Meditations

The following is a list of various techniques. They are in such an order only because I wrote them so.

1. Unconscious drawing.

Take a pen and paper and let your hand draw whatever it will on it. Do not intervene. This will build a connection between your consciousness and the unconsciousness. Do it for a whole week 10 minutes a day.

2. Single mindedness.

Sit in a yoga asana or however you like. Look into one spot and keep looking only at there. Relax. The goal is to attain a single-mindedness and keep staring. The practice should last until you can do it at any time within a few seconds.
Hint: a state of single-mindedness is used to empower magical objects or though forms. And much more…

3. Lowering brain waves.

An example exercise:
You have to imagine yourself stepping into a private lift. You are at the level 6. Go slowly first time. Also it is recommended to relax at first times. You have to imagine yourself stepping into a lift and descending with it until you step out in the basement.

Inhale.Exhale and descent to 5,5,5
Inhale.Exhale and descent to 4,4,4
Inhale.Exhale and descent to 3,3,3
Inhale.Exhale and descent to 2,2,2
Inhale.Exhale and descent to 1,1,1
Inhale.Exhale and descent to B,B,B
B- standing for basement.

This exercise lowers your brain from high-active beta waves to more relaxed alpha waves.

- While you are in your basement you can give yourself affirmations.
- Also you can program yourself to not be vulnerable to hypnosis and mind-probing by saying to yourself there something like “Only I control my mind and no-one or anything can nor ever will be able to do that except me.”
- Also it is very easy to empty your mind from thought in this state.
Imagine a white or dark screen in front of you while in basement. Project all your thoughts on it and wipe them away. Also put all your feelings and sensations and emotions there and wipe away.
It is a very good tool to achieve fast the ability to withdraw your sensory input.
- While in your basement feel yourself descending into your center(Solar Plexus). You are going to your higher-self. Ask for guidance and help from it. Also you can ask from it who you are.

Hint: Children have their brains always on alpha waves. Notice how fast they learn. You can now also. For that end do not ascend after the practice

4. Light and love.

We are jedi. So keep searching for light/good things and feelings in your energy work. Do not let darkness in you. For that you must cleanse yourself from all negative vibrations and thoughts.

Example methods
- Imagine white light flowing out from the top of your head and covering you in a white ball. At the same time throw away all bad vibrations from you. Just say in your mind “bad vibrations throw away” or something. It is important that you feel having found one before getting rid of it.
- Balance your personality. If you still have your ego operating what you are then I recommend you to make a list of all your good and bad sides and love yourself for having them. Then there will be no conflict and you can happily start bettering yourself.

5. Watching yourself as a spirit.

Take a whole week to practice following. During a whole day imagine yourself looking from behind your shoulder everything your physical body does. Practice regularly until you are accustomed to it. It will later make other psychic skills more easier.

6. Casting spells.

It is a very simple method to affect our world and life. Every word of your spell has to be backed with and intent or energy. You can fill the spell by saying the words in your mind as well or having a double voice in your head. After some practice you just imagine the spell backed with energy and do it whenever you want.
Also learn to use a wand or staff. It is very easy. Just circulate the tip of it clock-wise and say your spell and you do not have to do any backing with energy unless you want. If you use a staff eventually you will notice how a warm energy surges to your hands and out of the staff.
For spells you can use also certain ingredients to empower your spell.
Spell casting serves many purposes:
- it makes you aware of the wider world
- it makes your energy flow freely and strongly
- it is an experience for your energy-body in what you can live without the physical.
- you may have very lucid dreams or even OBE the same day

7. Energy projectiles.

Draw the energy from the Earth or Force to your palm(s) and out of it(them) into a ball(or whatever other shape) of energy. When you have enough energy imagine hardening this projectile and insert thoughts or channel energies into it and send it to someone or something.

8. Living Force method.

There are numerous things one can do about but here I would like to bring something from Lakota tradition.

Breath in deeply to clean your lungs and take in the breath of the Universe. Then look at the trees, listen to the owls who say good-night to the day. Touch the Earth - it is your mother. Look high into the sky - it is your father. Breath in and imagine that your mother and father are now in you. They grasp you wholly and a ray emanates out of your heart and which becomes one with all of the living energy.

9. Analgesic meditation.

Close your eyes and relax. Imagine that a vertical pipe penetrates your body from the top of your head to feet soles. Now imagine a mug which is filled with shiny-white milk of Force. Pour this milk into the pipe coming out of the center of your head. To cleanse your energy field direct this milk to everywhere in the body, into every part and cell. Direct it into the painful areas or organs.
Pour more fresh Force in and repeat until the pain alleviates ot stops at all. The clearer you can visualize it all the better and faster the effect.

In the center of our body is a vertical pipe or a channel of life energy. The heavenly energies flow down it toward the earth and vice versa. The wider this channel the more you are supplied with the Force. The stronger you are physically and mentally, the greater are our potentials.

By doing this exercise we fill ourselves with additional fresh Force that throws out all used, dirty and stopped energy.

Called a Milk of Qi in eastern tradition.

10. Force bandage.

Close your eyes and relax. Take a bandage of Force in your imagination. Imagine this bandage as a transparent spars muslin or thin crystal net. Wind this bandage around your sick body part or even your whole body. Take a new bandage of the same kind and repeat. Take a look if it covers the body evenly.
Open your eyes and feel your body and the changes in it.

This crystal clear and transparent energy is the most primal and purest energies. It is capable for alleviating even severe illnesses.

Advanced: Channel this energy into yourself. How do you feel now.

Used to heal : broken bones, arthritis, problems with teeth, kidney problems, cancer, AIDS, paralysis, migraine

Called Yuan Qi in eastern tradition

11. Energetic Life Juice.

Close your eyes and visualize mug filled with a light pink iridescent juice. Imagine an opening in your head and pour it all in from there until it fills all your body. Drink it with all your body.

It is an energetic life food. It raises our vital force.

Advanced: Channel this into your body as a stream from the universe. You may suddenly start to see energies or beings from the world of energy.

Used to heal: venereal disease, stress, steatopygia, portliness, blood problems.

Called Jing Qi in eastern tradition

12. Energetic wax-massage.

Close your eyes and relax. Visualize an assistant in your body - a small guy with a hard hat and a piece of wax in hand. Let the guy wax and massage your body from inside and outside. Give him a freedom to walk around in your body. observe where the guy goes and which body-parts he waxes. Observe the changes of colors, feelings and sensations in your body.

This energy builds up our body and gives it a structure.

Used to: overall strengthening of the body, to raise the effectiveness of the organs and growth problems.

Called Zhong Qi in eastern tradition

13. Force sauna.

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a perfectly clean sauna filled with luminous light pink and bright white steams. The whole room is iridescent of the rainbow colors of the Force. Let the steam imbue all your body. Feel this mystical tenderness and love in every part and cell of your body. Stay in the sauna as long as you are filled with tenderness and universal love toward everything and everyone in this world. You are ready to give love.

The steam of Force has a rhythm 22 and carries high spirituality and universal love. You have a chance to receive it and elevate yourself to a higher level of spirituality.

Advanced: energies themselves are to enough as long as the mind can be twisted and turned. So understanding is what you should count on more.

Used for: tiredness, spiritual lowness, tensions, if you feel you are being loved very little.
This exercise helps to restore spiritual and physical balance in the body, free us form the tensions and bring creativity, spirituality and love into our life.

Called a Sauna of Qi in eastern tradition.

14. Learning distance sensing.

Raise your on hand to the level of your mid-torso or so. The palm facing the other side. With the index finger of your other hand touch the palm. At first very slightly. Then remove the finger to a little distance from the palm. Memorize the sensation you had in your palm. This time touch more strongly, remove your finger and memorize the sensation in your palm. Repeat few times until you know the sensation very well. Now keep the finger away an inch of so(2 to 3 cm) from the palm. Memorize how did it felt four your palm pushing your finger against it. If you have it then move your finger around in the air, but still pointing at the hand. Do you feel the sensation that also moves. If yes, then very good. If not then take your time. and repeat some other day.

15. Learning to sense the energy body.

Hold both of your hands in front of your torso. Grab the index finger with the fingers of other hand so that it is in a fist. Move both hands in unison to get the feeling of oneness. Also feel the index finger being like in a warm cave. Release the grip so that the index finger does not touch anymore the other hand, but keep the closed room. Now you must remember the sensation of the grip of other hand on the index finger. Also remember the sensation of warmth surrounding your finder now. Take your finger away from this room, you will feel the change in the temperature. put the finger back and you feel again the warmth. Repeat this few times. Memorize now how did it felt to hold your finger in a fist. And while the finger does not touch other hand inside you should now feel how something moves back and forth in your palm.
Now open you palm slowly and stop meanwhile to move the finger in and out of the hemi-circle, do you sense where the warmth ends? All the while you have to keep in memory of sensation of holding something in your palm. Now open your palm more and move the finger to feel the line of warmth near your hand. Move the finger from your palm to your shoulder up and down a bit to feel the edge of the warmth. Also try to keep the sensation of distant contact meanwhile.

This what you have sensed is one layer of our Living Force which can be used to analyze illnesses.

Sources, Contributors Jedi Q, by DT Strain and Amonakur