Jedi Path

1. Knowledge - By learning more we can improve whatever be. A Jedi does not need to ask, but knows the answers through creative vision and generative thinking. Jediís knowledge comes from the ability to apply gradual transmutation and transformation principles to the world, balancing karmic interactions. Skillful in the neutralization of conflicts, a Jedi knows even before you think, because he is part of you and the force. A Jediís wisdom doesnít come from rational dualism or logic, but from the seeds of faith, truth and love.

2. The Force - Learning to connect, flow and control the Force will give a Jedi his tools and his way.

3. Self-Development - By improving ourselves we become more able Jedi, through awareness, consciousness and equilibrium.

4. Self-Discipline - A Jedi has to be aware of oneself and be able to choose how to be. Exercise, presence, measure, wisdom, and true vision.

5. Harmony - A Jedi who is in harmony with oneself and the Force(all there is) then he/she will be the most successful.

6. Detachment - If a Jedi is detached even to his/her own way there will be no failure, though it may seem otherwise.

7. Disillusionment - A Jedi is objective. A Jediís acts do not depend on information. Illusions mean nothing to a Jedi. Partial vision is distorted, dualism a trap, oneness the path.

8. Jedi Way - If followed will get you through more troubles than someone else can stand not to speak of making the world a better place.

by Amonakur