Campaign for conscious smiling

Campaign for Conscious Smiling

Please read attentively instructions before switching on your brain.

This machine could cause great trouble if left unattended.
As the new software O.S has not been fully tested on this hardware, 
it’s peripherals could badly malfunction: if so, reset the machine and run “SAMSARA” backup.


1     If you feel that everything is fine, that you are ok, and smiling all day long, this could be caused by the virus called “Brainwash”, so practice meditation. 

2    If you feel that everything is wrong, are sad and disgusted all day long, this could be caused by the virus “Conscience”, so get to work and harmonize the main frame of the O.S. by adding love to it’s functions.

“Doubt of any procedure that requires “thick in a box V’s” or immediate phone or personal answers, obliging you to accept implicit procedures. Answer “perhaps”, “may be”, “god knows” or “I don’t know” to these ready made questions, and take your time. In any case, don’t forget that the questioner will try to accelerate you and force you to answer repeatedly, and has been infected by virus “Ahriman”. Sit down and wait quietly till the crisis passes, or move out of the way. Then run “Ahimsa”, to clean up residual conflicting programs that may have been added to you registry, and erase Trojans.

You will feel better. Trust me.