The global hoax of green solutions

14,000 Abandoned Wind Turbines

…in The USA
by Tory Aardvark and Amonakur

Abandoned wind farm at South Point Hawaii

There are many hidden truths about the world of wind turbines from the pollution and environmental damage caused in China by manufacturing bird choppers, the blight on peoples lives of noise and the flicker factor and the countless numbers of birds that are killed each year by these blots on the landscape.

The symbol of Green renewable energy, our savior from the non existent problem of Global Warming, abandoned wind farms are starting to litter the planet as globally governments cut the subsidies taxes that consumers pay for the privilege of having a very expensive power source that does not work every day for various reasons like it’s too cold or the wind speed is too high.

My advice is not to believe in everything people interested in money say about the weather, the climate and topics related to green solutions ready made to solve created or fictional problems.

Take care about what scientist say, specifically those who are not concerned about the problem, and not involved in it from a funds point of view, or because of their job at university.

Private institutions that propose specific solutions, usually sell them after having spread out a fear about something or another.

Do not believe in terror, whether it comes from wise men, or political gurus that claim something, and act upon your emotional bodies.

Bad examples are usually free and very well spread out, repeated as many times as they can, continually appearing in the media, and continuously used in speeches.

Carbon tax is the result of this politic, so, please, link the two facts and stop believing in nonsense.

Relate propaganda to this tax, and find out how much money this organism is swallowing. If wind was one of the the solutions, maybe it is not the good one.

Neither Nuclear that is not green at all, or polluting batteries, made of NI CD LD LI etc… geothermic is not even considered, and the best they could find is solar.
Tesla, must not even be mentioned, and as enter the age of wireless energy, they haven’t yet found a solution. Cold fusion patents have been rejected, harvesting energy from ether is something they strongly want us not to practice. The run scarcity, before any other product they sell, and behave in a dark way, rather than the green one they claim. Water is the fuel of the future, and HHO gas is the answer to radioactive waste, as well as transformation processes. Hydrogen, made by simple electrolysis is the solution for combustion cars. A simple device of this kind, that weights a couple of kilograms and costs less than 1000 dollars, is something that you could simply connect by yourself to your car’s engine.

The problem is the fact is that 50 to 70 % of the money made government make, comes from taxes on petroleum and fuels, plastic etc… so no surprise if green thinking is not what they want or going to practice in the near future.

Did you notice that they did not stop producing plastic sacs, but add another tax and kept selling them. Now most of the nations that behaved in this way, have to pay fines.

Stubborn politicians know what they are doing, and probably lobbies that run the whole thing, love common people to pay their fines in their place.

We should stop using plastic sacs, and paying for them thrice. Just do not accept them anymore. Stop using them. Buy your products, empty them in glass containers, bottles, or natural fabric sacs, and leave the plastic waste in the shop that is selling You all that garbage.

You are paying plastic sacs to the companies that produce them, paying the tax to the government, a tax that industry does not want to pay, and adds to the price they sell the plastic sacs, and finally, you are paying a fine, given the fact that probably your state has not stopped using them, producing them and selling them, for private interests. Stop using them, that’s all I can say. Green thinking is probably something politicians like to talk about, but unfortunately it has been run as another way to legitimate
the creation of taxes.

I have not seen yet any government taking anti economical solutions, and renouncing to good money, that would make it poorer in the name of green philosophy. Sacrifices, is what states run by this kind of politicians, ask people to make, but the basis of the pyramid is not holding the structure anymore, and they shall have to pay.

Some times children must teach the father how to behave, if he is not a good father anymore.

back to the article…

The US experience with wind farms has left over 14,000 wind turbines abandoned and slowly decaying, in most instances the turbines are just left as symbols of a dying Climate Religion, nowhere have the Green Environmentalists appeared to clear up their mess or even complain about the abandoned wind farms. The US has had wind farms since 1981:

“Some say that Ka Le is haunted - and it is. But it’s haunted not by Hawaii’s legendary night marchers. The mysterious sounds are “Na leo o Kamaoa” - the disembodied voices of 37 skeletal wind turbines abandoned to rust on the hundred-acre site of the former Kamaoa Wind Farm…

The ghosts of Kamaoa are not alone in warning us. Five other abandoned wind sites dot the Hawaiian Isles - but it is in California where the impact of past mandates and subsidies is felt most strongly. Thousands of abandoned wind turbines littered the landscape of wind energy’s California “big three” locations - Altamont Pass, Tehachapin (above), and San Gorgonio - considered among the world’s best wind sites…

California’s wind farms - comprising about 80% of the world’s wind generation capacity - ceased to generate much more quickly than Kamaoa. In the best wind spots on earth, over 14,000 turbines were simply abandoned.

Spinning, post-industrial junk which generates nothing but bird kills…”

The problem with wind farms when they are abandoned is getting the turbines removed, as usual there are non Green environmentalists to be seen:

The City of Palm Springs was forced to enact an ordinance requiring their removal from San Gorgonio. But California’s Kern County, encompassing the Tehachapi area, has no such law.

Imagine the outraged Green chorus if those turbines were abandoned oil drilling rigs.

It took nearly a decade from the time the first flimsy wind turbines were installed before the performance of California wind projects could dispel the widespread belief among the public and investors that wind energy was just a tax scam.

Ben Lieberman, a senior policy analyst focusing on energy and environmental issues for the Heritage Foundation, is not surprised. He asks:

“If wind power made sense, why would it need a government subsidy in the first place? It’s a bubble which bursts as soon as the government subsidies end.”

“It’s a bubble which bursts as soon as the government subsidies end” therein lies a lesson that is going be learnt by those that sought to make fortunes out of tax payer subsidies.

The whole renewable industry of solar, wind and biomass is just an artificial bubble incapable of surviving without subsides from governments and tax payers which many businesses and NGO’s like WWF, FoE and Greenpeace now think is their god given right, as the money is going on Green Climate Religion approved clean energy.

The Green evangelists who push so hard for these wind farms, as usual have not thought the whole idea through, no surprises for a left agenda like Climate Change, which like all things Green and socialist is just a knee jerk reaction:

Altamont’s turbines have since 2008 been tethered four months of every year in an effort to protect migrating birds after environmentalists filed suit.

According to the Golden Gate Audubon Society,

· 75 to 110 Golden Eagles

· 380 Burrowing Owls

· 300 Red-tailed Hawks

· 333 American Kestrels (falcons),

…are killed by Altamont turbines annually.

A July, 2008 study by the Alameda County Community Development Agency points to 10,000 annual bird deaths from Altamont Pass wind turbines.

Audubon calls Altamont,

“probably the worst site ever chosen for a wind energy project.”

The same areas that are good for sitting wind farms are also good for birds of prey and migrating birds to pass through, shame for the birds that none of the Green mental midgets who care so much about everything in nature, thought that one through when pushing their anti fossil fuel agenda.

After the debacle of the First California Wind Rush, the European Union had moved ahead of the US on efforts to subsidize “renewable” energy - including a “Feed in Tariff” even more lucrative than the ISO4 contracts.

The tax payers who paid for the subsidies to build the wind farms, then paid over the odds for an unreliable source of power generation will, ultimately be left to pick up the bill for clearing up the Green eco mess in the post man made Global Warming world.

By Amonakur and T Aardvark