The Paradigm Paralysis Problem

The Paradigm Paralysis problem

Mr. President, you need do only one thing now: Publicly state that you are going to investigate this matter and then fix things. What is a Paradigm Paralysis problem? Read here, and find a solution.

After over a decade of work, hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific papers from laboratories around the world confirm the Pons-Fleischmann discovery. It was just the tip of an iceberg of a whole class of nuclear reactions—and other new hydrogen reactions—which occur in metals that are heavily loaded with heavy or normal hydrogen by any of several means.

These are often called Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), or Chemically-Assisted Nuclear Reactions (CANR). There is also a process, pioneered by BlackLight Power, Inc., that produces catalytically altered hydrogen atoms. What these processes have in common is the release of intense, nuclear-scale energies without damaging radiation or radioactive by-products. Reactors are small scale, requiring simple apparatus and common materials with hydrogen as the fuel.

Transmutations of the metal cathode materials are commonly produced. In some cases, where radioactive materials such as uranium and thorium are used in the cells, these are rapidly transmuted into harmless by-products without production of harmful radiation or explosions. In principle, radioactive waste from nuclear reactors can similarly be deactivated without the political and economic costs of burial.

Collectively, these emerging technologies point to a much brighter future for mankind. They do not require resources controlled by any small group of countries. They are concentrated, portable, and democratic. Low cost realization and distribution of devices and systems based on these technologies will require the resources of a market economy and the removal of internal opposition from vested interests in the U.S. government and industries, including arbitrary blocking of “cold fusion” patent applications by the U.S. Patent Office.

We have discovered that in the last 12 years, Patent Offices have denied the possibility to inventors, to patent their inventions, simply claiming that if there was no production of radioactive waste, the thing was impossible. We all thank you for the serious attitude you have had, according to matters of great economical and environmental importance, that eventually made Russia the first nation to Patent their models, and probably the first one to sell this kind of devices to the public. ( about 400 dollars each ) Buy one, it’s all I can say, and please don’t come out saying that they have copied it, and that you own the original patent, or we shall have to investigate and find out.

Originators of these technologies will make fortunes, as you already know, but in the end mankind will be the beneficiary. For the time being, you have just permitted to those groups who run the electric energy business to make all the money they could and benefit of these fortunes for another 12 years.

It is time to stop running the business of scarcity, and share knowledge, knowhow, and give the opportunity to produce, generate, use, or simply share, energy, following the teaching of Nikola Tesla. Selfish politics and these attitudes, should be re considered, and a paradigm shift prepared for a better future. The privatization of water, as well as the acquisition of all copper metal used bits and pieces all around the world, ( 15 dollar a kilo ) is clearly an attempt to maintain the control over these resources.

Water is the Fuel of the future, and Copper is needed to harvest energy. Stop this nonsense of hydrogen dangerous cars, and electric ones, built with the same technology U.S.A. used in 20’, and stopped to exploit petroleum and combustion engines, creating the problems we can see today.

I guess that these companies are using Chinese importers to buy COPPER all around the world, and I suppose that it will not end all in China, and most of it, will end somewhere else.

I guess you know, or at least, You should know what’s happening.

It is time to close down polluting Nuclear Centrals, or use HHO gas, to limit the danger of nuclear wastes, right inside the central with no production of materials that could pollute the world.

General Electric made a good job, right after the war, ( just in case….) stocking spent Mox right on top of the reactors, that blew up in the skies of Japan, during Fukushima crisis. You know this, that’s why you closed down all these centrals, not to speak about STUXNET virus, made to blew them up.

Re-design the production and harvesting of energy.

It’s time to switch over to a better world.

Good examples are what You should give. Start now.

Prejudice is the mother of ignorance. Reason. Think. Transform. Act.

By Amonakur