The Silver Colloidal affair


The Silver Colloidal affair: facts and data, truths and misinformation.

In short, once again, colloidal silver has always been the target of

the environmentalist’s anti-silver campaign.

Hidden Pharmaceutical Company Funding

Finally I published a devastating investigative report by ace

natural health journalist Tony Isaacs, who unveiled irrefutable

evidence that environmental groups behind the petition to force

the EPA to regulate silver as a “pesticide” had been taking

thousands, tens of thousands, and in some cases even millions of

dollars in funding from huge, multi-national pharmaceutical

conglomerates like Merck and Pfizer – some of the very groups

that have been working behind the scenes to get colloidal silver

banned since the mid-1990’s, and who have the most to lose if

silver is ever allowed to become a mainstream natural treatment

for infection and disease.

I also independently discovered and documented the fact that

several large pharmaceutical companies who specialized in the

production of prescription antibiotic drugs were directly associated

with clinical research groups behind studies being cited by

environmental groups such as FOE as “evidence” that silver could

harm the environment.

In other words, everywhere you look it appears that Big Pharma

is the driving force behind the entire environmentalist campaign

to eliminate colloidal silver and other silver-based products from

the marketplace!

(As an aside, the environmental groups never get around to

addressing the fact that silver comes from the environment in the

first place, and that when nanosilver or any form of colloidal silver

is returned to the environment, it loses most of its powerful

antimicrobial properties due to agglomeration with other minerals.

In essence, it becomes inert, environmentally speaking. Which

means it is ultimately harmless to the environment. It cannot

harm tiny, environmentally sensitive microorganisms, or fish, or

humans, or anything else, for that matter.)

What Are Environmental Groups Doing in Bed With Big


So why in the world are environmental groups taking such

staggering sums of money from Big Pharma? It just doesn’t make

sense. After all, a recent investigative report from Associated

Press states that, “U.S. manufacturers, including major

drugmakers, have released at least 271 million pounds of

pharmaceutical drugs into waterways that often provide drinking

water for millions of Americans — contamination the federal

government has consistently overlooked…“

In other words, Big Pharma is polluting the environment with

drugs. But rather than opposing Big Pharma, the environmentalist
groups are taking money from them. What’s more, environmental

groups are ruthlessly attacking silver – the most popular natural

health alternative to the prescription antibiotic drugs produced by

Big Pharma.

Are you starting to get the picture?

According to the Associated Press report, “…trace amounts of a

wide range of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anticonvulsants,

mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been

found in American drinking water supplies…pharmaceuticals have

now been detected in the drinking water of at least 51 million

Americans.” (Emphasis mine.)

The report goes on to state, “Most cities and water providers still

do not test. Some scientists say that wherever researchers look,

they will find pharma-tainted water.”

What’s more, the AP report also noted that “Pharmaceutical

makers typically are excused from having to submit an

environmental review for new products, and the FDA has never

rejected a drug application based on potential environmental

impact.” (Emphasis mine.)

In short, Big Pharma can produce hundreds of billions of dollars a

year worth of prescription drugs, and in spite of the fact that

millions of pounds of these drugs annually end up polluting the

environment, the environmental groups remain silent. There is

not a single call to regulate Big Pharma’s drugs as environmental


In fact, according to the AP report, Big Pharma doesn’t even need

to submit environmental reviews for their drugs, which are now

contaminating the drinking water of tens of millions of American

men, women and children.

But colloidal silver, which has never been demonstrated to

contribute to environmental pollution, is being singled out by the

environmental groups (backed by their Big Pharma paymasters)

for extreme and completely unwarranted environmental

regulations that will literally drive most if not all colloidal silver

manufacturers and vendors completely out of business. And it’s all

being pulled off in the name of “protecting the environment.”

Clearly, the hypocrisy is so thick you could cut it with a knife. If

you’re Big Pharma, you can pollute the environment with

impunity, and the Environmental Protection Agency and major

environmental groups look the other way. But if you produce a

relatively safe, natural product that’s considered by Big Pharma to

be a direct competitor to their prescription antibiotic drugs, they’ll

sic the environmental watchdogs on you, and drive you out of


The environmentalist groups like ICTA and FOE are simply doing

the bidding of Big Pharma…for money. They have sold out to the

dark side. Pure and simple.

Enviros Openly Admit They Want to Ban All Colloidal Silver


I give you all of the above as background. What I’m about to tell

you next demonstrates that, in spite of many feigned

protestations to the contrary from the environmental groups like

Friends of the Earth (FOE), the goal of the environmental groups

all along has been to ban the over-the-counter sale of colloidal


Indeed, in a brand new position paper entitled Nano and Biocidal

Silver: Extreme Germ Killers Present a Growing Threat to Public

Health, published in June 2009 by FOE, it is made abundantly

clear that the true aim of the environmentalist campaign is a

complete ban on all colloidal silver products.

Of course, FOE is one of the main environmentalist co-sponsors of

the petition to have the EPA regulate nanosilver as a “pesticide.”

But their 48 page position paper makes it abundantly clear that

conventional colloidal silver is their true target.

Their new position paper is without a doubt one of the most

magnificent pieces of subterfuge and deception ever to see the

light of day. The use of hyperbole, obfuscation, misdirection and

exaggeration in an attempt to paint colloidal silver products as

being harmful not just to the environment, but to mankind in

general, and to children in particular, has been taken to heights

previously unrealized. You could say FOE has made an art form

out of deception with their latest report, and that would be an


In just a moment I’ll show you some examples of the deception

and exaggeration used in the new FOE position paper. But first,

I’ll simply bottom-line it for you. On page 13 of their new report,

the FOE states, clearly and unequivocally, that their intentions are

to bring about a complete and immediate BAN on ALL over-thecounter

colloidal silver products, and that colloidal silver should

only be sold if it is regulated as a drug. Here is a direct, word-forword


“We believe that all over-the-counter colloidal silver products

should be immediately withdrawn from the market and their sale

should be banned (unless approved as a drug by the appropriate

regulatory agency).

— Friends of the Earth (FOE), June 2009 report, Nano and

Biocidal Silver: Extreme Germ Killers Present a Growing

Threat to Public Health,” pg. 13
Even the title of their position paper, Nano and Biocidal Silver:

Extreme Germ Killers Present a Growing Threat to Public Health,

tells you what they’re after.

“Nano” of course, refers to silver products composed of very tiny

particles of silver. But “Biocidal” refers to ANY type of silver that

kills microbes.

In other words, the environmentalists are no longer even

attempting to hide their true motives in attacking silver. They

have labeled all silver products “a growing threat to public

health.” Now they admit forthrightly they seek nothing less than a

total ban on all over-the-counter silver-based products, including

colloidal silver.

Environmental Flim-Flam

In the recent past, one of the most effective techniques the

environmentalists have used in their ongoing campaign against

silver-based products is to cite clinical studies they (falsely)

purport demonstrate some significant danger to humans from

contact with silver.

For example, in March of this year, just before the EPA closed the

door to public comments on the campaign to regulate silver as a

“pesticide,” the environmentalists published an article claiming

that a “major new clinical study” had proven that silver harms

human cells.

What the environmentalists failed to report in their article was

most enlightening. First of all, it turned out that the study they

cited was hardly “major.” Indeed, it was a very small study

conducted by a virtually unknown research group in Red China.

Secondly, it turned out that the group conducting the study was

in cahoots with two major pharmaceutical companies who are

major producers of prescription antibiotic drugs. And finally, the

study itself merely demonstrated the well-known fact that silver

kills e. coli bacteria by damaging its cellular structure and

preventing it from replicating.

In other words, the study was on bacterial cells, not human cells.

Yet in an act of subterfuge and deception that, in my opinion,

took the art of misdirection to a completely new level, the

environmentalists used that study to promote the idea that silver

is somehow harmful to human cells.

Similarly, their new position paper, Nano and Biocidal Silver:

Extreme Germ Killers Present a Growing Threat to Public Health,

is rife with such deceptive tactics. For example, the paper

repeatedly cite studies conducted on bacterial cells to justify their

contention that colloidal silver harms human cells, even though no

such harm has ever been demonstrated.
In fact, when Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. of Syracuse Medical

University conducted his groundbreaking research on colloidal

silver in the 1980’s, during which he used an electrical apparatus

to drive tiny, submicroscopic silver particles directly into the

bones and surrounding tissues and organs of his patients who

were suffering from incurable infections, he not only demonstrated

that silver cured every infection, but that no harm whatsoever

was caused to the patients’ cells, tissues, organs or bones. In

fact, he stated at the time:

“What we have done was rediscover the fact that silver kills

bacteria, a fact which had actually been known for centuries…All

of the organisms we tested were sensitive to the electrically

generated silver ion, including some that were resistant to all

known antibiotics…In no case were any undesirable side effects of

the silver treatment apparent.”

In short, the new FOE position paper makes colloidal silver — one

of the safest natural substances on the face of the earth – out to

be the single-greatest threat to mankind since nuclear weapons.

You’d think it was plutonium the environmentalists are talking

about, instead of silver.

This is environmental flim-flam at its worst.

Duplicitous Diatribe

The FOE position paper also repeatedly contradicts itself. For

example, in one section of the paper the FOE states:

It is presently not known how to determine if the human central nervous

system is vulnerable to silver toxicity and at what dose. While there is some

evidence that silver may cross the blood brain barrier (at least in rats), the

evidence is inconclusive and silver deposits do not appear to result in

detectable neurological damage (Landsdowne 2007).

Yet in another section of the position paper, the FOE states categorically of

silver-based preparations:

However there is plenty of evidence that such preparations are dangerous,

may cause argyria, have been implicated in neurological problems and may

even result in death (Landsdown 2007).

Which is it? Silver either doesnʼt cause neurological problems, or it does.

The evidence is either “inconclusive,” or there is “plenty of evidence.” You

canʼt have it both ways. And if youʼre going to state that a substance like

colloidal silver “may result in death,” youʼd better have the facts to back it

up. Not surprisingly, they donʼt present a single shred of evidence for this

sensationalistic contention.

Under a glaring headline that reads “Silver Can Be Toxic To

Humans” the FOE is only able to come up with a single obscure

case in which an unnamed person with burns over 30% of his

body had “liver toxicity,” allegedly from wearing “nanosilver

coated wound dressings.”

Of course, we are not told by FOE how extensive the liver toxicity

was, nor how it was determined that “nanosilver coated wound

dressings” were the actual cause of this toxicity. We are not told

whether the liver toxicity was permanent or transient (most cases

of liver toxicity are transient, with the liver returning to normal

after the offending substance is eliminated).

What’s more, we are not told if there were other offending

substances involved. For example, we can only assume that the

individual was on powerful painkillers such as Demerol,

considering the fact that he had burns over 30% of his body. He

was probably on muscle relaxants, considering the fact that

serious burn patients have to remain still for long periods of time

in order to allow their skin to heal. We can only assume the

patient was on other prescription drugs as well, to help alleviate

discomfort and speed healing.

So could a cocktail of drugs or other medical substances have

contributed to the reported liver toxicity? FOE doesn’t tell us.

They simply assure us that this single obscure case is evidence

that “Silver Can Be Toxic to Humans.” Oh, my.

The remaining paragraphs under that glaring headline have

nothing whatsoever to do with silver toxicity, but instead are a

re-hash of the same tired old ad nauseum charges about silver

usage producing “argyria,” a type of skin discoloration caused

when people drink extreme and completely unwarranted amounts

of colloidal silver over long periods of time – something no

experienced and knowledgeable colloidal silver user would ever

have to worry about.

There is much, much more deception, exaggeration, misdirection

and outright fabrication in this slick, glossy, full-color 48-page

position paper from FOE. But I won’t bore you with the

excruciating details, except to say anyone with even a modicum

of critical thinking can see that FOE’s entire anti-silver campaign

is based on an empty foundation of raw speculation and rank

sensationalism. The unfortunate problem, however, is that these

days most people have lost their ability to think critically, and will

likely fall for the deceptive and sensationalistic propaganda tactics

employed by FOE.

The Final Insult: “Do It for the Children”

It’s been said in the distant past that patriotism is the last refuge

of a scoundrel. This doesn’t mean that patriots are scoundrels. It

simply means that scoundrels have long been known to wrap
themselves in a cloak of patriotic fervor whenever they try to pull

a con on the general public. The aura of patriotism frequently

blinds people to the con being pulled on them.

My contention, however, is that patriotism no longer works very

well as a smokescreen for deception. Modern-day scoundrels have

learned that it’s far more effective to jump on the “do it for the

children” bandwagon in order to sell a con to the general public,

than to wrap themselves in the flag. That’s because children are

an emotional topic that anyone can relate to. So these days,

shrewd con artists play on the public’s heartstrings, claiming they

are “doing it for the children” whenever they want to pull a fast

one over on the public.

What does this have to do with the new FOE position paper?

Interestingly, its cover features a large color photograph of an

innocent, doe-eyed baby sucking on a baby bottle next to the

blaring title of the paper —Biocidal Silver: Extreme Germ Killers

Present a Growing Threat to Public Health.

By the time you scroll to page five, you’ll discover what I call the

final insult: the new theme adopted by the environmentalists in

order to scare the public into supporting their call for a ban on

silver-based products is that we have to do it for the children.

You see, prominently featured on page five is another large photo.

This one is of a cute little girl of about four years old, holding a

fluffy teddy bear. Printed in big letters next to her image is the

following dire warning: “By exposing children to increasing

quantities of biocidal nanosilver, we may very well be robbing a

child’s need to mature his or her immune system.”

Ah, yes. You probably didn’t realize that all of those evil colloidal

silver-swigging parents out there have apparently been painting

their children from head to toe with “biocidal nanosilver” before

sending them off to school each day, thereby depriving them of

being exposed to all of the pathogens they need in order to

“mature their immune systems.” At least, that’s what the

environmentalist groups like Friends of the Earth (FOE) would

have you believe.

Of course, there’s no mention of the literally tons of antibiotic

drugs being dumped into the water supply of 51 million Americans

by Big Pharma. Surely that kind of environmental pollution is not

playing any role in “robbing a child’s need to mature his or her

immune system.” No siree. No problem there. It’s those damned

silver nanoparticles being impregnated into the fabric of the new

“Benny the Bear Plush Toy” the kids need protecting from,

according to the new FOE report.

You probably think I’m kidding. But I’m not. That’s exactly what

the new FOE report contends. They even name several makers of

“plush toys” for children that contain the dreaded silver
nanoparticles the environmentalists now contend will somehow

prevent children’s immune system’s from developing correctly by

keeping too many pathogens away from them.

I swear to you, that’s what they’re now claiming. Yes, we’ve got

to ban colloidal silver or our children will be deprived of all of

those nasty pathogens they need. We’ve got to do it for the


Lions and tigers and bears…oh my!

The Coming EPA Decision

Considering the tenor, tone and timing of the new FOE position

paper, and the expense they’ve gone through to put it together

and distribute it, the EPA must be getting ready to make their

announcement as to whether or not they are going to adopt the

ICTA/FOE legal petition calling for all products containing silver

nanoparticles to be heavily regulated as “pesticides.”

As I’ve repeatedly warned, if adopted, this petition will force

manufacturers of silver-based products – including most major

colloidal silver products — to prove through expensive

environmental impact reports that their products won’t harm

“environmentally sensitive microorganisms.”

And because those environmental impact reports can run into the

hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, this means

most colloidal silver vendors will be put out of business for good

by the environmentalists.

The new FOE position paper says it all. It’s not just “nanosilver”

products they’re after, but a total ban on colloidal silver

preparations as well.

Are Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles Harmful to Human Cells?

Anti-silver environmentalist groups such as the International Center for

Technology Assessment (ICTA) and the Friends of the Earth (FOE) claim

that silver nanoparticles are harmful to human cells.

But the idea that silver nano-particles are harmful

to human cells is ridiculous at face value.

In fact, as far back as the 1970’s and 80’s the late

Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. conducted

groundbreaking research at Syracuse Medical

University using tiny, electrically generated, submicroscopic

silver particles. And in human trials he

found absolutely no harm to cells or tissues.

This, even though in many cases he generated the

tiny nano-sized silver particles directly into the

tissue and bone of his patients using a low-voltage

electrical device and pure silver mesh, or silver

electrodes that were surgically implanted into his

patients’ infected wound sites. Not only did the

silver nano-particles cure the infections (including

many antibiotic-resistant cases of osteomyelitis),

they also triggered bone healing and tissue

regeneration — hardly a harmful result.

Becker would later write, ““What we have done

was rediscover the fact that silver kills bacteria, a

fact which had actually been known for

centuries…All of the organisms we tested were

sensitive to the electrically generated silver ion,

including some that were resistant to all known

antibiotics…In no case were any undesirable side

effects of the silver treatment apparent.”

Even the latest medical research demonstrates no

harm to cells from nanosilver. In fact, research

published in the June 2009 issue of the prestigious

medical journal ACS Nano demonstrates that

nanosilver in the bloodstream acts to prevent

blood clotting, and that the presence of silver in

the bloodstream causes no apparent harm to cells.

(See the blog post below titled “NanoSilver

Prevents Blood Clots; Doesn’t Harm Cells.”)

NanoSilver Prevents Blood Clots; Doesn’t Harm Cells

Here’s some more great new research (see news article

below) which truly helps put the lie to claims by the antisilver

environmentalists that “nano-silver” (their code

word for colloidal silver) somehow harms human


In the below referenced study, scientists have now

demonstrated that small amounts of nanosilver can

reduce blood clots by as much as 40%.

This thoroughly discredits the wild claims by the anti-silver

environmentalists who state that silver somehow harms human

cells, and that it actually causes blood to “clump” or thicken.

In fact, the study authors state, “Nanosilver appears to possess

dual significant properties critically helpful to the health of

mankind — antibacterial and antiplatelet — which together can

have unique utilities, for example in coronary stents.”

In other words, nanosilver can prevent infections from taking

place in coronary patients who may have stents implanted in their

arteries, and it may also keep the blood platelets from clotting up
and clogging the arteries leading to the heart.

Now, please don’t go injecting nanosilver into your veins in order

to reduce blood clotting. That can seriously harm you, because

injectible solutions need to be prepared isotonically by a

professional in order to make them compatible for the human


What’s more, parts of the study were apparently conducted on

mice (i.e., in vivo), and other parts of the study were apparently

conducted in vitro, meaning in the test tube and not in a living

organism. Therefore much more research has to be done in order

to confirm these important results for human beings.

Nevertheless, this brand new study does help put the lie to the

sensationalistic claims of the anti-silver environmentalists, which

are mostly based on extrapolations from bacterial studies

conducted by clinics being funded by pharmaceutical companies.

This independent medical study represents one more nail in the

coffin of the anti-silver environmentalists.

— Spencer

New Research: NanoSilver Prevents Blood Clots

Varanasi, India — Scientists in India report the discovery of a

potential alternative to aspirin and other anti-platelet agents used

to prevent blood clots.

The researchers said they’ve found the use of silver nanoparticles

might prevent blood clots in coronary artery disease, heart attack

and stroke patients.

The scientists said low levels of nanosilver particles injected into

mice reduced the ability of platelets to clump together by as

much as 40 percent with no apparent harmful side effects.

Debabrata Dash and colleagues at Banaras Hindu University in

Varanasi, India, said patients urgently need new anti-thrombotic

agents because traditionally prescribed medications often cause

dangerous bleeding.

The nanoparticles “hold immense potential to be promoted as an

antiplatelet agent,” the researchers said.

The news was reported by the American Chemical Society which

said laboratory experiments indicate small amounts of the

nanosilver injected intravenously reduce the ability of platelets to

clump together - which forms the basis of life-threatening clots -

by as much as 40 percent. It also said the procedure shows no

apparent harmful side effects.

Writing in the June 23 issue of the journal ACS Nano the
researchers stated, “Nanosilver appears to possess dual significant

properties critically helpful to the health of mankind - antibacterial

and antiplatelet - which together can have unique utilities, for

example in coronary stents.”

If confirmed, the results may represent a breakthrough in the

treatment and prevention of blood clots, giving patients a natural

alternative to aspirin and anticoagulant drugs, some of which

have caused serious side effects such as bleeding.
“In July of 1992 I was bitten by the Deer Tick (Ixodes

Scapularis) which according to Dr. Thomas Craig, D.V.M.

of the Department of Veterinary Microbiology and

Parasitology carries the Spirochete which is the causative

agent of Lyme disease.

After my diagnosis was confirmed a medical doctor, who

is a neurologist, put me first on Penicillin orally for two

weeks, and then intravenously for four weeks. The results

to my symptomatology were minimal and I experienced

many side effects including Candida Yeast Infection

because of the penicillin’s destructive effect on the friendly

acidophilus bacteria in my stomach and colon .

Since this treatment did not work, the neurologist

prescribed a cephalosporin called Rocephan.

Unfortunately, this treatment accomplished no more than

the penicillin, had many unpleasant side effects, and

worsened my candida yeast infection.

Not knowing what to do, or where to go next I was led to

a Dr. Joeseph Cardot from Colorado*. Dr. Cardot from

Colorado told me that Mild Silver Protein was helpful

against spirochetes and suggested a regiment to follow.

I began with two tablespoons a day for the first month

holding it under the tongue sublingually for a minute,

swishing it around the mouth for ten seconds, and then

gargling and swallowing. I did the same thing for the

second and third month, but only one tablespoon per day.

By the end of the first two weeks my 35 different

symptoms, including extreme pain, paralysis, and

numbness were about 25% relieved with no side effects.

By the end of the first month I was over 50% well. By the

end of the second month I was 75% well.

After 3 months of treatment I was 100% well. I have been

100% well for over 2 years. Was I cured from Lyme

disease and candida yeast infection?

In my opinion and the opinion of Dr. William Burgdorfer,

Scientist Emeritus who discovered the spirochete as the

causative agent of Lyme disease, and Dr. John Parks

Trowbridge, M.D. an author and expert in the field of

candida yeast infection, I appeared to be CURED.

Dr. Burgdorfer, who became a close friend, then shared

with me that the world would not believe my results

without scientific documentation.

It seems that there is enough testing from universities,

and reports from practitioners that the Mild Silver Protein*

not only works on Lyme disease but a good deal more

bacterial, viral and fungal infections.”

Dr. Farber went on to conduct extensive scientific

research on colloidal silver (i.e., the mild silver protein

form) at Temple University, eventually writing his wellknown

book, The Micro-Silver Bullet, documenting both

his personal experiences and his studies on the powerful

antimicrobial effects of silver.

Farber’s book is quite dated now. And some have

complained over the years that it contains too much

information about his religious views. Nevertheless, it is a

good read for those who want to know about some of the

early research on colloidal silver, candida yeast infections

and Lyme Disease, and one man’s successful battle

against these debilitating diseases. Colloidal Silver and Viral Infections

Is NanoSilver Really the “Silver Bullet” Against Potentially Deadly Viral Infections?

The recent outbreak of the

strange new so-called “Swine Flu” hybrid virus has just about

everybody in the natural health community asking the same two

questions, i.e., What’s the single-most powerful all-natural

anti-viral substance in existence, and where can I get some?

And they’re asking these two important questions with very good

reason. After all, flu vaccines are worthless against mutant

viruses. And as has now been widely reported, the popular

prescription flu drug Tamiflu is also worthless against most

viruses, and in fact has never been shown to be effective against

the so-called “Swine Flu” virus.

What’s more, Tamiflu has been known to cause startling mental

disturbances in patients taking it, including psychotic episodes

leading to death, particularly in young children and teens. The

nation of Japan has even banned Tamiflu use by children and

teens after 18 deaths were reported. And in some countries

warnings of Tamiflu’s brain-altering effects must be posted by law

on packages of the flu drug.

Safe, Natural, Highly Anti-Viral

Fortunately, as you will learn in this report, safe, natural mineral

silver, in a variety of forms, including colloidal silver, has nearly

three decades worth of solid medical research behind it,

demonstrating its powerful anti-viral qualities.

Indeed, newer research demonstrates that silver is so powerfully

effective against viruses, it even stops the deadly HIV (i.e., the

AIDs virus) from infecting human cells. And older research dating

back to the 1980’s demonstrates that silver can stop numerous

types of viruses from replicating, simply by bonding to them. In

fact, silver altogether decimates many viruses, simply from being

in close contact with them.

The key, as you’ll discover throughout this report, is in the size of

the silver particles. They must be very small silver micro-particles

– i.e., what is more commonly known as “nanosilver” — in order

to exhibit such powerful anti-viral qualities.

In this special report, you’ll discover some of the most convincing

medical evidence demonstrating that nano-scale sized silver

particles – which is to say, very small particles of silver measured

in nanometers (nm) — are the single-most effective all-natural

anti-viral substances on the face of the earth.

And you’ll come to understand why colloidal silver – the popular

nutritional supplement known as the world’s most powerful

natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent – is very likely your

best bet for personal and family protection against potentially

deadly viral agents, too, as long as it contains nano-scale sized

silver particles.

You’ll also learn about one more interesting fact about colloidal

silver, which I’ll save for last, even though it may well be the

most important and potentially life-saving fact of them all. We’ll

get to that later, since it has such important repercussions for

people who may have extended families, or other friends and

loved ones they are responsible for outside of their own family


The Famous HIV Study

So let’s start with what is perhaps the most important new

medical study ever conducted on silver and viruses – the recent

HIV study demonstrating silver’s powerful anti-viral qualities

against one of the greatest scourges of mankind, the AIDs virus.

And then we’ll take a look at many other studies, too,

demonstrating silver’s potent virucidal qualities.

In June 2005 The Journal of Nanobiotechnology, published a ten

page study that rocked medical science. The study was the result

of seven scientists’ exploration into the virus inhibiting qualities of

nanosilver – very tiny, invisible particles of silver measured in

nanometers. (A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter, or one-ten

thousandth of a hair’s breadth.)

What the study demonstrated is that these tiny nano-scale

particles of silver were able to inhibit HIV-1 (i.e., the AIDS virus)

from binding to host cells, in vitro.

What this means is that in the test tube, when they placed the

AIDS virus alongside human cells in a medium that would

normally allow the virus to bind with the cell (and thus cause viral

infection), the introduction of tiny nano-particles of silver into the

medium prevented the binding from taking place.

In other words, the silver particles stopped the infection from

taking place.

The study abstract reads as follows:


“The interaction of nanoparticles with biomolecules and

microorganisms is an expanding field of research. Within this field,

an area that has been largely unexplored is the interaction of

metal nanoparticles with viruses.

In this work, we demonstrate that silver nanoparticles undergo a

size-dependent interaction with HIV-1, with nanoparticles

exclusively in the range of 1–10 nm attached to the virus.

The regular spatial arrangement of the attached nanoparticles, the

center-to-center distance between nanoparticles, and the fact

that the exposed sulfur-bearing residues of the glycoprotein

knobs would be attractive sites for nanoparticle interaction

suggest that silver nanoparticles interact with the HIV-1 virus via

preferential binding to the gp120 glycoprotein knobs.

Due to this interaction, silver nanoparticles inhibit the virus from

binding to host cells, as demonstrated in vitro.”

While silver’s well-known toxicity to a wide range of bacterial and

fungal pathogens has been thoroughly documented in previous

research by many leading research facilities, this study takes the

previous research to a whole new level.

For the first time, the long-proven antimicrobial properties of

silver nanoparticles were applied to a highly infectious form of

virus with no known cure. And the interaction between the

metallic particles, the virus and the cells were studied.

The scientists tested a variety of particle sizes. And they also

tested the idea of coating the tiny silver particles with several

different surface chemistries including a “foamy carbon matrix,” a

polymer and a protein molecule. The goal was to determine if any

of these substances would help stabilize the silver particles and

aid the silver’s anticipated reaction with the virus.

What they discovered, however, is that only the ‘free surface’

silver nanoparticles in the range of 1 to 10 nanometers interacted

with the HIV-1 cells.

Silver Nanoparticles Rule!

This basically means the silver needed no help from the other

substances. In fact, anything added to the basic silver

nanoparticle served only to prevent the metal’s interaction with

the viral microorganism!

What’s more, according to the study, only the very smallest silver

particles inactivated the virus’ ability to bond with the host cells.

Larger particles did not.

Ultimately the study found that the tiny silver nanoparticles no

larger than 10 nm were able to bond to the deadly viral

microorganisms and prevented the virus from bonding with the

host cell. No bonding to host cell, no viral infection!

A Silver Cathode-Electrode That Helps Fights AIDS and

Other Serious Blood Borne Infections!

Actually, silver’s unique ability to inactivate deadly viruses such

as the AIDS virus has been known for several decades. The above

study merely confirmed what had already been known among

cutting edge medical researchers.

For example, three years before the above study was completed,

a Reading, PA company called Arrow International, Inc. developed

and patented a new catheter-electrode system that uses a lowintensity

electrical current to push bacteria and virus-fighting

silver ions directly into the human bloodstream. According to the

company press release:

“The catheter combines a silver electrode inserted into the

patient’s blood stream with a second electrode placed on the

nearby skin. The combined action releases silver ions into the

blood for immediate reaction with pathogens such as HIV viruses.

The silver ions do not attack normal human cells because these

cells have protective walls, which is not the case for bacteria,

viruses and fungi.

Studies revealed in U.S. Patent, No. 6,066,489 assigned to Arrow

International, Inc. of Reading, Pennsylvania show improvement by

HIV patients treated with in-blood silver ions. One patient prior to

treatment had over two million copies of the HIV virus per

milliliter of blood and had an infection fighter cell (T4 cells) count

of 18. The patient was experiencing serious kidney malfunction.

Within 24 hours after silver ion treatment, the HIV virus count

dropped to about one million copies and T4 cells fell to 11. One

month after treatment began, the HIV virus count was again

halved and the Patient’s overall health improved.

The catheter-electrode system is intended to be a universal aid in

treating blood-borne infections otherwise extremely difficult to

treat or cure once infection has begun. Blood-borne viruses can

completely overwhelm a patient, defeating the immune system

and leading to death. The catheter electrode is 97.8 percent

silver, 2 percent Platinum, and 0.2 percent copper. The silver

supplies the active silver ion; platinum acts as a catalyst to aid in

the release of the silver ions and prevents a buildup of oxides on

the electrode. Copper controls the release rate of the silver from

the electrode. The small amount of silver introduced into the

patient’s bloodstream, and the extremely low levels of current,

are both highly effective and physiologically safe.”

Fascinating, right? But wait a minute. That particular technique

for destroying the AIDS virus in the human body was actually

invented a long time ago. Only it used pure silver electrodes

rather than silver, platinum and copper electrodes. Here’s the


Silver Ions Used to Successfully Treat and Cure AIDS in


According to this article by Dr. Dr. Charles D. Beal, M.D., a

system involving the use of electrically generated silver ions

delivered via a medical catheter and silver electrodes inserted

directly into the bloodstream of AIDS victims has successfully

been used in Mexico to treat and cure AIDS patients, as far back

as 1989.

It all started with a Dr. Philip Burris, Ph.D., decided to apply the

technique invented by the renowned physician and electromedical

researcher Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD of Syracuse Medical

University. Becker had discovered a way to use low intensity

direct electrical current (LIDC) to produce silver ions inside of the

human body, in order to heal infections. He had used the

technique to cure numerous so-called “incurable” bone infections

(i.e., including antibiotic resistant osteomyelitis) simply by

surgically opening the patient up, debriding the infected area of

bone, stuffing silver mesh into the infected area, and attaching

low-voltage electrodes to the silver mesh, thus using micro-amps

of electricity to drive tiny pure silver ions deep into the infected

tissue and bone of his patients.

Dr. Burris wondered if a similar technique could be used

successfully to treat AIDS victims. He started by talking a

research veterinarian into applying the technique to a cat that

was dying from the Feline Leukemia Virus (FLV). The treatment

consisted of using a catheter to insert a length of pure silver wire

into the superior vena cava, through a jugular vein. The

researcher then ran a low-intensity electrical current through the

silver wire so that silver ions were produced directly into the cat’s

bloodstream. Within weeks of the treatment, the cat made a full


Later, Dr. Cesar Garcia Ramirez, MD, decided to try the same

treatment on some of his dying AIDS patients. Quoting the


“Cesar Garcia Ramirez, MD, practicing in Tijuana, became aware

of the FIV treatment, and felt that it would be a compassionate

act to at least try the therapy on some of his dying AIDS

patients. He obtained permission from the Baja California Division

of Public Health, as well as agreement for the treatment protocol

from a group of physicians serving as the Institutional Review

Board (Human Studies Committee). Volunteer patients were fully

informed and signed consent forms. Initially, three very ill

patients were chosen.

Silver electrodes in silicon rubber catheters were placed in arm

veins and passed up as far as the vena cava, or near to it. Each

patient was treated for 12 minutes at 2.5 microamps, then for 72

hours at 125 microamps except that one patient was treated for

only 48 hours. All three patients felt better by the second day,

and considerably better by Day 5. Viral loads dropped

precipitously, almost to zero in one patient and much lower than

the initial count in the other two.”

This took place sometime after 1989. But several years before

that, a patent was filed with the US Patent Office for another

novel method of using silver against AIDS – this time to prevent

the AIDs virus from infecting a person during the sexual act.

Here’s the story…

A Patent for a Novel Method of Using Silver to Prevent AIDS

Infections During Sex

In 1988, this patent for “A method of inhibiting the transmission

of AIDS virus in humans upon sexual intercourse which comprises

topically applying an effective antiviral amount of silver

sulfadiazine to a sexual canal of a human prior to or during sexual

intercourse” was filed with the US Patent Office, application

number EP19880301620.

The patent is based in part on a study published in The Journal of

Infectious Diseases, Vol. 132, No. 1, July 1975, pages 79-81,

titled, “In vitro activity of silver sulfadiazine against Herpesvirus

hominis,” which apparently demonstrated the effectiveness of

silver sulfadiazine against human herpes virus.

Silver sulfadiazine, of course, is the well-known silver-based

prescription cream known commercially as Silvadene, which in

burn wards around the world is routinely applied to the skin of

burn victims in order to prevent their burnt flesh from becoming

infected. It is composed of 1% solution of silver suspended in a

water-soluble cream base.

According to the patent:

“…silver sulfadiazine is an antibacterial agent useful in treating

burns in man and animal. Silver sulfadiazine is also known to be

effective against certain viruses, such as herpes simplex and

herpes zoster. Silver sulfadiazine is further known to be effective

against treponema pallidum [i.e., syphilis – ED] and gonorrhea,

and is spermicidal.

It has now been found quite unexpectedly that silver sulfadiazine

is an effective antiviral agent against the AIDS virus. Accordingly,

the method of the present invention of inhibiting the transmission

of AIDS virus in humans upon sexual intercourse comprises

topically applying an effective antiviral amount of silver

sulfadiazine to a sexual canal of a human prior to or during sexual

intercourse. The known effectiveness of silver sulfadiazine against

gonorrhea assists in its effectiveness in inhibiting the transmission

of AIDS virus.

As noted above, the method of the present invention of inhibiting

the transmission of AIDS virus in humans upon sexual intercourse

comprises topically applying an effective antiviral amount of silver

sulfadiazine to a sexual canal of a human prior to or during sexual

intercourse. The sexual canal can be a vaginal canal or an anal


In other words, according to the patent holder, simply applying

this particular form of silver cream to the sexual canal prior to

sexual intercourse, or during sexual intercourse, inhibits the

transmission of the AIDS virus!

Amazing, isn’t it? Silver has clearly been known by modern

medical science to be effective against serious and even deadly

viruses such as HIV since the 1980’s. But it’s not just the AIDs

virus that silver has been demonstrated to be effective against in

studies. Many other viral pathogens are also either completed

inactivated or even destroyed by silver.

Colloidal Silver Shows Efficacy Against Smallpox Virus

In this study, published in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal

back in September 1992, it was found that that several different

preparations of colloidal silver showed amazing efficacy against

the smallpox virus.

Two medical colloidal silver preparations were used, one called

Collargol, and one called Protargol. The latter was apparently a

diluted preparation.

The study showed a 700 times reduction in the concentration of

viral particles when Protargol was applied, and by a whopping

11,000 times reduction in viral particles when the more highly

concentrated Collargol was applied.

Silver Inactivates Herpes Simplex Type I and II

Going back even further, a study conducted in 1972 at

Department of Microbiology, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, it

was demonstrated that the Herpes Simplex Virus types I and II

were totally inactivated by low concentrations of silver nitrate,

which is a more caustic, chemical form of silver.

According to the study, silver nitrate caused so much damage to

the viruses, they simply could no longer cause infection.

EPA Approves Use of a Colloidal Silver Spray Disinfectant

that Kills Viruses on Surfaces

Moving forward to recent years, even the EPA is now approving

silver for certain virucidal purposes.

As reported by the Silver Institute (a group which keeps silver

investors appraised of all of the new uses for silver in business

and industry), the EPA has recently approved the use of a product

called Axen30, a liquid spray disinfectant similar to colloidal silver,

for use in child day-care centers, preschools, schools,

gymnasiums and children’s activity centers.

Axen30 is a dilute formula consisting of 30 ppm silver used as a

spray disinfectant. But here’s the interesting part:

The EPA-approved advertising claims for Axen30 include a 30-

second kill time and a 24-hour residual kill on standard indicator

bacteria, a two-minute kill time on the resistant bacteria MRSE

and VRE, a 10-minute kill time on fungi, a 30-second kill time on

HIV Type I, and a 10-minute kill time on other viruses.

Now that’s amazing – a 30-second kill time against HIV (i.e.,

Human Immunodeficiency Virus, aka the AIDS virus), and a ten

minute kill time against other viruses!

Silver Compound in Countertops Eliminates SARS Virus

Perstorp, a Swedish manufacturing company based in Italy,

manufactures a special polymer from which countertops are

made. What makes the Perstorp countertop unique is that

extremely tiny nanosilver particles are impregnated into the


Upon human contact, the nanosilver-impregnated polymer begins

emitting silver ions. This unique silver ion-emitting polymer was

developed for use with products such as toilet seats, door knobs,

and other common contact surfaces.

According to news reports, the compound that was successfully

tested by the Chinese Centre for Disease Control against SARS,

which has a particular interest in public safety due to the SARS

virus outbreaks of the past few years in China.

Zhang Panhe, professor at the Academy of Military Medical

Sciences in China, recently stated, “We tested the compound

against a four-hour, eight- hour, and 24-hour exposure period

and found no surviving SARS virus upon 24 hours of exposure to

the polymer…”

In other words, when the polymer was purposely contaminated by

the SARS virus, it began killing the virus within four hours, and

had killed all SARS viruses on the surface within 24 hours.

This special silver-impregnated polymer is now in use in many

hospitals, laboratories and medical research facilities throughout

China. What’s more, many variants of silver-impregnated

polymers are being used in similar medical-related facilities

around the world, in order to help stop the spread of potentially

deadly bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens.

Infectivity of Monkeypox Virus Inhibited by Silver


According to this study published in volume 3, number 4, April

2008 edition of Nanoscale Research Letters, very small silver

particles (10 nm in size) significantly inhibited the infectivity of

the Monkeypox virus.

The study was conducted in conjunction with the Applied

Biotechnology Branch, Human Effectiveness Directorate of Wright-

Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

The study’s authors concluded, “These results demonstrate that

silver-based nanoparticles of approximately 10 nm inhibit Monkey

Pox Virus infection in vitro, supporting their potential use as an

anti-viral therapeutic.”

According to, monkey pox virus is usually

transmitted to humans from rodents, pets, and primates through

contact with the animal’s blood or through a bite. Its symptoms

can be difficult to distinguish clinically from smallpox (to which it

is closely related) and chickenpox (to which it is not related).

You may remember news headlines back in 2003 regarding an

outbreak of monkey pox virus in the U.S. midwest, among owners

of pet prairie dogs.

What this demonstrates is that very tiny micro-particles of silver,

known as nanosilver, are even effective against exotic viruses

such as those coming from animals! If that doesn’t put you in

mind of the recent “Swine Flu” scare, in which the infectious

agent was shown to be a hybrid of swine, bird and human viral

parts, I don’t know what will.
Silver Shows Anti-Viral Efficacy Against Hepatitis B Virus

In a recent study conducted by scientists at the University of

Hong Kong, it was demonstrated in vitro (i.e., in the test tube)

that very tiny silver particles have the ability to interact with viral

DNA in such a way as to prevent replication, whether the virus

was inside the host cells (i.e., inside human cells, where viruses

would normally replicate) or outside the host cells.

This is especially important, because it implies that silver can not

only prevent viruses from infecting cells, but can also stop cells

that are already virally infected from spreading the infection.

According to this research abstract from the University of Hong

Kong, the scientists examining the action of silver particles on the

Hepatitis B virus “hypothesize that the direct interaction between

these nanoparticles and HBV double-stranded DNA or viral

particles is responsible for their antiviral mechanism.”

The scientists point out that this only demonstrates the

effectiveness of very tiny silver particles against the HBV (i.e.,

hepatitis B virus), and not necessarily other viruses. Nevertheless,

once again we have a study demonstrating conclusively that very

tiny particles of silver have the ability to interfere with viruses,

preventing them from interacting with human cells and causing


According to a news article about this study, the study found that

“…ultra-tiny silver particles could reduce the extracellular DNA

formation of HBVs by over 50 percent, and could check their

intracellular RNA formation, too.

‘Silver nano-particles have special properties such as larger active

surface and porosity so that they can easily bind with small

molecules,’ China’s XINHUA news agency quoted Lu as saying,

referring to a hypothetical explanation they had put forward on

the new antiviral mechanism.

‘The finding provides a new direction for developing new anti-HBV

drugs, with nano-particles used as drug carrier to enhance the

antiviral efficacy while minimizing the undesirable side effects,’ Lu

told a press conference Monday.

The young researcher said there are currently only two kinds of

drugs approved for treating chronic HBV infection, namely

immunomodulators and nucleoside analogues. But their uses are

affected by side effects and drug-resistant mutations.

Hepatitis B is one of the worst killers as it chronically infects over

400 million people worldwide, with certain developing countries

and regions hit hardest.

Lu said silver nano-particles have an additional distinct

advantage. It is unlikely that HBV can become resistant to silver

nano-particles because the interaction is determined by the

physiochemical properties of the tiny particles.”

Silver’s Effectiveness Against Flu Viruses

Two highly respected researchers, Dr Eric Gordon, MD and Dr.

Kent Holtorf, MD, writing in the prestigious Townsend Letter for

Doctors, believe silver is the answer to many forms of viral

infections, including upper respiratory viral infections such as the


They point out in their article titled A Promising Cure for Upper

Respiratory Tract Infection Pandemics, Including the Avian Flu:

Has the Final Solution to the Coming Plagues Been Discovered?

that, “the collective authoritative medical literature has

documented efficacy of silver’s virotoxicity against over 24


What’s more, the authors state that the 200-plus viral strains

known to cause upper respiratory tract infections, including most

flu viruses, will also most likely succumb to the powerful antiviral

qualities of very small particles of “oligodynamic silver” (i.e., a

medical reference to silver being extremely powerful even in small


In fact, the authors point out that silver is likely going to be the

answer to any future global viral pandemic, stating “A broadspectrum

anti-viral agent that really works is needed to combat

over 200 viruses that cause Upper Respiratory Tract Infections.

Undoubtedly oligodynamic silver fits this bill…Emerging medical

studies confirm the stellar, broad-spectrum virotoxic efficacy of

oligodynamic silver both in vitro and in vivo.”

The Nano-Particle Difference: Good News and Bad News

As you’ve seen throughout this report, silver is without a doubt

the single-greatest natural antiviral agent on the face of the

earth. However, the size of the silver particles is one of the most

important factors in the ability of silver to disable, or even

decimate, such a broad spectrum of viruses.

Indeed, most of these studies have demonstrated one simple fact:

the smaller the silver particles are, the better they work, with

silver particles of 10 nanometers (nm) or less in size being the

most effective against viruses.

The truly good news is that colloidal silver products containing

silver particles of that size – known as micro-particle silver, or

nanosilver, for short – are readily available in health food stores

and through online vendors. However, the bad news is that these

products are frequently very costly, due to the uniquely small

characteristics of the silver particles they contain when compared

to conventional brands of colloidal.

In fact, a tiny four-ounce bottle of true nanosilver can cost as

much as $25 to $35 depending upon the brand, and the size and

quality of the silver particles it contains.

The problem is this: four ounces is only about enough colloidal

silver for three or four days worth of mild treatment for a single

person — not nearly enough should a serious viral assault strike

home. After three or four days, you’d have to get another costly

bottle, and perhaps another, and another, depending upon the

size of your family and the number of people infected.

Meanwhile, everybody else will be making a mad dash to their

nearest health food store for nanosilver, also. And within days,

shelves will easily be stripped bare. So you might not be able to

get enough nano-scale colloidal silver to do yourself and your

family any good.

Big Pharma Threatens NanoSilver

What’s more, by the end of this year, commercial colloidal silver

products containing silver nano-particles may not even be

available for over-the-counter sale any longer.

That’s because, only a few short months ago a broad coalition of

environmentalist groups being funded by major drug companies

declared that nanosilver is a “threat to the environment” because

it has the potential to kill microorganisms they claim could be

“ecologically important.”

These drug company-funded environmental groups then petitioned

the EPA to ban products containing nanosilver – specifically

targeting numerous brands of colloidal silver – and demanding

that the manufacturers either be able to prove that public use of

their products won’t somehow harm “environmentally sensitive

microbes” or have their products removed from store shelves.

When this was discovered, we were the very first to sound the

alarm in the natural health community, and thousands of

dedicated colloidal silver users rallied against the petition,

swamping the EPA public comments systems with pro-nanosilver


Unfortunately, the well-funded environmental groups used outright

lies and dirty tricks to overwhelm the EPA public comments

system with anti-nanosilver comments from their worldwide

membership bases.

Interestingly enough, the drug companies involved behind the

scenes in this campaign to force the EPA to ban nanosilver

products are among some of the very same drug companies

developing new vaccines and drugs against the various pandemics

they claim are coming!

The bottom line is that by the end of the year the EPA plans to

announce the decision regarding the petition to regulate

nanosilver products – including nano-scale colloidal silver — into

oblivion. Depending upon which way their decision goes, you

simply may not be able to obtain colloidal silver products

containing the needed nano-scale silver particles at any price, any


A Powerful Solution Worth Taking Advantage Of

Fortunately, there is now a way to make your own high-quality

nano-scale colloidal silver – also known as micro-particle colloidal

silver — for only a few pennies per one-quart batch, using a brand

new breakthrough in colloidal silver-making technology called the

Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from

Yes, you read that right. You can actually make your own

nanosilver, one quart batch at a time, for only about 36 cents per

quart batch. Indeed, independent laboratory testing demonstrates

that with a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator you

can make silver particles as low as .0008 microns, which is just .8

nanometers (nm). Yes, that’s a fraction of a single nanometer in


In Conclusion

I began this special report by stating, “The recent outbreak of the

strange new so-called ‘Swine Flu’ has just about everybody in the

natural health community asking the same two questions, i.e.,

What’s the single-most powerful all-natural anti-viral substance in

existence, and where can I get some?”

Hopefully, this report has answered those two vital questions for

you. Owning the means of nano-scale colloidal silver production is

simply the #1 smartest thing you can do right now.

And being able to produce true nano-scale colloidal silver –

quickly and easily, any time you need it, in the comfort and

privacy of your own home – is without a doubt the single-most

important ability you can have for the protection of yourself and

your family, as well as your friends and loved ones.

To see for yourself how easy it is to make your own high-quality

micro-particle nanosilver, watch the free 3-minute video at

The bottom line is that medical research clearly demonstrates the

fact that very small nano-scale particles of silver are the single most

effective natural anti-viral substance on the face of the


And considering the alternatives (i.e., ineffective Tamiflu and

potentially dangerous vaccines), it may well be your only hope for

achieving maximum personal and family protection in this age of

strange and potentially deadly diseases in which we now live.

So if you haven’t done so already, make sure you act quickly and

decisively and order a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver

Generator today, from our good friends at

Waiting until the last minute is never a good choice, as you well

know. The EPA has even been making noises about banning

colloidal silver generators, too (see The Coming Ban on Colloidal

Silver Generators). So there is simply no telling how long these

wonderful little devices will still be legally available.

The big drug companies simply want no competition whatsoever

for their dangerous vaccines and worthless anti-viral drugs. And

without a doubt in my mind, colloidal silver represents the singlegreatest

threat to their multi-billion dollar annual monopoly on

these drugs and vaccines. That’s why the powers that be are

pulling out all stops in order to have access to nanosilver

removed from the market.

In short, the sooner you own the means of colloidal silver

production, the sooner you’ll be in the driver’s seat, and won’t

have to worry about finding an effective natural means to help

your family and friends during a major health crisis.

Colloidal Silver v/s the Swine FluSwindle

As the news article below by investigative reporter Fred Burks

points out, Tamiflu, the drug recommended by the Centers for

Disease Control (CDC) for the treatment of “Swine Flu” and just

about every other threatened viral pandemic, has been demonstrated

to be absolutely useless against most flu infections.

What’s more, it has never been demonstrated to be effective

against the so-called “Swine Flu.”

Yet, the CDC recommends it, and the U.S. government spends

$1.4 billion – yes, billion – in taxpayer money to stockpile it.

Interesting, isn’t it? A drug company makes a flu drug that

essentially doesn’t work (see news article below). In a relatively

short period of time, doctors treating flu patients begin

complaining that the drug doesn’t work. Not only that, but

patients – especially young kids — actually start dying from use of

the drug.

So what happens? Does the FDA step in and pull the drug from

the market in order to protect the public? No. Does the AMA

declare the drug to be a worthless fraud, and issue warnings to

doctors not to use it? No. Does a grand jury indict the drug

manufacturer for fraud? No. Does the corporate news media –

those intrepid guardians of the public trust — pick up the story of

the drug’s failure to work and run with it, letting the public know

that a medical fraud is being perpetrated upon them? No.

Instead, a massive publicity campaign is implemented. News

headlines suddenly begin to read: “Flu pandemic to sweep the

world!” Day after day, night after night, the corporate news media

barrages people with the message: Big flu pandemic coming!

“Do something!” the people cry. And the government does. They

use $1.4 billion in taxpayer monies to buy up worldwide stocks of

the worthless flu drug, saving the drug company from taking any

loss. Then they announce to the frightened and ever-so-gullible

American public, “Don’t worry…we have stockpiled tons of Tamiflu

for you…You are now perfectly safe…As always, we are here to

protect you.”

According to then news article below, the pharmaceutical

company which owns the exclusive distribution rights to Tamiflu,

Roche Laboratories, says the drug’s shelf life is 48 months. The

government began stockpiling the drug back in February of 2007.

So basically, the drug doesn’t work, and even if it did, in two

more years its shelf life is up. Just keep repeating to yourself,

over and over: “It must be good. They spent $1.4 billion of

taxpayer money on it. It must be good.”

Yes, it’s just another corporate bailout, compliments of the US


Millions in Stock Profits, to Boot!

According to this story from ABC News, the drug companies

making Tamiflu are now making additional millions of dollars in

profits from the surge in prices of their stocks on Wall Street.

Here’s a brief except from the news article:

“Companies gearing up for swine flu, including Roche, Gilead

Sciences and GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturers of the leading

antiviral flu medications, are best positioned to see a boost in

profits if the disease escalates to epidemic proportions, analysts


Tamiflu, which comes in pills, was developed by Gilead and

manufactured by Roche. Gilead continues to collect royalties from

Roche’s sales of the drug. Both companies’ share prices spiked

soon after the U.S. government allowed for its stockpiles of the

drug to be made publicly available.

Gilead stock surged to $47.53 at the end of the day Monday, up

3.78 percent. Roche rose to $31.72, up 4.34 percent.

Roche would not comment on Tamiflu sales, stockpiles or future

availability. ‘Our focus right now is getting Tamiflu to customers.

We’re really not in a position to comment on any opportunity for

potentially increased sales,’ said company spokesman Terry


As you can see, in addition to getting bailed out of their failed flu

drug, the makers and distributors of Tamiflu are now making

additional millions in stock profits, as unwitting investors sink

their hard-earned money into the stocks of these companies,

thanks to the so-called “Swine Flu” outbreak.

And now you see how the whole scam works: Make a failed flu

drug. Use propaganda tactics to create a fear of a global flu

pandemic. Get the government to buy up existing stocks of your

failed flu drug, in order to “protect the public.” Wait for (or

create) an actual “Swine Flu” outbreak. Watch your stock profits


Get a Colloidal Silver Generator, and Forget About Tamiflu

As Dr. Mercola, O.D. ( has repeatedly pointed

out, most people die after being infected with a flu virus, don’t

actually die of damage to the body caused directly by the virus.

They die instead of the secondary infections that strike the body

after the flu has weakened the immune system.

Colloidal silver – widely known as the world’s most powerful

natural antibiotic – is not only highly anti-viral, but also

powerfully antibacterial and antifungal, as well. In fact, it is even

effective against deadly, drug-resistant strains of bacteria, such as

the dreaded MRSA , which now kills more people than AIDS in the

US each year.

The drug companies won’t tell you about colloidal silver, because

there’s no way for them to patent it, and sell it to the public for

thousands of times the cost of making a dose. That’s because

colloidal silver is all-natural, and thus unpatentable.

What’s more, anyone can make their own high-quality colloidal

silver, quickly and easily, in the comfort and privacy of their own

homes, for only a few pennies per batch, with a simple device

called a colloidal silver generator. That’s probably what scares the

drug companies more than anything else.

This is why the FDA has been attacking colloidal silver for the

past decade, at the behest of the major pharmaceutical


And it is why the big drug companies are now using

environmental groups to claim that silver is a “major threat to the

environment,” and needs to be regulated by the EPA as a

“pesticide,” even though all it kills are bacteria, viruses and


Pure and simple, they are trying to regulate colloidal silver into

oblivion, because it poses the single-greatest threat to the multibillion

dollar annual profits made by the drug companies from

their synthetic prescription drugs that, often as not, simply don’t


The CDC recommends Tamiflu for prevention and treatment of

swine flu, as they did with the avian flu several years ago. Yet at

the height of the avian flu scare, European researchers conducted

a review of numerous studies of of anti-viral medications, which

was then published in the prestigious medical journal Lancet on

Jan. 19, 2006. According to this review of 51 randomized

controlled trials, Tamiflu was useless against the avian flu and

many other flus. Contrary to the CDC, their recommendation was

not to use Tamiflu. What about now?

Swine Flu: A Pandemic of Fear

Intense media coverage of the swine flu has driven a pandemic

wave of fear across our nation and world. Following the CDC’s

recommendations, people with a cough or a cold are staying

home from work, some paralyzed by fear that they might die in

the impending pandemic being predicted by newspapers and TV

news programs around the world. Yet what or who is really behind

the swine flu and this pandemic of fear? And why is the CDC

recommending Tamiflu for prevention and treatment when it’s use

with avian and other flus has been found to be ineffective in

numerous studies? And most important, what can we do about it?

The CDC website states, “CDC recommends the use of oseltamivir

or zanamivir for the treatment and/or prevention of infection with

these swine influenza viruses.” Oseltamivir is Tamiflu, the same

drug recommended for the avian flu only a few years ago. Yet

Tamiflu has been shown numerous times to be ineffective against

avian flu, which in case you haven’t noticed, never came close to

being a pandemic. Excerpts from a Dec. 4, 2005 Times of London

article on the experience of a top avian flu expert are revealing:

“A Vietnamese doctor who has treated dozens of victims of avian

flu claims the drug being stockpiled around the world to combat a

pandemic is ‘useless’ against the virus. Dr Nguyen Tuong Van

runs the intensive care unit at the Centre for Tropical Diseases in

Hanoi and has treated 41 victims of H5N1. Van followed World

Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines and gave her patients

Tamiflu, but concluded it had no effect. Roche, the company that

makes Tamiflu, has sold stockpiles of the drug to 40 countries

and insists there is clear evidence it will protect against a future

flu virus. However, it stresses the drug must be given within 48

hours to be effective. The WHO admitted Tamiflu had not been

widely successful in humans.”

At the height of the avian flu scare, European researchers

conducted a review of numerous studies of anti-viral medications,

which was then published in the prestigious medical journal

Lancet on Jan. 19, 2006. According to this review of 51

randomized controlled trials, Tamiflu was useless against the

avian flu and many other flus. As reported in Time magazine and

the Wall Street Journal, the study’s authors found no “credible

evidence” that Tamiflu works against avian flu. Contrary to the

CDC, their recommendation was not to use Tamiflu.

As the media was spreading fear about the avian flu around the

world, the CDC came out with the Tamiflu recommendation, yet

provided little evidence of its effectiveness. Only later was the

recommendation seriously questioned. How could the CDC be so

confident in its recommendation without significant research? How

can health officials claim Tamiflu is effective with any certainty

now, when the current rash of swine flu cases were discovered

such a short time ago?

Tamiflu: Resistant Strains, Side Effects, and Expiration Date

Using the avian flu again as a point of reference and caution, CBS

and Associated Press reported on Dec. 12, 2005 that some avian

flu victims died after developing resistance to Tamiflu:

In a development health experts are calling alarming, two bird flu

patients in Vietnam died after developing resistance to Tamiflu,

the key drug that governments are stockpiling in case of a largescale

outbreak. The experts said the deaths were disturbing

because the two girls had received early and aggressive

treatment with Tamiflu and had gotten the recommended doses.

And then there were the deaths not from the flu or drug resistant

strains, but from the side effects of Tamiflu. According to a report

in Australia’s respected Sydney Morning Herald on March 1, 2007,

there were 18 juvenile fatalities linked to side effects of Tamiflu in

17 months. And though the U.S. media largely failed to report it,

Japan banned Tamiflu for teenagers that same month. According

to the official Tamiflu website, “people with the flu, particularly

children and adolescents, may be at an increased risk of self

injury and confusion shortly after taking Tamiflu and should be

closely monitored for signs of unusual behavior.”

Yet governments spent billions of dollars stockpiling Tamiflu even

after all this information was reported. According to a Feb. 2,

2007 New York Times report, the U.S. government at the time

was creating a $1.4 billion stockpile of Tamiflu, while admitting

that “it is useful only when taken within the first 48 hours, and

Tamiflu-resistant strains of the flu have already been found in

Vietnam and in Egypt.” That’s $1.4 billion tax dollars being spent

on a drug of questionable effectiveness. Other countries

cumulatively also spent massive amounts on the drug.

According to the pharmaceutical company which owns exclusive

distribution rights to the drug, Roche Laboratories, Tamiflu’s shelf

life is 48 months, so all the medications stockpiled may eventually

be useless. How many hundreds of millions of dollars will go to

waste? How much more money will flow into the coffers of the

major pharmaceuticals as a result of the current scare? And why

are so few questioning the recommendation of Tamiflu to prevent

and treat swine flu when conclusive studies have not been carried

out? Pharmaceutical Stocks Soar

As a result of all the fear built up around the avian flu a few years

ago, stock prices for Roche and Gilead Sciences, the

pharmaceutical company which developed Tamiflu, soared when

the drug was recommended by the government as the best

treatment. And few know that Donald Rumsfeld was chairman of

the board of directors of Gilead from 1997 until 2001, when he

was appointed U.S. Secretary of Defense.

Gilead stock increased so much that Britain’s respected daily

newspaper The Independent reported on March 12, 2006 that

Rumsfeld alone “made more than $5m (£2.9m) in capital gains

from selling shares in the biotechnology firm that discovered and

developed Tamiflu. $5 million is a nice little profit on one drug.

The article further points out that Tamiflu is “the drug being

bought in massive amounts by Governments to treat a possible

human pandemic of [avian flu].”

Here are other key excerpts from that revealing article on


The drug was developed by a Californian biotech company, Gilead

Sciences. Mr Rumsfeld was on the board of Gilead from 1988 to

2001, and was its chairman from 1997. He then left to join the

Bush administration, but retained a huge shareholding. The 2005

report showed that, in all, he owned shares worth up to $95.9m,

from which he got an income of up to $13m. The firm made a

loss in 2003, the year before concern about bird flu started. Then

revenues from Tamiflu almost quadrupled [in 2004], to $44.6m,

helping put the company well into the black. Sales almost

quadrupled again, to $161.6m last year [2005].

The massive stockpiles of Tamiflu built up by governments around

the world to combat the impending avian flu pandemic were

never needed. The pandemic never came close to happening. As

reported by the WHO on April 23, 2009, the total number of

confirmed deaths worldwide due to avian flu since 2003 was 257.

For comparison, the CDC estimates that influenza alone causes

over 36,000 deaths every year in the United States. Yet look at

all the profits generated by the massive amount of fear spread

through the media for the pandemic that never happened.

In the current swine flu scare, Gilead, Roche, and the politicians

invested in them are gifted with another major opportunity to

fleece the public as their stocks soar and governments again

move to stockpile this drug of questionable effectiveness. How

much can we trust government when huge profits are at stake?

How much influence do the lobbyists of the huge pharmaceuticals

have over our elected representatives? And is there a possibility

that the government might even have had a hand in the creation

of both the avian flu and swine flu? These are questions that

warrant media and public attention as this current wave of fear


Regarding pharmaceutical lobbyists, a 2007 CBS News article

states, “Congressmen are outnumbered two to one by lobbyists

for an industry that spends roughly a $100 million a year in

campaign contributions and lobbying expenses to protect its


Dr. Marcia Angell, the former editor in chief of the prestigious

New England Journal of Medicine, has stated, “Over the past two

decades the pharmaceutical industry has moved very far from its

original high purpose of discovering and producing useful new

drugs. Now primarily a marketing machine to sell drugs of

dubious benefit, this industry uses its wealth and power to co-opt

every institution that might stand in its way, including the US

Congress, the FDA, academic medical centers, and the medical

profession itself.” Dr. Angell has penned a scathing essay on the

widespread corruption in medicine which should be required

reading for all citizens.

Profiting from Fear

A surprisingly inspiring, well researched article of only two pages

on the respected website shows how fear is

used by certain wealthy, elite groups to manipulate public

perception and rake in the profits. Along similar lines, a revealing

2006 article in the Christian Science Monitor questions the

pandemic of fear created by government and media in relation to

the avian flu:

Americans consider the United States to be a country where

debate flourishes. Yet with regard to avian flu, hyped sound bites

predominate. When President Bush asked Congress for $7.1

billion toward “pandemic flu preparedness,” even his critics replied

“not enough.” What is lacking in the overall discussion about

pandemic flu is disagreement, criticism, and skepticism - once the

bedrock of science - from researchers willing to question and test

the data. There are better ways to promote America’s health than

selling sickness through the language of fear.

Even in the middle of the avian flu scare, some experts claimed

that the flu was not a threat and was being used as hype. As one

newspaper prophetically commented in late 2005, “Dr. Marc

Siegel, a practicing internist and associate professor of medicine

at the New York University School of Medicine … isn’t buying into

the scare scenario. ‘If anything is contagious right now, it’s

judgment clouded by fear,’ Siegel said.” Even a New York Times

article questioned all the fear hype. And now, is the swine flu

much different just a few years later?

In a most excellent article on the current swine flu crisis, popular

health analyst Dr. Joseph Mercola states:

This isn’t the first time the public has been warned about swine

flu. The last time was in 1976, right before I entered medical

school. I remember it very clearly. It resulted in a massive swine

flu vaccine campaign. Within a few months, claims totaling $1.3

billion had been filed by victims who had suffered paralysis from

the vaccine. The vaccine was also blamed for 25 deaths.

However, several hundred people developed crippling Guillain-

Barré Syndrome after they were injected with the swine flu

vaccine. Even healthy 20-year-olds ended up as paraplegics. And

the swine flu pandemic itself? It never materialized.

What’s Our Role in This?

At the same time as we question the media and government, we

have to also ask ourselves, why are we so easily affected by fear

and sensationalism in the media? Why is this what sells

newspapers and TV news programs? What if instead of feeling an

almost morbid fascination with all things sensational and fearful,

we choose to look at fear as an opportunity for growth. The fear

generated by the current swine flu episode is an opportunity for

us to explore our own deeper fears and consider how we might

transform them.

What if instead of imagining all of the terrible things that might

happen to us, we imagine how in times of crisis we might come

together to support each other and transform fear into love and

community support? When we choose to shift fear within

ourselves, a ripple effect is created which, when joined with the

ripples of many others doing the same, create a wave of

transformation which can pave the way for a brighter future for

us all.

Tamiflu, Vaccines, the Hybrid Virus, and Colloidal Silver

by S. Spencer Jones

I continue to receive questions on the Tamiflu drug, flu vaccines, and

particularly about the origins and nature of this strange hybrid virus that has now

spread throughout Europe and the Americas.

Let’s talk about the vaccines, first…


As of today, the World Health Organization announced that the

outbreak is moving closer to becoming a full-scale pandemic, and

they declared a Phase V Alert, which is one step before

announcing that a pandemic, or global epidemic is taking place.

If you look at the subhead in this news headline at,

you’ll see that it reads, “Global outbreak considered imminent;

vaccine efforts will be ramped up.”

Personally, my greatest fear is that the powers that be are

drumming up this panic just like they did during the swine flu

scare of 1976 — only this time instead of offering voluntary public

flu vaccinations, they will push for mandatory vaccinations, under

the guise of “protecting the public health.”

Huge Stockpiles of Vaccines

You see, the vaccine makers have huge stockpiles of vaccines

which they need to get rid of. It’s costing them untold amounts of

money to have hundreds of millions of vaccine doses sitting in

warehouses around the country, unsold.

A flu pandemic is exactly what they need. They get to move their

vaccines, and the governments of the nations afflicted with this

strange viral hybrid will pay for it. Which means, of course,

taxpayer dollars will pay for it – in essence, a taxpayer-funded

government bailout of the corporate vaccine makers!

A Repeat of 1976

Back in 1976, during the last “swine flu” scare in this country, I

worked for the Senior Citizen’s Outreach Program in the city of

Huntington Beach, California. And I saw with my own eyes how

the senior citizens were panicked into getting vaccinated, and

then herded to the vaccine stations hastily set up at various city

government buildings.

The only problem was, nationwide, the vaccines killed five times

more people than the so-called “swine flu” did. It wasn’t about

“saving the senior citizens,” or “preventing the spread of the flu.”

Instead, it was all about boosting the financial coffers of the

vaccine makers.

In Huntington Beach we lost several of our beloved seniors that

year. Not one of them died because of the flu. Instead, they died

because of severe adverse reactions to the flu vaccines which

were administered right there at the Senior Center where I

worked. I’ll never forget that. It left a lasting impression on me.

And in large part because of it, I’ll always work toward educating

people about safer and more natural alternatives.

On the same subject, I just received an email from the colloidal

silver generator Tech Support guru over at,

George Foss. He explains that back in 1976 he was manager of

the well-known Kayser’s Nutrition Center in Santa Barbara. So he

was in constant contact with people who were seeking to resolve

long-standing health problems through natural means.

Unfortunately, George says that a number of his customers had

been panicked into receiving the “swine flu” shot during the flu

crisis. And within a short time, they came down with Guillain-

Barré syndrome (GBS), an autoimmune disease affecting the

peripheral nervous system that is frequently very severe, usually

exhibits paralysis, and can even be fatal.

He also reminded me that the National Vaccine Injury

Compensation Program is a program originally established by

Congress in the 1980’s to compensate those injured by adverse

reactions to the original “swine flu” vaccine.

So apparently, the government uses taxpayer dollars to pay the

vaccine-makers to issue the vaccines to the people, and then

they use taxpayer dollars to pay the people permanently injured

by the vaccines for their debilities.

Sweet deal, I suppose, particularly if you have no conscience.

“Swine Flu” Origins

I’ve been skeptical about the origins of this strange virus right

from the beginning. The idea that pig, bird and human viruses

somehow combined on their own accord and then started

infecting humans just doesn’t make common sense.

Dr. Rima Laibow, M.D. and her husband, former Major General

Albert Stubblebine (former commanding general of the United

States Army Intelligence and Security Command) both claim it is

a laboratory manufactured virus.

Dr. Len Horowitz also believes this is a laboratory-engineered viral

hybrid that either escaped the lab, or was purposely released.

What’s more, in his new video expose’ Dr. Horowitz names the

specific vaccine maker that for several years now has been

successfully splicing the pig, bird and human flu viruses together

in lab experiments. You can view his video expose’ below.


Let me be clear: I don’t trust Tamiflu. I think it’s a waste of time

at best, and extremely dangerous at worst.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola. O.D. (

government health authorities in Japan actually banned sales of

Tamiflu in 2007 after it caused the deaths of a number of

Japanese children who took it and ended up with strange

neuropsychiatric problems and brain infections.

By that time the drug already had 1,800 adverse events reports

filed on it worldwide, yet no other government banned it. Such is

the power of the global pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Mercola points out that even if you took Tamiflu and it did not

harm you, the manufacturers themselves admit that at best, it

only cuts 1 ½ days off of a typical, simple flu infection. That

crummy extra day and a half simply isn’t worth the risk, in my

view — particularly when we can use safe, natural colloidal silver,


Colloidal Silver

All of this is why I’ve been pushing so hard to get people to

consider using colloidal silver as an alternative to the flu vaccine

and flu drugs.

And I’ve also been urging people to consider obtaining a highquality

colloidal silver generator such as the new Micro-Particle

Colloidal Silver Generator, which unlike any other generator

allows you to produce silver particles as small as .0008 microns –

small enough to be effective even against serious viral pathogens.

The other big reason – a huge reason, actually – that I

recommend getting a high-quality colloidal silver generator is that

I honestly believe health food store shelves worldwide will be

stripped bare of commercial brands of colloidal silver if the flu

spread gets any worse.

Considering the alternatives (i.e., potentially deadly vaccines, or

potentially deadly flu drugs), I’m sticking with colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is highly antibacterial and antifungal, so it should

handily take care of the inevitable secondary pathogenic infections

that cause most deaths among flu victims.

What’s more, it is also highly antiviral, particularly if the particle

size is small enough, as demonstrated by this study published in

the International Journal of Nanobiotechnology in which very

small silver particles prevented HIV (i.e., the AIDS virus) from

infecting human host cells.


S. Spencer Jones

P.S. As Dr. Mercola points out, just a couple of months ago

scientists concluded that the 50 to 100 million people who died

during the worldwide 1918 flu pandemic, which lasted for a

whopping 18 months, did not die of the flu itself!

Instead, they died of secondary super-infections with strep (i.e.,

Streptococcus pneumoniae), a pathogen which causes pulmonary

pneumonia and bacterial meningitis.

You see, the so-called “swine flu” merely weakens the body,

allowing bacterial super-infections to take hold.

That’s why I’ll continue to advocate for a broad-spectrum, antiviral,

anti-bacterial and anti-fungal approach to protecting

yourself and your family from this so-called “Swine Flu” outbreak.

Colloidal silver is the only product – natural or otherwise — that

truly fits the bill. Make sure you have plenty on hand, before any

panic breaks out in your neck of the woods.
Colloidal Silver and Swine Flu: 7 Important Steps to Take Now

The U.S. news media is slowly admitting to the strange nature

of the virus – even finally admitting that it is indeed a

hybrid of pig, bird and human flu strains. However, they are

still straining to explain how such an amalgamation of viruses

came into being.

The latest wild claim from the health authorities is that pigs are

acting as “living storage and incubation chambers” for a variety of

viruses, including viruses from other animals such as ducks and

chickens, as well as from humans. These viruses then manage to

share their DNA with each other while living in the pigs, forming

deadly, never-before-seen viral hybrids. The pigs then somehow

release these viral hybrids back into the environment, where they

infect people.

Occam’s Razor – the maxim that the simplest explanation is

usually the truth – would tend to cast doubt on that explanation.

After all, the simplest explanation is that this is a laboratory

produced virus that got loose, or was turned loose. Whatever it is,

let’s hope its current rate of spread is somehow mitigated in the

days and weeks ahead.

Colloidal Silver Decimates Flu Virus

As this report from Dr. Eric Gordon, MD and Dr. Kent Holtorf, MD

points out, colloidal silver has been proven to be effective against

a whopping 24 of the major viruses known to be causative of

URTIs, i.e., upper respiratory tract infections, such as the flu.

But the efficacy of colloidal silver (which they refer to as

oligodynamic silver (i.e., meaning only very small amounts are

needed to do the job) extends far beyond its powerful antiviral


Indeed, not only has colloidal silver been demonstrated to

decimate many of the viruses associated with deadly viral flu

infections, but it has also been proven to decimate most of the

well-known bacterial pathogens that cause serious secondary

infections during a viral infection, including the following:

Streptococcus pneumonia

Corynebacterium diphtheriae

Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Klebsiella pneumoniae

Haemophilus influenzae

Bordetella pertussis

Mycobacterium (Tuberculosis)

Inflammatory conditions of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat

Spring Catarrh



It is these secondary bacterial infections that often kill the

infected individual, once the flu virus has sufficiently weakened

the body. But colloidal silver’s powerful, broad-spectrum antipathogen

qualities covers such a wide range of pathogens you can

easily see why the report’s authors – both respected medical

doctors — refer to it as “the Final Solution to the Coming


In just a minute, I’m going to give you seven extremely

important things you can do right now to protect yourself and

your family in the event the current crisis turns into a global

pandemic, as some health authorities are now predicting. But

first, here’s the latest news update on the spread of the “swine

flu,” as of Monday April 27th.

Latest “Swine Flu” News Update

Google earth map now shows massively increased flu clusters in

North America and Europe. As of today, the EU health chief

advised European travelers “Don’t travel to U.S.”

The situation in Mexico continues to deteriorate, with 2,000

people now hospitalized with “serious pneumonia,” and a

confirmed death toll of 149. What’s more, the U.S. Centers for

Disease Control has finally advised Americans “Avoid travel to

Mexico”; this, after the U.S. infection rate doubled in the past 48

hours, chiefly from infected American returning from Mexico and

infecting others.

Russia has announced it will now check all flights coming into that

country from the U.S., Canada, Mexico and South America, and

that they have banned all imported pork from the southwest U.S.,

Mexico, and Central and South American countries, in spite of

protestations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control who claim

the virus cannot be passed from eating pork. China, the

Philippines and Taiwan have followed suit and have also banned

imported pork from the U.S. and Mexico, in an effort to keep the

“swine flu” from entering their countries. (Do they know

something we don’t?)

The World Health Organization has moved one step closer to

declaring the disease to be a “global pandemic.” And Mexico is

now being roundly criticized by global health authorities, for

failing to follow up with families of deceased “swine flu” victims,

to offer treatment and distribute medicines to them, since they

are the most likely to become infected and accelerate the spread

of the disease.

And finally, President Obama has said not to worry, because the

federal government is “closely monitoring the situation.” (I feel

better already. Don’t you?)

What to Do Now: 7 Important Steps to Take Now

The best thing to do at present is to simply get prepared. If this

does not turn out to be the predicted “global pandemic,” then

preparing now will put you one step ahead of everyone else when

a major health crisis finally does hit.

Here are 7 important steps you should consider taking right now

in order to protect yourself and your family:

Step #1: Get a high-quality colloidal silver generator NOW, while

they are still available. If this turns into a global pandemic, you

simply will not be able to find colloidal silver generators at any

price, any where. And you can rest assured that health food

stores will have their shelves stripped bare of bottled colloidal

silver. So if you don’t have a colloidal silver generator, you’ll have

to find someone who does in order to obtain colloidal silver.

Most companies that sell colloidal silver generators stock no more

than 20 completed units at a time. In fact, many of them build

only one unit at a time, after receiving an order, which is why

some companies can take up to three weeks just to get a unit out

to you.

Our good friends at The Silver Edge are generally the exception to

this rule. But as of Friday night April 24 they had fewer than 500

units in stock, and as of today their stock is being severely

depleted due to the crisis. They tell us they have a rush order in

for additional parts and components, but once their present stock

sells out, it will take at least several weeks to receive the new

parts, and as many as several more weeks to build up a new

stock of generators. So it is important to act quickly and

decisively if you have not yet obtained a high-quality colloidal

silver generator for your family.

We strongly recommend the brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal

Silver Generator, because the most recent studies have

demonstrated that the smaller the silver particle size, the more

effective silver is at preventing even the most deadly of viruses

from bonding with the human cell host. And if viruses can’t bond

with their human cell host, then they can’t replicate and spread.

They are dead in the water, so to speak.

The Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator produces silver

particles as small as .0008 microns in size, which is a fraction of a

single micron. This is an astonishingly small particle size. Plus,

unlike other generators that can only make small eight ounce or

16 ounce batches at a time, the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver

Generator makes a full quart at a time, and it is as easy to use as

a coffee maker.

Step #2: Stock up on steam-distilled water. Pure steam-distilled

water makes the very best colloidal silver. Make sure you get at

least four or five gallons, so you can make plenty of colloidal

silver for family members, neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc.

should the disease spread as predicted. Distilled water keeps for

many, many months at a time. You don’t have to worry about it

going bad. Just buy four or five gallons and set it on a shelf in

the garage, or indoors in a cabinet or closet. Then use it as you

need it to make colloidal silver.

Steam-distilled water is available from just about any major chain

supermarket for under $2 a gallon. We have always had good luck

with the pure steam-distilled water from Wal-Mart, which is even

cheaper, averaging about a buck a gallon in most parts of the


Step #3: Get several small pump spray bottles that you can use

to spray colloidal silver with. These can be plastic, or glass. Glass

is always preferable if you plan on storing colloidal silver in the

pump spray bottle for weeks at a time. But plastic will work just

fine for shorter periods of time. Pump spray bottles can usually be

found at your local Wal-Mart, or in the gardening department of

your local Home Depot or similar store.

If they are sold out, go to the over-the-counter medicines

department in your local pharmacy, and buy a pump spray bottle

full of Chloraseptic, or Triaminic, or any other “sore throat spray.”

You can take the bottle home, dump the contents, clean the

bottle out thoroughly with soap and warm water, and then rinse

again thoroughly with warm water. Then fill it with colloidal silver.

Pump spray bottles are important because they are so versatile.

First of all, they allow you to spray a fine colloidal silver “mist”

over areas such as countertops, door knobs, toilet handles, knobs

and faucets or any other high contact surface areas where

bacteria, viruses and other pathogens are concentrated. The tiny

silver particles air dry to the surface, and provide many hours of

protection. During a health crisis, do this every time a visitor

comes and goes from your house.

Secondly, you can use a pump spray bottle to lightly “mist” the

air in your home with colloidal silver, walking from room to room

and spraying toward the ceilings in order to let the ambient air

carry the light silver mist throughout the room.

Third, you can use a pump spray bottle to “huff” colloidal silver.

In other words, if you’ve been around a person you think may

have been infected, you can go home and open your mouth and

spray a light mist of colloidal silver directly into your mouth while

simultaneously breathing in deeply in order to get the tiny silver

particles deep down into your lungs where viruses may have


Fourth, knowing that viruses and other pathogens often enter

through the eyes and ears, you can use your pump spray bottle

to lightly spray the outside of your ear, behind your ear, and even

directly into your eyes (it won’t hurt you).

Additionally, pump spray bottles are great for spraying colloidal

silver onto open sores, cuts, burns or other wounds, in order to

keep them infection-free. Simply spray lightly over the affected

area, and then let it air dry. The tiny particles of colloidal silver

will adhere to the affected area, and protect it, also increasing

healing time, which is vital when infections of any kind are


Step #4: Get a small nasal “squeeze spray” bottle so you can

spray colloidal silver up your nose and get it deeply into your

sinuses, should you feel an infection coming on, or should you be

exposed to a person who may be infected. Carry this in your

pocket or purse, or in your car, with you at all times. These little

nasal “squeeze spray” bottles are generally available at any Wal-

Mart or pharmacy.

If necessary, for about a dollar you can go to any pharmacy and

purchase a tiny, two ounce plastic nasal spray bottle full of saline

solution, which is used by allergy sufferers to clean their nasal

passages and sinuses. Simply open the lid, pull the little plastic

spray tip off the top of the bottle, dump the saline solution out,

rinse the inside of the bottle thoroughly with warm water, and

then re-fill it with colloidal silver. Filling the bottle only half-way

actually makes it “mist” better when you spray it up your nose;

you want that fine mist because it carries the tiny silver particles

deep into the sinuses and even into the lungs, where any hidden

viruses can be dealt with).

Step #5: Get a couple of eye-droppers while you are out visiting

your local Wal-Mart or pharmacy. As I mentioned earlier, viruses

and other pathogens often enter the body at the eyes and ears.

For example, when you shake hands with an infected person, or

touch a countertop, door handle, or other surface which have

viruses on them, and then inadvertently touch your finger to your

eye or ear, you can easily become infected. But you can often

stop the infection dead in its tracks simply by applying a few

drops of colloidal silver to the eyes or ears.

I apply a drop or two of colloidal silver to my eyes up to several

times a day, anytime I’ve been out in public where people have

been coughing around me. And under those same circumstances,

I’ll put a drop or two into my ear canal at night, when I lay down

to sleep. You can find an article on using colloidal silver in the

ears on the Colloidal Silver Secrets blog, here.

Step #6: Get surgical style face masks, so if the flu outbreak

strikes you area and you absolutely have to go out in public,

you’ll have at least some measure of protection from breathing in

the viral pathogen.

You’ve no doubt seen the televised news reports of health

authorities and police in Mexico passing out surgical style face

masks on the streets. But don’t count on that happening here.

Our government simply doesn’t have the face masks in stock, or

the manpower to pass them out. So you should do everything you

can to get some surgical style face masks as quickly as possible.

We found face masks at our local Wal-Mart, and some more at

our local retail Croal’s Rexall pharmacy, last night. If the so-called

“swine flu” strikes your area, face masks will indeed be sold out

overnight, just like what happened in Mexico City this weekend.

So don’t put this off.

Painters face masks will work too. You can get them at any paint

supply store, hardware store, Home Depot, etc.

If you can’t find face masks, get oversized neckerchiefs from your

local Wal-Mart or clothing store, and use those like a face mask,

just like you’ve seen them do in the old cowboy movies when the

bad guys cover their faces from the nose down in order to avoid

recognition, or like the cattle hands do in order to keep from

breathing in dust during a cattle stampede. The point is to get

something that’s easy enough to breathe through to cover your

nose and mouth, and yet just thick enough to help filter out

aerial viruses and other pathogens from people around you


Step #7: Get a few bottles of antimicrobial soap while you’re out

shopping. I know there’s been some controversy about this in the

past, with some authorities claiming the use of antimicrobial soap

can actually worsen the situation over time by allowing pathogens

on your hands to mutate and develop immunity. But we are not

talking about using this soap every day for the rest of your life.

We’re talking about using it during a massive flu outbreak in your

area. At that point, it will be absolutely essential to keep your

hands clean and pathogen free.

As you know, health authorities always emphasize that washing

your hands repeatedly during the day is of utmost importance

during a flu outbreak. And they are right. Using a good, highquality

antimicrobial soap is vital, too. Doctors use them every

single day, and there are no real problems, contrary to the shrill

warnings of the skeptics. If you get the liquid kind that comes in

a pump dispenser, you can even take the lid off and add an

ounce or so of colloidal silver to it, then shake it up thoroughly.

Short of that, simply use your pump spray bottle
to lightly spray your hands with colloidal silver after

washing and drying them. Then let them air dry by waving your

hands in the air for a moment. The tiny silver particles will adhere

to your skin and provide an added layer of protection against

pathogens of all sorts.

Get Educated

In the meantime, get educated about colloidal silver usage. If you

haven’t done so already, go through this blog and read through

the 50 or so posts on colloidal silver and its usage that have been

posted there over the course of the past year. Just click on the

little arrow symbol next to the name of each month in the blog’s

Archives, which is located in the column on the right-hand side of

the page.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to get a high-quality

colloidal silver generator for your family. And certainly consider

learning more about surviving pandemics and other major crises

such as terrorist bioterrorism attacks, by visiting our web site and

reading about our excellent books, such as The Ultimate Colloidal

Silver Manual, The New Bioterrorism Manual: Secrets for Survival,

The Ultimate Immune System Repair Manual, and You CAN

Survive the Coming Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks on

U.S. Cities.

You’ll be glad you checked them out, I promise.


S. Spencer Jones

Colloidal Silver: Healing

Ear Infections the Safe,

Easy Way

by Angela M. Kaelin

Almost everyone has

suffered from an ear

infection at one time or

another. It is such a

common childhood disorder that most children experience an ear

infection before the age of four. Some adults are chronic


Untreated, or improperly treated, these infections can lead to

hearing loss.

Conventional treatments typically involve multiple doctor visits,

the use of problematic antibiotics, potentially liver-damaging

painkillers, and in more severe cases, surgeries, involving

dangerous anesthesia and the actual puncturing of the eardrum.

Knowing the dangers of over-prescribing allopathic antibiotics,

some of the more conservative doctors will take a “wait and see”

approach to an ear infection, hoping that it will go away on its

own. This approach can allow the condition to worsen before they

resort to their risky drug and surgery treatments.

Fortunately, there is a drug-free, non-surgical approach to ear

infections. It is safer, far less expensive and it works very fast to

put an end to pain and infections in the ears. A few drops of a

safe yet powerful mineral supplement known as colloidal silver can

stop the trouble of ear infection over night!

How Ear Infections Start

Ear infections have a number of different causes. Popular

swimming holes and public pools can be the source of fungi or

bacteria-contaminated water that enters the ear and irritates the

canal. Commonly known as “swimmer’s ear,” this condition is

medically known as otitis externis. It can also be caused by

eczema in the ears, or by too vigorously cleaning or scratching

the opening of the ear. It is generally characterized by moderate

pain, particularly during chewing and swallowing, or if the infected

ear is tugged upon.

Ear infections are most prevalent in winter and in spring because

bacteria from respiratory infections, allergies and colds can reach

the ears. Most of the time, it is the small conduit in the ear called

the Eustachian tube that becomes blocked or infected. This tube

reaches from the eardrum to the outer ear. It is so small that

even cigarette smoke or air pollution can irritate it and cause it to

swell, causing nausea and vertigo. Infections of the Eustachian

tube and the middle ear are called otitis media.

Middle ear infections are so common in small children because

the Eustachian tubes are very tiny and they have not hardened

yet. So, they are easily irritated and penetrated by pathogens.

Children in preschools where they are exposed to respiratory

bacteria and viruses are particularly vulnerable.

Conventional Treatments Can Be Extreme

Before allopathic doctors treat the actual ear infection, they will

likely treat the pain with a painkiller or anti-inflammatory.

Typically, doctors prescribe the painkillers acetaminophen or

ibuprofen. Acetaminophen, commonly known as Tylenol, can be

toxic to the liver and has been linked to other health problems.

Ibuprofen, commonly known as Motrin and Advil, can irritate the

esophagus and stomach.

The doctor will usually prescribe antibiotics to target particular

pathogens. Sometimes they don’t prescribe the right one, or the

bacteria mutate and become resistant, and additional antibiotics

must be prescribed.

In the case of chronic ear infection where the fluid builds up

behind the eardrum and presents a danger of bursting it, the

doctor may prescribe on-going treatment with antibiotics. When

these treatments fail, they may recommend surgery to remove

adenoids and insert a tympanosty tube for drainage. To insert this

tube, they actually puncture the eardrum. This tube may fall out

on its own accord after a few months, or further surgery may be

required to remove it. This procedure results in complications in

about half of the cases. Complications include hearing loss.

Frequent visits to the doctor to check on progress will be

required. If they do resort to surgery they will give you or your

child a general anesthesia. Common side effects are nausea,

muscle aches and dizziness. In rare cases, there are more serious

complications and even death. But, even minor complications or

rare ones are too much when the whole thing is entirely


Colloidal Silver Keeps It Simple

Colloidal silver is perhaps the world’s simplest and most effective

cure for ear infections. That’s because it is all-natural, comes in

liquid form which can easily be dropped into the ear using a

standard eyedropper, and is easily available over-the-counter at

health food stores or through internet sources. What’s more,

unlike conventional prescription antibiotic drugs which are

designed to work against specific classes of bacteria, and won’t

work at all against fungal pathogens or viruses, colloidal silver has

very broad spectrum antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal qualities.

Indeed, it almost always works regardless of what’s causing your


And unlike conventional antibiotic drugs, colloidal silver can’t

contribute to the problem of mutating pathogens, because it

doesn’t work the same way conventional antibiotic drugs do.

Instead of essentially poisoning the pathogens like antibiotic drugs

do, the tiny, sub-microscopic particles of pure mineral silver in

colloidal silver simply adhere to the cell walls of harmful

microorganisms, inhibiting enzyme production and, in effect,

smothering them. If the silver particles are small enough, they

can even adhere to the DNA of viruses, and disrupt the ability of

the viruses to replicate, altogether preventing the spread of viral


Both bacteria and viruses can be present in cases of ear infection.

And oft-times a fungus can be involved, as is commonly the case

with swimmer’s ear. Clearly, conventional antibiotic drugs are

inadequate treatments for such infections since they are

completely ineffective against fungal and viral pathogens, and in

many cases barely effective against bacteria. But colloidal silver

known to be effective against all of these pathogens.

How to Use Colloidal Silver to Treat Ear Infection*

According to the experienced colloidal

silver users we’ve interviewed, less is

more when it comes to treating ear

infections with colloidal silver.

You see, even though the pain of an

ear infection can be excruciating, the

area affected is actually very small.

The part of the ear most commonly affected, the Eustachian tube,

is tiny. People unfamiliar with colloidal silver usage might be

tempted to administer copious amounts of the substance into the

ear in an attempt to end suffering faster. But, three drops in the

affected ear, once or twice per day at most, should be sufficient.

Any more is not only a waste, but it can be counterproductive to

effective treatment.

That’s because silver is such a powerful anti-microbial substance,

using too much of it can leave tiny silver particles deep inside the

ear canal, and on the ear drum itself, which can inhibit the

growth of healthy bacteria, causing a temporary imbalance that in

some cases leads to sensations of vertigo. This usually disappears

within 24 to 48 hours after you discontinue colloidal silver usage.

But it can be avoided altogether simply by limiting the use of

colloidal silver in the ears to just a few drops, once or twice a day

during the course of the ear infection.

To safely administer colloidal silver, it is best to lie down on your

side with the affected ear

pointing upward.

Using a standard eye dropper, place no more than three drops

of colloidal silver at the opening of the ear canal, and allow it to

drain down into the ear. If necessary, gently tug and

release the ear lobe several times, in order to help the drops seep
more quickly down into the ear canal.

(If you are administering the drops into a child’s ear, you might

have the child lie with his or her head in your lap. Use no more

than two drops of colloidal silver with small children.)

Remain in this position for six or seven minutes, allowing the

colloidal silver plenty of time to seep down into the ear and begin

killing the microbes. Then simply turn your head so that the

affected ear is pointed downward, and allow the colloidal silver to

drain out, using a clean piece of tissue paper to wipe it from the


Colloidal silver works fast, but if you are still having symptoms of

an ear infection several hours after the first application, wait a

half a day and insert another two or three drops into the affected

ear. In many cases, an ear infection clears overnight after the

first application. But sometimes it takes two or three applications

before results are noticed.

Also, taking an oral dose of colloidal silver – for most people, two

or three teaspoons full twice a day during the course of the

earache – can be extremely beneficial.

Obviously, if an ear infection does not clear up within a day or

two at the very most, be sure to consult with your doctor again.

There are very few pathogens colloidal silver is not effective

against. But if colloidal silver doesn’t work, it is best to act quickly

to get your ear infection treated professionally.

Even chronic ear infection sufferers — people who have been told

that there is something congenitally defective with their

eustachian tubes or ear canals — have found permanent relief

from chronic infections with regular oral maintenance doses of

colloidal silver (i.e., two or three tsp. per day) and just two or

three drops of colloidal silver in the ear daily.

Experienced colloidal silver users tell us that in these rare,

extremely stubborn cases, this is a procedure the afflicted

individual must adhere to every day, or else the infection returns.

But, using colloidal silver helps keep people with these rare

chronic infections off the constant cycle of antibiotic drugs, which

can contribute to mutated pathogens and potentially serious side

effects. (Colloidal silver should only be used continually in the ear

under the supervision of a licensed, experienced and trusted

health care provider.)

Colloidal Silver is Common Sense

It’s easy to see that colloidal silver is a better alternative to

treating chronic and acute ear infections for both adults and

children. Colloidal silver saves you money. Such a small amount

of colloidal silver is needed to treat an ear infection that it is an

incredibly inexpensive remedy. It works fast, too, often clearing

up an infection in a matter of hours rather than days. Multiple

doctor visits and courses of antibiotic drugs become unnecessary.

Children are reassured, too, by being treated quickly and

effectively at home by their own parents.

Unnecessary doctor visits, painkillers and antibiotics with

unfortunate side-effects and the prospect of frightening surgeries

are all things of the past for you and your family once you’ve

discovered the powerful healing qualities of colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver, Oral Health and Heart Health

by Angela Kaelin

Good oral health involves more

than just clean teeth. It’s about

keeping the entire mouth and all

of its tissues healthy and free of harmful buildup of bacteria and

other pathogens.

So, while it’s good to have an appealing smile, a healthy mouth

has broader implications for the health of the entire body, in

particular, the heart. That’s because the mouth is an ideal

breeding ground for bacteria, funguses like candida albicans,

parasites and viruses. And the teeth can be conduits that allow

these pathogens into the bloodstream, which take them directly to

the heart.

Indeed, researchers have found that poor dental hygiene and

bleeding gums could allow up to 700 different types of bacteria to

enter the bloodstream, which, studies show, increases your risk of

a heart attack regardless of how fit and healthy you are.

While good oral care will alleviate a large part of this very real

threat to your health, there are some serious yet little-publicized

dangers you need to know about involved in the use of many

popular commercial oral health care products.

Fortunately, a safe, inexpensive, all-natural mineral supplement

known as colloidal silver – considered by experts to be the world’s

most powerful, natural antibiotic — can easily be substituted for

the oral health care products now known to be problematic.

Here’s what you need to know:

How Oral Bacteria Enters the Bloodstream

While tooth enamel is hard and inert, beneath it lies the dentin,

which is a soft, living tissue comprised of collagen, nerves

and blood. It contains channels called dentinal tubules that flow

into the root canal, or pulp, at the center of the tooth, which

includes connective tissues, lymph and blood vessels.

If the gums bleed or if a tooth becomes damaged from decay,

trauma, wear or infection, then bacteria can enter the

bloodstream from the mouth. From there it can travel throughout

the body.

Studies Reveal Heart - Oral Health Connections

Numerous studies now point to a very strong connection between

oral health and heart health.

For example, an article in Harvard Health Publications strongly

suggests that pathogens released into the bloodstream through

the mouth can harm blood vessels and increase clotting.

An article published at the American Heart Association’s website

discusses the association between bacteria-containing plaque on

the teeth and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

Another article in The Journal of Periodontolgy further links oral

pathogens to coronary vascular disease and stroke.

These prestigious organizations all warn that oral pathogens from

decaying teeth and infected gums can lead to increased risk of

heart disease and stroke because of this flow of bacteria from the

teeth to the heart.

Streptococcus is the primary bacteria contained in plaque that is

responsible for tooth decay and gum disease. But, an unlimited

type and number of pathogens could conceivably be carried from

the mouth and teeth to the heart and throughout the entire body.

Expert Recommendations

The experts recommend brushing twice a day, flossing once per

day and making a visit to your dentist for tartar removal twice

per year. For disinfection, they recommend mouthwashes. While

you may have heard of the dangers of sodium fluoride in most

commercial toothpastes, you may not have heard that commercial

mouthwashes are linked to an increased rate of cancers of the

mouth and pharynx.

Dangers of Commercial Mouthwashes

Mouthwashes containing alcohol and other constituents believed

to destroy bacteria and viruses are the conventional means of

destroying pathogens in the mouth. But, they are not only

inadequate disinfectants, but they carry risks of their own. The

chemicals they contain can actually cause a disease state.

Alcohol is the primary disinfecting agent in most commercial

mouthwashes. A recent study in The Australian Dental Journal

points to alcohol-containing commercial mouthwashes as a cause

of oral cancer. The research concluded that health care

professionals should not recommend them for long-term use. The

author of this study, Professor McCullough of Melbourne

University, says that these products are so dangerous that they

should be pulled from shelves or, at least, come with a warning


Alcohol is not 100% effective in controlling pathogens leaving

bacteria behind to breed and mutate, damaging tissues over a

period of time. The drying effect of the alcohol in commercial

mouthwashes can actually cause bad breath, as well.

These mouthwashes often contain other questionable ingredients,

such as chlorhexidine, which is an irritant that can stain teeth

with prolonged use. In addition, its effectiveness in preventing

tooth decay is debatable.

According to a recent article, a few U.K. companies were forced to

recal thousands of mouthwash products after discovering that

they were contaminated with aerobic mesophile, a dangerous

bacteria that can cause lung infections in people with respiratory

conditions or poorly functioning immune systems.

Similar incidents have occurred in the U.S., such as the 2005

Food and Drug Administration’s recall of mouthwashes infected

with Burkholderia cepacia (B. cepacia), another bacteria that

causes respiratory illness.

Of course, the stated purpose of commercial mouthwashes is to

destroy bacteria, but the fact that such recalls have occurred

seems to demonstrate not only their ineffectiveness, but the

recklessness of the companies that produce them.

Safer, Cheaper, More Effective Oral Care

Colloidal silver is a safe, inexpensive alternative to mouthwashes.

Traditionally, it is considered to be non-toxic and highly effective

in killing a broad range of pathogens. Studies show that it is

effective against candida albicans that can cause oral thrush

(a.k.a. “thrush mouth”). And anecdotal evidence demonstrates

that it can be used to help heal pyorrhea that, left untreated, can

lead to deterioration of the jaw and may eventually require


It also eliminates the causes of halitosis. And it disables the

ability of potentially dangerous viruses in the mouth to replicate

before they have a chance to spread to other organs. What’s

more, according to many researchers it has an overall positive

effect on the immune system, leading to a healthier heart and a

healthier body.

How Silver Destroys Pathogens in the Mouth

According to researchers, the tiny, submicroscopic silver particles

in colloidal silver kill pathogens in two ways: One, they can adhere

to the enzyme receptor sites on the outer cell wall of a pathogen,

and prevent it from respiring. (In other words, silver in essence

smothers the pathogen.) And two, if the silver particles are small

enough they can interfere with the reproductive capabilities of

bacteria and other harmful microorganisms by attaching to the

DNA and preventing the organism from replicating. This also

renders pathogens unable to mutate, so no mutations are left

behind as with other antibiotics or disinfectants.

What’s more, tiny nano-particles of silver enter the bloodstream

and flow throughout the body to safely destroy bacteria, viruses,

funguses and other pathogens. If the silver particles are small

enough, they can even enter the bloodstream through the rich

network of veins under the tongue and in the cheeks.

Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., author of the bestselling books The

Body Electric and Cross Currents, demonstrated in studies

conducted at Syracuse Medical University that small amounts of

silver in the human body were extremely beneficial to the

immune system. He discovered that people with excessively low

levels of silver have more frequent colds and other infections,

whereas people with adequate silver levels tended to have less

frequent colds and infections, and when they do get sick, the

illness is very often of a much shorter duration.

What this means is that using colloidal silver as part and parcel of

your daily oral health care regimen can have many other very

positive beneficial effects on your entire body.

Colloidal Silver for Oral Health

For the health of your mouth and your heart, continue the

dentist recommended practice of brushing your teeth twice daily

and flossing or using an oral irrigator once a day. And see

your dentist for a cleaning twice annually.

But, instead of commercial mouthwashes, consider using colloidal

silver instead. Taken as directed on the bottle or by experienced

health care practitioners, it is non-toxic, safe for your teeth and

gums and it thoroughly destroys all kinds of destructive


In short, colloidal silver is the saner, safer and cheaper alternative

to potentially dangerous commercial mouthwashes.

How to Use Colloidal Silver as a Mouthwash and Gargle

Hold colloidal silver in your mouth for 30 to 60 seconds before

swallowing. You can swish it around gently, or just hold it over a

problem area, such as a sore tooth or inflamed gums. This allows

time for the dentin as well as the surrounding tissues to absorb


In order to maintain oral and bodily health, experienced users

suggest a maintenance dosage of 1 to 3 tsp. of 10-15 ppm of

colloidal silver once or twice per day.

In cases of injuries, infection or following surgery, many

experienced colloidal silver users recommend taking up to 10

spoonfuls throughout the day for one week. This increased dosage

should quickly destroy any destructive pathogens and speed

recovery. For cases of mouth ulcers and sore throats, simply

gargle with colloidal silver as you would a conventional


Unlike dangerous allopathic drugs, colloidal silver is virtually nontoxic

when used as directed, so there is no need to agonize over

the exact dosage. Frequent small doses may be more effective

than single larger ones until healing is achieved.

Commercial toothpastes carry a warning about the dangers of

swallowing them. And based on the most recent research,

commercial mouthwashes should carry such warnings. But, unless

you’re one of those rare people who are allergic to silver (which

you’d likely already know, because you could not wear silver

jewelry or have silver-amalgam fillings in your mouth), you don’t

have to worry about adverse effects from swallowing small

amounts of colloidal silver. In the small quantities traditionally

used for nutritional supplementation purposes, it is 100% nontoxic.

A Final Warning: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Be aware that many common commercial toothpastes contain

sodium lauryl sulfate, a substance that deteriorates human tissue

and causes mouth ulcers. There are safer alternatives available at

health food stores, such as Xyliwhite (NOW Brand), Weleda, Coral

White, and Kiss My Face. These products never contain sodium

lauryl sulfate. When shopping for healthier toothpastes or other

oral health care products, be sure to read the list of ingredients,

even if the product labels claim that they are “natural.”

In a pinch, a simple paste made of baking soda and colloidal

silver will work wonders to help brush away the daily plaque

build-up. Just sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on a toothbrush

you’ve wet with some colloidal silver. Or, pour a little into your

palm or a small bowl and dip your wet toothbrush into it. Baking

soda is slightly abrasive, so brush thoroughly but gently to

remove soft plaque and whiten your teeth.

If you do have mouth ulcers, holding colloidal silver in your mouth

several times a day for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing will

sooth the sores, help to speed healing and prevent infection.

“This means that you can try this by yourself simply using
a tea spoon of toothpaste that contains Lauryl sulfate, and
holding it in your mouth for a minute, you will notice that the
skin inside your mouth will feel slightly ulcerated. This is due
to the soda that is too aggressive, and a wrong formula that
mainly takes in account the color of your teeth, not their health,
neither the state of your mouth, concerning ulcers. The stronger
are the acids we use, the worst effect they will have on ulcers,

and producing allergies”.

Breathe Clearly Again, Using Colloidal Silver and a Neti Pot

by Angela Kaelin

All too often, sinus sufferers find themselves in a vicious cycle of despair when they rely on

pharmaceutical drugs and dubious surgeries in hopes of ending their misery.

Unfortunately, these methods do not cure sinusitis (i.e., chronic sinus infection), but only

treat the symptoms. Indeed, using drugs and surgeries to treat sinusitis can actually make matters worse, as you’ll learn in this article.

The good news is that a simple, all-natural mineral substance with

powerful antibiotic qualities known as colloidal silver can be used

instead of risky drugs and surgery to quickly and effectively heal

chronic sinus infections.

In this article we’ll examine some of the reasons sinusitis is so

hard to treat effectively with conventional over-the-counter or

prescription drugs, and we’ll take a look at the most effective way

to use colloidal silver to rid yourself of this troublesome condition

once and for all.

What Causes Sinusitis?

One of the most common precursors of sinusitis is allergy-induced

irritation of the sinus passages. Common allergens that can

induce a sinus infection include mold spores, pollens, dust mites

and man-made chemical pollutants.

When the sinus passages become irritated by allergens, the body

tries to protect the nasal membranes from further irritation by

creating mucous. But, if this mucous fails to drain correctly, it

quickly becomes a warm, moist, cozy habitation for infectious

microorganisms, including funguses, bacteria and even viruses.

This in turn induces the typical symptoms of inflammation of the

nasal passages and sinuses, pain and pressure in the face caused

by the internal inflammation, an uncomfortable stuffy nose and

frequently thick yellow or greenish nasal discharge.

The Vicious Cycle

That’s when most people turn to sinus medications, and the

vicious cycle begins. You see, sinus medications – whether overthe-

counter or prescribed – provide only temporary relief of

symptoms. And they tend to dry the sinuses and nasal passages,

preventing mucous from draining by thickening it and making it

even more difficult for the body to expel.

This buildup invites further growth of the colonies of pathogens

that have already taken up residence in the sinuses, resulting in a

dramatic worsening of the symptoms. In turn, this triggers the

need for larger doses of the medication in order to obtain

temporary relief. And the cycle goes on and on.

Surgeries Fail, Too

Surgeries, as well, often fail to provide long-term relief from

sinusitis. That’s because they’re designed to remove blockages or

correct internal nasal imperfections in order to increase the

amount of air flowing through the sinuses, rather than cure the

underlying sinus infection.

Frequently, after a nasal surgery, the patient feels much better

for awhile. But that’s often because he or she was prescribed an

antibiotic after the surgery “to prevent infection at the surgical

site.” This antibiotic often heals the underlying sinus infection,

leaving both doctor and patient believing the surgery was


But, in due time, the allergens that caused the initial sinus

irritation kick back into play, inducing the same tired old cycle of

mucous deposits which lead to sinus infections, which lead to

sinus medications, which cause thicker mucous deposits, which

lead to a worsening of the sinus infection.

What’s more, even the simplest of surgeries can be dangerous

these days, particularly considering the fact that more people are

now leaving hospitals and surgical clinics with iatrogenic (i.e.,

hospital acquired) antibiotic-resistant infections such as MRSA

than at any time in modern history.

Dynamic Duo: Colloidal Silver and the Neti Pot

So why put your health and well-being at risk? Why endure this

vicious cycle of suffering and disease when it is completely

unnecessary? And why put money into the hands of Big Pharma

and its minions when you don’t have to?

You have the power to heal yourself of chronic sinus infections

quickly, easily and effectively, using colloidal silver - the world’s

most powerful natural antibiotic - and a simple device called a

neti pot. Indeed, with this dynamic duo in your corner, you can

breathe free of sinusitis once and for all.

The neti pot is a painless, safe and highly effective device for

applying colloidal silver to the sinus passages that will provide

both instant and long-term relief.

While there are merits to using a nasal spray bottle or a dropper

to apply silver to the sinuses, both of these methods can cause

unpleasant sensations of burning and stinging. The neti pot is a

much more effective method because it actually cleanses, soothes

inflammation and unblocks the sinus passages, thereby allowing

for a more thorough administration of nature’s antibiotic.

What’s more, it does so without discomfort. It leaves you with a

fresh, clean feeling. Indeed, regular use of this method, combined

with your usual daily dosage of colloidal silver, will yield long-term

positive results you’ll be very pleased with.

What Is a Neti Pot?

The neti pot is simply a small pot with a handle and a long

spout (see photo) that can be used to pour a steady stream of

specially prepared water directly into your sinuses in order to clean
them out and soothe them. It has been used as part of the
daily hygiene regimen in parts of India for thousands of years.

Neti pots come in a variety colors, and decorative-looking

designs. They are most frequently made out of either ceramic or

plastic. Find one and use it regularly.

Ceramic neti pots like the one featured in the photograph are not

only aesthetically pleasing, but these instruments are “balanced”

for enhanced ease of use. They can be purchased through a

variety of internet vendors (just do a Google search on the term

“neti pot”), and at most pharmacies and health food stores. If you

purchase one of these pots, there will usually be an insert with

explicit instructions for basic usage.

Getting Started

If your nasal passages are very clogged, you will want to clear

the blockage before you apply colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is

relatively inexpensive, but there is no need to waste it. So, we’ll

begin with an explanation of the basic preparation of the neti pot

and the initial clearing of sinus blockages. Then we’ll proceed to

the instructions for applying colloidal silver to the sinuses with a

neti pot.

The Basic Procedure

To start, place about one cup of lukewarm water in your neti pot

and add a heaping ¼ teaspoon of the purest salt you can find.

Do not use iodized salt. Non iodized sea salt will work.

Kosher salt is highly recommended. Dissolve the salt

in the water thoroughly, by stirring it with a small plastic spoon
or by covering the snout of the neti pot and gently “swirling”
the water in a circular motion.

The right proportions of salt and water will break up mucous

blockages and soothe the sinus passages. Too much or too little

salt can cause discomfort. So follow the above instructions

carefully, and make sure that your neti pot solution is lukewarm.

Test a drop on your wrist for comfort.

The basic method for administering the contents of the pot is to stand over the

sink. First, position your face so that it is parallel to the sink (i.e., you are

staring down into the sink), then rotate your head to the right 90 degrees (now

your left ear is parallel to the sink).

Holding the prepared neti pot in your right hand by its handle, you then apply

the spout to your right nostril (see photo), and tilt the pot upward slightly

until you feel the warm water flowing gently into your nostril. You

will probably be amazed the first time that the lukewarm

preparation painlessly, if not pleasantly, runs into one nostril and

begins coming out the other.

You will then turn your head to the other side and follow the

same procedure. Alternate using the pot with one nostril and then

the other until the blockage clears.

Be sure to blow the water out of your nostrils in between the

alternating applications. You’ll want to have some paper towels

handy. Continue using the neti pot and blowing until your sinus

passages feel cleared. This is paving the way to the next step,

where you thoroughly flood the sinus passages with the real

healing agent - the colloidal silver.

Finally, “take a bow” over your bath tub (exactly as if you had

just completed an on-stage performance) and water will run out

of both of your nostrils and drain into the tub.

Using Colloidal Silver with a Neti Pot

Once you are breathing freely through both nostrils, prepare the

pot again. This time, you will do it a little differently, and include

the colloidal silver. Do not mix salt and silver colloidal because they
will interact and the reaction will diminish the qualities of the
silver colloidal, by effecting it’s ions and reducing their properties.

According to medical studies, a concentration of 10 ppm of

colloidal silver kills most bacteria in six minutes or less. So you

will need to use a solution composed of 10 ppm concentration.

To use colloidal silver in the neti pot, prepare the pot with just a

¼ cup of warm water ( this should be distilled water, which has a
value of 40 ppm. I usually use a bi distilled water, with a value of
0,01 to 1 ppm maximum, because it is so pure that ions are not going
to be affected by any salts that it may contain. Tap water,
which has average values calculated between 250 ppm to 450ppm,
can be used, but unfortunately the higher is the level of salts that
it may contain, the weaker will be effect of the purification ).

To cure sinusitis I add 30 drops of ionic colloidal silver ( = to 1 ml of
20 ppm concentration I.C.S.) to 20 ml of distilled water.
Then, administer half of the solution through one nostril and half
through the other. If you’ve followed the instructions above,
you should be feeling as if your sinus passages are somewhat
clear of mucous at this time.

Wait six minutes for the colloidal silver to do its job before

“taking a bow” over your tub to let the excess moisture drain out.

It is important to dry your sinuses this way.

For stubborn cases of sinusitis, repeat the above procedure two or

three times a day until the condition disappears. After that, you

can use the basic neti pot procedure with non-iodized salt and

water daily. Once or twice a week prepare your pot with colloidal

silver to kill any lurking pathogens in your sinuses. Keep taking

your regular daily dosage of colloidal silver.

Soon, sinusitis will be a thing of the past. You’ll never have to

consider taking potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drugs or

resorting to risky surgery. You’ll have mastered your condition,

rather than having it master you.

The use of colloidal silver and the neti pot will not only allow you

to cure a chronic sinus infection, but it will improve your sense of

smell, and aid in deeper, easier breathing which oxygenates the

bloodstream, improves circulation and helps rejuvenate the cells

and tissues.

As an added benefit, it also provides noticeable relief to sufferers

of sleep apnea, particularly when it is used before retiring at


Breathing Free At Last

So, now you’ve learned a safer and more effective way to end

sinus suffering and breathe more freely than ever before without

the use of any dangerous chemicals or surgeries.

This simple, yet little-known technique puts an end once and for

all to the vicious cycle of chronic suffering most victims of

sinusitis know all too well. Indeed, once you’ve mastered the

above technique, you will find that your neti pot and colloidal

silver is as indispensable as your toothbrush.

Silver: Nature’s Purifier Used on the Space Shuttle and In Swimming Pools

The value of silver in medicine, and as an anti-bacterial purifier,

has been acknowledged for centuries.

Egyptians implanted silver plates into skulls after surgery, to

prevent infection. In ancient Greece and Rome, the wealthy used

silver containers to keep liquids fresh. When settlers moved

across the American West, they would purify a container of water

by putting a silver dollar in it overnight. And before the advent of

refrigeration, silver dollars were used in milk containers to keep

milk from spoiling.

Toward the end of the 19th Century, other medical uses for silver

were developed, including the use of silver and mercury in the

filling of cavities, and dropping a silver nitrate solution into the

eyes of new-born babies to prevent blindness due to infection.

Tests Show Silver Kills Harmful Bacteria in Water

Scores of independent tests by many methods in six countries

have shown that silver promptly kills bacteria in water and

maintains water purity over long periods of time.

Russian scientists, working on water recycling and purification

problems for the Soviet space program have decided on silver as

the best long-term sanitizing agent. Researching the problems of

water storage over periods of several months, as well as

purification for immediate use, they determined that ionized silver

provided the safest and longest lasting method of transforming

polluted waste into potable water.

NASA Uses Silver on the Space Shuttle

After testing 23 methods of purifying water, NASA also chose

silver as the purifying agent on the Space Shuttle Program. Silver

is being used in two functions that provide Shuttle crews with

pure water for drinking, air conditioning, food preparation and

other operations.

Water wastes are recycled in Shuttle flights and silver’s first job is

to treat hydrogen-saturated water coming from the Shuttle fuel

cells: this water passes through a tubular device of palladium and

silver alloy. From the silver-palladium tubes the water flows to a

purifying unit where silver eliminates bacteria, including

Pseudomonas A and type III A bacteria, NASA scientists report.

By establishing 100 parts of silver in a billion parts of water as

hygenic for drinking in the Shuttle, NASA eliminates the need for

1,000 to 1,500 parts per billion of chlorine generally used for


The unit currently used provides Shuttle crews with 32 gallons of

pure water daily for all uses within the Shuttle, as well as for

backpacks when the astronauts work outside the vehicle in space.

Compared to earlier prototypes, the new unit weighs 90% less,

needs only one-third the space. It also doubles the production of

water and simplifies the process: it eliminates the need for

mixing, metering and testing water while in flight and eliminates

the risk of corrosion.

Why Silver?

Numerous tests have demonstrated that silver is simply the safest

and most powerful natural bacterial sanitizer in existence. Today,

it is used as a sanitizer in water systems in Mexico City, and in

other large cities around the world, and by in numerous

applications by Big Business throughout the western industrial


One of the most dramatic of the earlier purification tests occured

in 1976 in a 20,000 gallon swimming pool in Nebraska. There was

no disinfectant of any kind in the water. Fifty gallons of municipal

sewage plant effluent was placed into the pool. That produced a

dangerous concentration of 7,000 e. coli bacteria cells per 100

milliliters (half a cup) of water.

Contents of the pool were pumped through a tank containing

alternating anodic and cathodic silver electrodes for disinfection.

Within three hours the pool was entirely free of e. coli bacteria

and the water contained only 3.2 parts of silver per billion parts

of water — an amount that is completely safe for humans.

In another dramatic test of silver’s anti-microbial killing power,

the Allegeny County Health Department in Pennsylvania

conducted tests in a 152,000 gallon pool which previously had

been disinfected by a 50 pounds-per-day chlorinator. The system

was replaced by a silver system for the swimming seasons of

1974 and 1975. Pool water circulated through a filter of activated

carbon impregnated with metallic silver.

The county Health Department took up to 50 daily samples and

found that silver ions remained in the pool at a low, steady rate

of 20 parts per billion with water free of coliform, pseudomonas

and staphylococcus bacteria through-out the two seasons.

In contrast, 65 water samples from 30 other pools having a mean

concentration of 700 parts per billion of available chlorine for

disinfecting, showed a mean of 1.3 pseudomonas and7.3 staph

cells per milliliter of water.

“This data”, the Health Department reported, “indicates that silver

is equal to chlorine in maintaining essentially coliform free pool

water, and is somewhat better than chlorine in destroying

pseudomonas and staph aureus organisms…” It should also be

noted that there were no visible growths of algae during the

tests. So, now, calculating who has the greatest commercial interest
to spread around misinformation concerning ionic silver colloidal,
publishing false data, and trying to force things the wrong way round,
creating false opinions on the subject, it becomes really understandable
how money, making some people act and say things in their total interest,
forces the false to be true, ( apparently true, naturally).
Unfortunately when private groups get involved in what makes money,
and not, for example, in what does not make it, but still is a good job for the
community, things start to go the wrong way round.
The purity of water, that contains most of the time toxic substances,
or traces of them, is something that private interests will take care about
only when they will be able to own the companies that run them, privatizing
them, and becoming the new water oligopoly. Watch out for symptoms of
the usual procedure they use, which will be adding toxics to water, spreading
out false values, and then proposing societies that own countermeasure proposals.
I suggest to control aqueducts immediately, as soon as discrepancies are found,
and you will find out that these toxics, which were not present in earlier analysis,
appear suddenly, in such a short time and quantity that someone must have
poured them directly in the water or thrown a box of toxic waste somewhere
in the aqueduct.

Update on EPA Petition to Regulate Silver as a “Pesticide”.
First, I want to give a great big hearty “thanks!” to everyone

who participated in the campaign to stop the Environmental Protection Agency

(EPA) from regulating products containing silver nano-particles

as “pesticides.”

As you already, a coalition of radical environmental groups essentially

sued the EPA in an attempt to force the agency into more heavily

regulating all products containing silver nano-particles — including

dietary colloidal silver products.

They claimed these products have such powerful antimicrobial

qualities that they actually constitute a grave danger to the

environment, and must be regulated as “toxic pesticides.”

This onerous new regulatory oversight would, in essence, put

most colloidal silver companies out of business, because they

would be unable to afford the costs of the required environmental

impact reports and the consequent ongoing regulatory financial


It later turned out that the radical environmental groups behind

the petition have been funded for years by major drug companies

such as Merck and others, whose annual multi-billion dollar

income depends in large part upon their sales of prescription

antibiotic drugs.

The big drug companies have opposed the use of silver for years,

because its broad-spectrum antibiotic qualities pose a distinct

threat to their monopoly on prescription antibiotic drugs.

Hence, it appears clear that the major drug companies have been

behind the petition to regulate silver as a “pesticide” all along,

and that the radical environmental groups that filed the petition

have been acting as their paid shills.

What’s more, in the closing days of the campaign the radical

environmental groups began promoting what they called a “major

new study” demonstrating that silver nano-particles — including

colloidal silver — cause harm to cells, and therefore products

containing silver nano-particles need to be more heavily


Upon closer inspection however, it was discovered that a very

small and practically unknown Chinese group was behind the

study, and that it too was in cahoots with two major

pharmaceutical companies. Stunningly, when the study was

examined, all it demonstrated is the fact that very small particles

of silver are harmful to e. coli bacteria!

In short, we have faced a number or dirty tricks by the radical

environmentalists during the course of this campaign.

Nevertheless, thanks to you, the EPA was inundated with public

comments against the petition.

And while the radical environmental groups were able to tap their

global membership bases in order to garner an incredible level of

support on behalf of their petition (i.e., mostly by deceiving their

members into believing that silver particles somehow pose a

grave threat to the environment), your participation in this

campaign played a large part in making sure the EPA got to hear

the other side of the story before making their final decision on

the matter.

Will Colloidal Silver Be Banned?

Products containing silver nano-particles — including dietary

colloidal silver products — have been the target of the petition

from the beginning. This, as evidenced by the fact that the radical

environmental groups behind the petition included a special

addendum naming 300 different products containing silver nanoparticles

as being in need of “investigation and regulation,”

including the top three brands of colloidal silver on the market

today as well as many lesser-known brands.

When we contacted the main attorney for these environmental

groups to inquire why their petition to regulate silver nanoparticles

as “pesticides” included the names of dietary colloidal

silver products, he replied that any product containing small nanoparticles

of silver for antimicrobial purposes was in need of

immediate investigation and regulation.

What’s more, the environmental groups have repeatedly

demanded that the EPA remove all nano-silver products from the

market, while the potential impact of those products on the

environment are investigated.

In other words, they are calling for a de facto ban on colloidal

silver and other nano-silver products, until it can be proven to

their satisfaction that these products won’t somehow “harm the


Here is a missive against silver, which is full of

outright lies, distortions and half-truths, as you will see once we

dissect and deconstruct it phrase by phrase. Here is what the

environmentalists are now claiming:

“Yet another major study on nano-silver toxicity has been

published during the comment period. The study found that nanosilver

used in food storage materials, such as plastic bags and

containers, can directly interact with genomes and bind with DNA,

interfering with DNA replication. Hundreds of consumer products

incorporating nanomaterials are now on the market, including

cosmetics, sunscreens, sporting goods, clothing, electronics, baby

and infant products, and food and food packaging, many of which

contain nano-silver. Help us ensure that these products are safe

by supporting our petition to the EPA.”

Cutting Through the Hype and Exaggerations

Let’s dissect this bold little missive phrase by phrase, and see if

we can’t put our collective fingers on the devious modus operandi

being used by these radical environmental groups in their

campaign on behalf of the big drug companies to regulate

products containing silver nano-particles into oblivion:

First they state, “Yet another major study on nano-silver toxicity

has been published during the comment period.”

What’s wrong with that statement? First of all, the study they are

referencing is hardly what you could call a “major” study. It is in

fact a very small study conducted in the People’s Republic of

China (yes, Red China, home of the melamine scandal and tainted

toothpaste scare) by a little known group calling themselves the

Bio-X Life Science Research Center.

Interestingly, the Bio-X Life Science Research Center admit on

their own web site that they are operating in association with two

major drug companies, AstraZeneca International and Roche.

Who are These 2 Big Drug Companies?

Roche (aka Hoffman-LaRoche) is a huge, well-known multinational

drug company which makes Bactrim, Rocephin, Lariam,

Tamiflu, Invirase and numerous other antibiotic and antiviral

drugs for the treatment of infectious diseases.

AstraZeneca, another huge, multi-national drug company, state

right on their web site that they too are focusing a large part of

their business model on developing and marketing infection fighting

antibiotic and anti-viral drugs and vaccines. In fact, they

state, “We aim to build a leading franchise in the treatment of

infectious diseases by increasing the sales of the marketed brands

Synagis, Merrem and Flumist and bringing new products to

market by exploiting our structural and genomic-based discovery

technologies and our antibody platforms.”

In other words, the group behind the study supposedly

demonstrating that nano-silver is harmful is, in reality, in bed with

two of the largest drug companies on the face of the earth, both

of which are major players in the antibiotic drug, anti-viral drug

and vaccine markets.

These are the among the very same drug companies that hate

colloidal silver and other silver-based products the most, and

have the most to lose if silver ever becomes a major resource in

products designed to prevent and cure infections and related


More Deception and Exaggeration from the Environmentalists

Once their first exaggeration is established, the radical

environmentalists go on to say in their statement that “The study

found that nano-silver used in food storage materials, such as

plastic bags and containers, can directly interact with genomes

and bind with DNA, interfering with DNA replication.”

Sounds serious. But is this true? No. Once again, it is a cleverly

worded deception.

First of all, according to the study abstract, the study authors first

openly admit that “…information on whether or how nanosilver

particles bring changes in genetic materials remains scant.”

In other words, the study authors admit they simply don’t know

whether or not tiny particles of silver bring about changes in

genetic materials, or how it might happen if they did. It is all

speculation. And that speculation is fueled by the radical neo-

Luddite environmentalists who oppose the use of tiny silver nanoparticles

in on behalf of the major drug companies who pay their


Secondly, and most importantly, the study is not even specifically

designed to prove that products containing silver nanoparticles

are potentially harmful to humans, or even that silver nanoparticles

could, by themselves, could harm to humans. Yet the

environmentalists would have you believe the exact opposite.

Indeed, their statement is cleverly designed to make you think

that the study authors actually took plastic bags and other

containers with silver particles embedded in them and tested to

see whether or not the silver would somehow leach from the bag

or container, and then enter a human being and harm human

DNA replication. In reality, the study did no such thing.

What Really Happened

Here’s what the researchers actually did, and what the study

actually demonstrated:

First, the researchers exposed E. coli cell cultures – not human

cell cultures, but bacterial cell cultures — to three different types

of nanosilver, including colloidal silver. (As most people know, E.

coli, also known as Escherichia coli, is a gram negative bacteria

most widely known for its ability to cause food poisoning.)

And what did they find? They found that “The results showed that

the replication fidelity of the rpsL gene was differentially

compromised by all three kinds of nanosilver particle compared

with that without nanosilver.”

In other words, they discovered that silver disrupts the ability of

this infectious microorganism to replicate. That’s it. They actually

proved what colloidal silver users have been saying all along, i.e.,

that tiny particles of silver destroy pathogens from the inside out!

So what did this study have to do with human cells? NOTHING.

And what did this study have to do with products containing silver

nano-particles? NOTHING.

The Truth Be Told

We all know that as far back as the 1980’s researchers like Dr.

Robert O. Becker, M.D. used tiny electrical devices to generate

minute silver particles directly into the surgical wound sites of

patients suffering from debilitating and potentially deadly bone

infections, and not only did these researchers cure every

supposedly “incurable” bone infection with the electrically

generated silver, but they also found no harm whatsoever was

caused to the patients’ cells, tissues or bones in spite of the fact

that the silver was being generated directly into the bone, tissues,

cells and surrounding bodily fluids.

Indeed, using this process damaged cells were rejuvenated, and

remarkable new growth took place in the damaged bone bringing

about complete healing.

The bottom line is that the study being touted by the radical

environmentalists as proof of silver’s “toxicity” to humans merely

demonstrated, at best, that if you put a sandwich inside of a

sandwich baggie or other container that’s been embedded with

silver micro-particles, you’re probably not going to get food

poisoning, because the dirty little critters like E. coli simply can’t

live in the presence of silver.

Nevertheless, the radical environmentalists go on to somberly

intone in their latest misleading missive: “Hundreds of consumer

products incorporating nanomaterials are now on the market,

including cosmetics, sunscreens, sporting goods, clothing,

electronics, baby and infant products, and food and food

packaging, many of which contain nano-silver. Help us ensure

that these products are safe by supporting our petition to the


What they’ve done, in essence, is taken a study that proves three

different forms of nano-silver – including colloidal silver — are

highly effective against one of the most prevalent and potentially

deadly food poisoning bacteria on the face of the earth. And

they’ve cleverly re-defined the study results so that it sounds as if

they study proved nano-silver has now been demonstrated to

harm humans!

Clever re-definition of the facts…deceptive wording…and ruthlessly

self-serving conclusions. That, in a nutshell, is the modus

operandi of the radical environmentalists.

So, to produce new evidence in defense of nanosilver, I think that
we shall have to consider this issue from two directions, at least,
one political, and forced by interests, and the other, scientific, which
according to common sense would give you the real answer.

So let’s not waste time to face false accusations, but put on the
other dish of the scale, what private and public, military and social
organizations do, up to date patents concerning the use of silver
ionic colloidal that protect these “working inventions” for the next 50
years. Inventions that have proved to work, as we cannot imagine that
some scientist and engineer would patent a mistaken project, but it is
naturally up to you to consider things form an harmonic and equilibrated

point of view, rather than a particular one.
To phone, fax and email EPA, means to accept accusations and deal with
someone that wants to convince us, rather than change his opinion.
Consider a greater Authority, national sovereignty, the strength of the truth,
and common sense. Ask them to show you their studies, analysis,
immediately, with no delay, and prove instantaneously on the other hand,
the value of truths that cannot be denied. All information, when it serves
public interest, and not private one, should be taken in account.

It now turns out that at least two big drug companies
— Merck and Pfiizer — have for many years been using their own
foundations to pour tens of thousands of dollars, and in some cases
even millions of dollars worth of funding into some of the very
environmental groups now actively engaged in promoting
the petition to have “nano-silver” regulated as “pesticides.”

Be sure to note the section in Tony’s article below on the Tides

Foundation and Tides Center. These are non-profit groups which

apparently have been set up to allow Big Pharma and other

donors to secretly fund groups the donors don’t want the public

to know they are funding.

We’ll let Tony’s article speak for itself. Keep in mind, however,

that his article only demonstrates that a number of the

environmental groups behind the petition to have silver regulated

as a “pesticide” have indeed received huge amounts of funding

from big drug companies. We will leave it up to you to decide if

this massive funding of environmental groups by the major drug

companies is what’s behind the environmentalist’s campaign to

put silver nano-particles — including dietary colloidal silver —

under the EPA’s regulatory thumb. ( Ok, read the proof, if you need
one or do not like what I compiled here ).

The actual source of the funding that was first revealed in emails

and colloidal silver blogsites was the John Merck Fund was set up

in 1970 by Serena Merck, the widow of Merck Pharmaceuticals

CEO George W. Merck, in honor of their short-lived son John.

The recipients of funding who are signees on the petition to the

EPA were identified as:

Funding To Activist Groups, Total Donated, Time Frame

Center for Food Safety $1,305,000.00 1999 – 2005

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy $490,000.00 1992 –


International Center for Technology Assessment $247,500.00

1999 – 1999

Consumers Union of the United States $90,000.00 2000 – 2001

Greenpeace $80,000.00 2000 – 2002

Friends of the Earth $45,000.00 1992 – 2000

The Center for Food Safety (CFS) which along with its sister

organization the International Center for Technology Assessment

(ICTA), initiated the EPA petition and enlisted the other groups

which signed off on the petition, received the second largest

amount of funding of any group from the John Merck Fund —

second only to the huge total of the Tides Center/Tides

Foundation, whose total funding of almost $2.7 Million dwarfs the

combined total of $1.75 Million given to the CFS and the ICTA

and CFS.

Tides Foundation & Tides Center $2,693,000.00 1989 – 2005

As it turns out, the top funding recipient Tides Foundation and

Tides Center are also actively involved in the petition to regulate

silver, as well as the source of funding and support to several of

the other groups who signed the EPA petition.

When one goes to the Tides Center website, their position is

apparent to one and all with the posting of a press release urging

support of the EPA petition:
Information on Tides Center’s website and other web searches

found the following Tides Center/Tides Foundation connections to

groups involved in the nanosilver petition, but who are not listed

as Merck funding recipients:

• Center for Environmental Health (a project of the Tides Center)

• Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (previous funding and

connections with the Tides Foundation)

• Clean Production Action (a Tides Center project)

• Food and Water Watch (receives donations from the Tides


• The Loka Institute (has no current offices but was previously

provided office space and a mailbox in Washington. DC by the

International Center for Technology Assessment in their offices)

In addition, a $200,000 grant for 2006-2007 from a second Merck

Foundation, the Merck Family Fund to another petitioner, Silicon

Valley Toxics Coalition, was discovered.

A quick internet search reveals that Merck is not the only

pharmaceutical company which provides funding to the Tides

Foundation and Tides Center, as this listing of the top funding

recipient from the Pfizer Foundation demonstrates:

Funding To Activist Groups, Total Donated, Time Frame

Tides Foundation & Tides Center $300,000.00 2003 – 2004

The Tides Foundation is described by as quickly

becoming “the 800 pound gorilla for activist funding.”

As reported on ActivistCash:
The Tides foundation was established in 1976 by California activist

Drummond Pike. Tides does two things better than any other

foundation or charity in the U.S. today: it routinely obscures

the sources of its tax-exempt millions, and makes it difficult

(if not impossible) to discern how the funds are actually

being used.

In practice, “Tides” behaves less like a philanthropy than a

money-laundering enterprise (apologies to Procter & Gamble),

taking money from other foundations and spending it as the

donor requires. Called donor-advised giving, this passthrough

funding vehicle provides public-relations insulation

for the money’s original donors. By using Tides to funnel its

capital, a large public charity can indirectly fund a project

with which it would prefer not to be directly identified in

public. Drummond Pike has reinforced this view, telling The

Chronicle of Philanthropy:
“Anonymity is very important to most of the people we work with.”

Due to the efforts of many foundations to keep their funding

activities anonymous, it is difficult to determine the true scope of

pharmaceutical company funding for the Tides group as well as

the individual activist groups.

Given the information outlined above, one can only wonder what

other pharmaceutical funding is linked to these groups and

shudder to think of how many activist groups have been

corrupted by funding from Big Pharma and other companies with

agendas that are anything but in the public interest.

It is easy to see how such subterfuge can corrupt decision

making, the same as can paid lobbyists and political funding.

Obviously it would be in the distinct public interest to require full

disclosure of funding sources for every organization which

petitions a government agency or legislative body to see where

there might be funding sources who would stand to benefit as a

result of the desired action or legislation.

Similarly, it would also be in the public interest to require full

details of all the activities and efforts of lobbyists, including

expenses and the details of each meeting held by lobbyists with

government officials. While we are at it, we would also be a better

informed and better served citizenry if every elected official’s vote

on any measure included donations and links to any companies or

other entities affected by such legislation.

Granted, such reforms are a tall order, but until we see such

altruistic change all the talk about true transparency in

government is merely lip service - and the words from our own

lips will continue to have little chance of reaching those whose

ears are captured by the special interests who have bought off

and otherwise rigged the process in their favor.

What’s more, the EPA now regulates silver spills very carefully.

Yet by the EPA’s own standards, silver entering the environment

from outside sources has been demonstrated to be so safe that

even spills as high as 1,000 gallons don’t need to be reported to

the EPA. How come?

Now, if you spill as little as three gallons of chlorine, you are

supposed to report that to the EPA and have the cleanup handled

by a HAZMAT crew. But 1,000 gallons of silver can be spilled, and

it’s basically no big deal.

There has NEVER been any problem with colloidal silver and the

environment, and there has NEVER been a problem with so-called

“nano-silver” and the environment.

So what’s the real reason the rabid environmentalists trying to

force the Environmental Protection Agency to pull out all stops

and regulate silver as a dangerous “pesticide”?

I’ll answer that question in just a minute. But first, let’s take a

look at some of the reasons the environmentalists cite for

regulating silver.

Environmentalists Claims v/s Reality

As I explain in the February 25th blog post, the environmentalists

constantly bring up the case of the film manufacturing industry

which produced a chemical silver compound known as silver halide

as a byproduct of film processing and manufacturing.

Many years ago, members of the film industry illegally dumped a

number of tons of that caustic chemical silver compound into San

Francisco bay. Over time the clams at the bottom of the bay

began to absorb the massive amounts of this illegally dumped

chemical form of silver, and it caused them to quit breeding.

That’s about the only environmental “catastrophe” the

environmentalists can point to, involving a form of silver.

Of course, the bay is fine today. The claims are doing fine, too.

And there is basically no film industry any more (thanks largely to

the advent of digital cameras).

What’s more, the EPA now regulates silver spills very carefully.

Yet by the EPA’s own standards, silver entering the environment

from outside sources has been demonstrated to be so safe that

even spills as high as 1,000 gallons don’t need to be reported to

the EPA.

Now, if you spill as little as three gallons of chlorine, you are

supposed to report that to the EPA and have the cleanup handled

by a HAZMAT crew. But 1,000 gallons of silver can be spilled, and

it’s basically no big deal.

Isn’t that amazing? Yet the rabid environmentalists would have

you believe some poor guy in Bakersfield, California washing his

diabetic foot stockings that have silver nano-particles embedded

into the fabric, or some natural health proponent in Boise, Idaho

spraying a little bit of colloidal silver into his kitchen sink to keep

the microbial count down, is going to cause an environmental


No Real Chance of Harm

The bottom line is that the chances of any product containing tiny

silver nano-particles causing harm to the environment is just

about nil, because it would have to be introduced into a relatively

closed environment (like a lake, or a bay) and literally tons of it

would have to be dumped into the enclosed environment in a

relatively short time in order to cause any harm.

But the rabid environmentalists don’t care about the facts. They

constantly cite, for example, the idea that certain types of

clothing that now have tiny silver nano-particles embedded into

the fabric in order to help prevent infection (such as the new

diabetic foot stockings, designed to prevent diabetic ulcers from

becoming infected) could allow silver particles to leach out into

the environment when they are washed in the washing machine.

This, they claim, has the potential to create an environmental


What they NEVER tell you, as I pointed out in more detail in the

February 25th blog post, is that whenever silver nano-particles

leach from products they are embedded in, such as diabetic foot

stockings, or computer keyboards, or whatever, they almost

immediately begin to bond (in a process called “agglomeration”)

with salts, minerals and other substances in their immediate

environment, forming larger particle agglomerates.

Thus, the tiny silver nano-particles completely lose their nanoscale

properties, becoming essentially inert.

Ludicrous Assertions

What’s more, the likelihood of enough people washing enough

concentrated loads of clothing containing silver nano-particles

(remember, it would take literally tons of the little particles to

contaminate an enclosed waterway), and having those silver

particles end up in a single enclosed environment such as a lake

or bay, is just about nil.

In fact, it is ludicrous to even think about it. But this is the kind

of thing the environmentalists scream about. Apparently, the idea

that even a single silver nano-particle might somehow find its way

into the environment gives them nightmares. They have simply

demonized silver nano-particles to the point you’d think we were

talking about the ebola virus.

No Harm to Plant Life, Either

As for the idea that these tiny silver nano-particles might

somehow harm plant life in the environment, there is simply no

evidence silver ever has, or ever will, do so.

For example, wheat and other grains are chock full of tiny

particles of silver. For some reason the grains absorb silver from

the ground at a higher rate than other plants. Perhaps that why

they’re so good for you. And of course, their relatively high silver

content causes them no harm whatsoever.

My wife sprays colloidal silver directly onto her tomato plants

during growing season in order to keep the tomato fungus off

them. She gets big beautiful tomatoes every time. Similarly, she

recently purchased a Goji berry tree off of e-Baythat developed a

leaf fungus after it arrived. She quickly sprayed it with colloidal

silver, and it completely recovered and is thriving.

So the shrill cries of the environmental groups about the so-called

“dangers” of silver are absolutely ridiculous on all counts.

Who’s Paying Them to Conduct This Campaign Against Silver?

The environmental groups get the bulk of their funding, to the

tune of millions of dollars a year, from donations from corporate

and individual sponsors, as well as from government grants. Our

best guess is that Big Pharma is funding them through one or

more surreptitious pathways to pursue this avenue of silver


After all, who stands to benefit the most from restricting silver’s

availability to the general public? Big Pharma (the major drug
companies) who stand to gain the most:

“Big Phama failed to get colloidal silver banned by the FDA back

in 1999, succeeding only in having the FDA ban the mention of

silver’s powerful antibiotic qualities from product advertising and


Of course, that backfired on them. The FDA’s 1999 ‘Final Ruling’

on colloidal silver only served to incense the public about

bureaucratic meddling in their health care choices. As a direct

result of the anger generated by the FDA’s ‘Final Ruling,’ more

people today know about and regularly use colloidal silver than

ever before.

So now they are trying to restrict colloidal silver by using paid

shills within the environmental movement to promote the

spurious idea that ‘nanosilver is harmful to the environment.’”

Their Hypocrisy Points to Who They Are Working For

Isn’t it interesting that the environmentalists are making such an

outcry against silver as a possible environmental pollutant, and

yet they are saying absolutely NOTHING about the tons of

pharmaceutical drugs that are poured into our nations waterways

every year, to the point that those drugs are now turning up
in the drinking water of 46 million Americans living
in our major cities?

The fact that the environmental groups basically ignore a real

problem (potentially dangerous drugs in the drinking water of 46

million U.S. homes) in order to focus so heavily on a fabricated

problem (tiny particles off silver going back into the environment

they originally came from) pretty much tells you who they are

working for.

Simply use the process of deduction. They won’t go after the

medical/pharmaceutical industry in order to stop tons of

potentially dangerous drugs from being dumped into America’s

drinking water sources. But they will go after products containing

silver nano-particles, which the medical/pharmaceutical industry

has a history of opposing.

As Sherlock Holmes would say, “It’s elementary, my dear


By Amonakur