SCIENCE AND THE ENERGY FIELD: Vibrations, waves and what they do to You.
( This is an article that I found on the net, and corrected it.
You may find it here: by Dr Hunt and company )

Following centuries of scientific rationalism which downplay the spiritual vision of human beings - presenting a bio chemical view of humans as biological machines, humans as animals, humans as chemistry - recent scientific trailblazing by energy field healing pioneer Dr. Valerie Hunt may redefine the parameters of what it means to be human. Having received a $US 4 million grant to investigate the “scalar waves” used by military, and psychic surgeons, Dr. Hunt is exploring a health model which threatens to shape a paradigm of life incorporating physics, biochemistry, molecular biology and medicine in the 21st Century.

( I guess that It would be very interesting to know who is giving all this money and what they are expecting back. Usually Big Pharma foundations are 100% philanthropic institutions, as their interest is purely economical, strategical etc… ) Find out.

Imagine being able to expose serious oncoming illnesses months to years before they are found by analyzing people’s electronic vibrations, which, it has been proven, are more unique to the individual than fingerprints.
Or utilizing atomic level energy to literally fix disease by manipulating the body’s molecular energy. Or being advised to live near electric telegraph poles which had caused leukemia in some people, in order that your healthy energy field receives a good dose of “stimulation” so that your thoughts could enter into the realms of higher consciousness - arousing extended states of insight, imagination, creativity and spirit. If the earth has magnetic forces, why shouldn’t living human beings be charged with energy? Bioscience research lags far behind the atmospheric sciences, yet sources of universal magnetism exist at all levels of nature.

Chemicals, minerals and atoms possess electrons wherever they are found, but energy is especially pronounced in living beings. As Dr Valerie Hunt says, “we, like all living matter, are bundles of electrically charged matter as nuclear physics has demonstrated.”

Insight, imagination, creativity and spirit do not exist in brain tissue, Dr Hunt writes in her recent book, Infinite Mind, the Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness. Holding advanced degrees in Psychology and Physiological Science from Columbia University, Dr Hunt became exasperated with the chemical medical model which sought to reduce human thinking to a function of neuropeptides and which was stagnating in neuromuscular limitations.

“I was very locked into the brain until I got working in other states of consciousness which cannot be explained by the brain,” Dr Hunt says down the line from California. “The brain handles many of the biological things but it doesn’t handle the thing which we are saying is the highest level of human consciousness.
“It is the mind which experiences and it is the brain which records the experience … the brain can store memory, but it is the mind which makes decisions. The mind is independent and contains the will of humankind.

”In other words, the mind takes the initiative in exploring the environment, enters into transactions and is aware of what is going on … it comprehends, reasons, has judgment and is aware of self. “The mind is the stream of consciousness.”


Quantum physics tells us that material substances are composed not only of observable matter, but also more subtle field components with organized energy patterns, boundaries and definitions. The deeper one probes into physical substance the more one encounters the underlying electrical energy or the energy field. All material substances, tree, rock or animal, have electrical fields because all are composed of particles, atoms and cells. Each of these fields is in constant dynamic equilibrium. The less dense a substance, the more energetic the field with a greater density to create a force.

As Dr Valerie Hunt says, the energy field is the primary source of the interaction of a person with her/his environment. Whatever happens to you, it is your field that gets influenced ahead of anything in the nervous system or brain.
“Our energy field data carries one thousand to ten thousand greater frequency information per second than neurological frequency data. Our energy field carries the same times amount more information about the health of our body, or the disease of our body than any other neurological or pathological information from our chemistry or tissues.

“A rich, stable energy field is a healthy field,” Dr Hunt summarizes.

( Unfortunately rich and poor are not scientific concepts. Definitions created on this kind of quality, are new age speaking tricks. A stable field, since we are talking about vibrations, would be dead. Kima, is the source of life, and vibration is movement. Once it is stable, either the body is dead form a physical point of view, or quiescent. The consideration of health, from this point of view, based on such concepts, is blasphemy. On the other hand, we could consider vibratory octaves, as harmonics, of a fundamental one. Unified theory gives you the opportunity to understand the multiverse in a different way. So, since stability, means only that you are not able to see movement in a shape, and this does not implicate that in its sub levels, this shape is not vibrating, the definition given is completely wrong. No particle is stable, but gliding through the source of the multiverse. )

Healthy and unhealthy are only degrees of entropy, order and disorder, according to given multi shaped realities. A field could instantly kill you or cure you, according to its chord, and create matter, as well as fusion, adding mass to terraform, or destroying anything; slowing down, or mutate cancer cells, into normal ones, or calm down nervous people or make them ill. Harmonics are the key, and resonance is the path. I wish they could see clearly what they are doing. 4 million dollars spent in this way, are a gift to ignorance.

- “The energy fields of healthy people are coherent, synchronous, but unwell people’s auras are demonstrably incoherent.

- People’s auras is not a scientific parameter. Coherence and incoherence, as well as synchronous or asynchronous streams, are only functional to fluxes, and algorithms the living systems plays with dealing with evolution, and tropism.

Dr says: “What I have found by measuring people’s auras is that disease begins in the energy field and anchors in the cells. “If disease begins in the field, then health should also begin in the field. The field should be our place of primary diagnosis.


Valerie Hunt’s latest publication is called Mind Mastery Meditations, a workbook which shows people how to increase their energy frequencies, deal with imagery from pain, trauma, surgery and illness, and to prepare the field for self-healing such conditions as neuro sensory degeneration, neuromuscular injuries and fractures, hyperactive diseases and hypo deficiency diseases. While grounded in scientific evidence, the text ventures into techniques for imaging your spiritual path, experiencing the divine light, telepathic interactions with other people’s electronic fields, and using the sixth sense to become more in tune with “the bio cosmic confluence”, sensing the energies of the atmosphere, stratosphere and ionoshere as well as that of earth, water and living organisms.

What is the basis, however, for her proclamations of the all-important enormous healing potential of the human energy field?

- Unfortunately Doc doesn’t know what Royal Raymond Rife did more than 50 years ago. That is exactly the kind of healing potential that philanthropist do not like scientist to talk about. No private found should be given to scientist, universities and foundations, misleading their aim, searches and results. It should be forbidden to interfere with search, and a transparent found should be granted to all searchers. The unchaining of this process, is of primary importance, if we want to solve the questions of life and harmony, rather than creating problems with coagula, of money, riches, and possibilities give to a few, and not shared with the rest of humanity.

- “If I can start at the point of environmental electrical forces, which, in this electronic age, are the strongest, highest and richest in the history of our planet.

Egyptians, Mohenjo Daro, Atlantis, Proto Celtic, Aztecs, Indian Arians, used electricity, as well as anti gravity devices as you could read on the Vimanika shastra, or see by yourself in the tunnels that show no ashes at all, of these ancient civilizations. Electronic age, dear Doc, started a long long time ago.

- Electromagnetism is spewed out constantly by the radio and TV stations, high tension power lines, industrial electronics and the many household appliance-s and gadgets which surround us. “Now, while most reports point out the destructive aspects of electronic contamination, I believe there are both positive and negative effects. To adapt to a more volatile electronic soup, a higher vibrational mix, challenges the human field to broaden its spectrum.

( more and more, same old mistake, the original sin… they never change… )

“Unsuccessful adaptation to higher levels of environmental electromagnetism always leaves an incoherent random field, one in which the edge of chaos has been exceeded, leading to turmoil.
“Humans, of all the animals, gravitate towards stress. Stress taxes the organization of our fields and in positive cases, leads to greater coherency and higher refinement. ”If we look at the second law of thermodynamics in which all matter progresses from organisation to disorganisation and then to turmoil, according to this law, humans from birth progress to disorganisation and finally to death. But when energy was introduced into any field, its complexity increases, it doesn’t disintegrate rapidly by entropy.

Maybe Doc Hunt should go back to his thermodynamics law, and try a 1000% / 1% generator, before speaking of order and disorder, since someone has change data in scientific books, in the name of personal interest and ignorance.

“So when energy is introduced into the body, in becoming more refined it moves upward towards light and life and away from death.

I’m starting to loose my patients. Adding energy does not offer a refined energy, but and in any case this idea of something moving upwards, towards light and life and away from death, used by politicians, most of the time, is an argument that make no sense. This kind of talking made by New Age Gurus, makes me laugh, but affirmed by Doctors, make me sad.

“Perhaps this explains the long lives of symphony conductors, or how living tissue can regenerate.” Dr Hunt also writes in Infinite Mind about how crashing waves deliver a mammoth amount of energy to shoreline plants - energy estimated to be fifteen times more powerful than that provided by the sun. Such heightened energy fields allows marine organisms, algae and mussel beds to maintain exceptionally high productivity, even greater than that which occurs in rain forests. With the wave action facilitating the flow of light and nutrients, the additional creating of negative ion particles from the tumbling water also amps up the electromagnetic pool, rendering beach goers totally invigorated.


Yet what about within the human body? It’s on this scientifically neglected point that the ancients’ intuitive knowledge is worth re-evaluating. Ancient Chinese theory tells of an invisible meridian system that runs deeply through the tissues of the body. Through these meridians pass nutritive energy known to the Chinese as “ch’i”. The ch’i energy enters the body through the acupuncture points and flows to deeper organ structures bringing life-giving nourishment of a subtle energetic nature. The Chinese also feel that when the flow of energy to the organs becomes blocked or imbalanced, dysfunction of the organ system will occur.

- That’s it, so why don’t you read again Traditional Medicine Chines books?

Similarly, ancient texts of Indian yogic literature speak of special energy centres referred to as “chakras” from the Sanskrit meaning “wheels”. Anatomically, each of the seven major chakras is associated with a major nerve plexus and a major endocrine gland. Connecting the chakras are fine subtle-energetic channels called “nadis” which various sources have described as numbering up to 72,000. While Dr Hunt frequently records her data from the areas over the chakras, she is quick to point out that her findings reveal the human energy field as a more unified entity.
“I see the whole field and we are not so concerned about the specifics of the field as we are the total pattern of the thing. We could take colours and information from the tip of the finger or toe, but it just happens that the amplitude is not quite strong enough.

”Historically in the West, in relying on available technology to scientifically test and validate various phenomena, during the time when we haven’t been able to measure the fine continuous signal information of bioenergy fields, the chakras and meridians were ignored by scientists as mystical constructs of primitive Eastern cultures. ”Increasingly with a new math of nature, with fractals and algorithmic formulas, it’s now possible to describe dynamic, non-periodic, continuous vibrations like those from bio-energy field recordings.”


“At some level, all material boundaries are permeable. Electromagnetic energy in the form of waves constitutes information circuits which can penetrate physical boundaries and like worm holes, flow through and back into the environment.”
”Now we’re working on psychic surgery in which we’re not concerned with the ordinary drama of psychic surgery, but we want to know if they get inside the body and how do they get there, because this is the physiological thing that we don’t understand. ”I’ve been working with them and they do go inside the body. I’m not concerned at this stage whether they cure the body or don’t cure the body, that’s the clinical thing. “I’m concerned with what is the phenomenon that causes them to open the body and really it’s basically bloodless, it does not tear up the body and we have found what it is: it’s a scalar wave.

Tesla said: now you can believe in Einstein’s point of view, but next century you will be practicing what I told you.

“It’s probably the most important thing I’ve ever discovered.

You have not discovered it, sorry. May be you did not know that lukewarm water existed, but this is your problem. From my point of view, the sonic boiler works fine, and stochastic resonance is something you should study, together with the practice of mantra.

“It’s a standing wave, it’s not a wave that goes anywhere, it has a standing vibration and it’s created when two electronic waves of the same frequency
enter a mobius coil, which is a coil that shoots energy upwards, and the body is a mobius coil when in its ovaloid shape.”

Gosh, read the Veda!!! Any vibration created in the universe is told to circulate in it and reach it’s limits to come back again, 7 times. Waves that do not go anywhere are pure fiction that your mind created for ignorant people and mislead them.

“This particular wave separates tissues and atoms, because as it expands outward, it just expands whatever tissue there is, it takes away the compression on the atoms and therefore the compression on the molecules and therefore on the cells. When this is taken away, muscle tension goes, the compression of nerves goes, which means pain - the compression on blood vessels which means poor circulation and the compression on the lymphatics which carries the immune system. So it allows the body to take care of itself.

-I say: This is a plasma state of the fourth state of matter. You should no play with it. You could kill a being using it without knowing what you are doing. It has not to do with what you see, that you call compression, or muscle tension, or the compression of nerves, or the compression of blood vessels, or poor circulation, or compression of lymphatics…. and the body, placed in such an environment, could not take care at all by itself with such an amount of added energy and resonance.

The functions would be totally altered, and life, in the way we think of it, contained by a specific body or shape, would be not possible.

Find out about the “plasma tubes” that Rife used to cure virus and bacteria, and you will start to understand why they disappeared so quickly. He made the universal microscope to see them in real time, and find out as well how these living creatures behaved, if some resonant field interacted with them. I’d rather call this antimatter, so, a part from Generals, playing with it, and killing million of creatures around the world just to test these devices, please stop fooling with such a kind of fields if you are a Doctor.

“As soon as the laboratory equipment comes in, we will be mechanically creating scalar waves and putting them on the inside of the body with the help of scalar physicists. ”We then can start using this on animals with veterinarians who are doing surgery, let the psychic surgeons show them how to get into the body when the tissues are separated and if it works with animals, we will go to humans and we basically have the surgeons ready to start.

- Yes, you may use them on yourself and on the Veterinarians that would like to test them, not on animals, please. Weapons of this kind, are used to create earthquakes, tsunami, weather change, and abrupt differences in temperature, electrical state of matter, atoms, cells, and I bet you already know the name of the man that thought you all this; Nikola Tesla. So go back to read what he wrote, and you will see that he had no intention to create problems to mankind, but to solve them. In any case, he said that with his resonator he could have destroyed Brooklyn’s bridge in one hour, but it was only to give and example of the power of resonance.


Perhaps the significance of Dr Valerie Hunt’s work is, as one scientific journal writer commented, “comparable to the discovery of penicillin and the deciphering of the DNA code”. As for skeptics, people who accept their television and radios working via transmitted waves, but who won’t accept the vast complexity of their own pulsating being, Dr Hunt isn’t wasting any part of her 81 years so far, on those types. ”The human mind is the greatest piece of equipment we have ever had, and everything we have ever done in science since is a replication of what can happen in the human mind. So, when we doubt telepathy, knowing, intuition, we’d better drop it. This will be standard information in the future.”

A standard mind reading device capturing amplified mental commands is already a patent, and this means that the invention dates back to the 70’, if not it would be classified as unappropriated for commercial use or national security. Sorry, you are at least 50 years late. Aim and shoot, devices, connected to retinal pulses or brainwaves, are in use. Please, be serious.

- “I don’t worry about everyone else, I care about only those visionaries who are able to comprehend this … the absolute truth and who will perpetuate it, expecting that the world is not going to change immediately.
“But the interesting thing is when you come in with that level of truth, doubters may fight you for a while - they don’t fight me because I don’t argue with them - but even they, deep down, know the truth.”

- I believe that doubters of this kind, are what we really need. On the other hand, doubters, couldn’t argue with anyone, since there is no one to answer to their questions, or topic to discuss. The only thing that i would like to say here, is that we should understand that all this “creation”, is made by philanthropist, to legitimate the use of money, and spend it the way they like best, without having to give it away in normal taxation to the government. This gives them the opportunity to use this granted fund and money, to carry on new businesses, and take control of what is happening around, deviating thoughts most of the time, and vulgarizing concepts that they are going to use to sell something in a short time.

This has to do with the power of money and it’s use, and not to do with science. The world theater is the kind of place in which these foundations love acting and shooting their movies, pieces and operas, to propagandize and build up opinions.

Be wise, propaganda that has no sense, is still propagandizing something, and using 4 million dollars, this time, in the name of science and public wealth.

“Someone has to break the model which has kept us so limited. When people ask, what do you do, I say I change the model of what is a human being.”

This is the usual model as you can see now. This person is not changing any model. This person lives in a wealthy context, and carries on it’s work, research, and business in tranquility. How many people this research saved? Did they really help anyone? One case, just one, please, to proof that they are really doing what they are claiming to do. If all this money has been spent, i believe that these people right now, have saved so many ill patients that we should be thankful to them. If no one has been saved and only money spent, on the other hand, I have nothing to add to what I said.


A significant disease-maker causing biological and DNA damage is extremely low frequency (ELF) power sources which leak contamination in our homes and cars.
Chronic fatigue syndrome isn’t a chemical imbalance, but an energy field problem.
Our energy fields fit into the patterns of all-life called chaos. Chaos is an elaborate mix of extremely complex patterns. Ageing is the process of losing some of the complexity, narrowing our frequency and moving towards entropy.

The human field both permeates the entire body and radiates several inches to feet from the body surface. Noise is anti-coherent energy which can drain people’s energy. However, more debilitating than the actual decibel level of noise at large gatherings is the contamination of so many scattered yet concentrated energy fields.

The key to overcoming such situations is to develop field immunity to them, to not transact your energy. Homeopathic solutions work better the more diluted they are, so that the healing agents have more “elbow room” in which the medicine molecule can resonate.

THANKS, WE do not need homeopathic solutions to wrong vibrations, but good vibrations.


Sorry, love, we do not like trojans. Clean up your PC, clean up your mind.

Be wise. Harmonic resonances and silence cure and are all you need. The right place, to rest, and no accelerating devices that emit frequencies that could disturb you, your body, your functions, your brain, your cells, etc…

It is time to understand that the only way demons work, is by convincing someone that something is good or bad, and leading the consequence of our thoughts, guide us somewhere else, or where they want us to go.

Understand vectors, and vectorial psychology. Opinion makers and marketing, are at work all the time. No trojans please, we are sane.

by Amonakur