Watch No TV violence, change channel.
Watch No internet violence, change web page.
Watch No game, do not let them implant in our memory violent examples that you will practice later on.
Violence is a contagious illness that is spreading all over the world, sustained by media asymptomatic carriers, and electronic devices that have been filled up
with crossing viruses capable of attacking your bio system.
Do not give any attention to violent contents or allow them to entertain you. Switch all devices off, if they are channeling infected contents.
Do not participate to any violent act.
Do not allow violent feelings, emotions and reactions to take place.
Purify yourself and Donít look for violent contents, the infecting virus absorbs greater sensations and stronger emotions as it infects your Body, stop feeding it.
Decondition yourself rejecting the parasite that took control of your being.
Be in peace, even if you have to work hard and force yourself to purify your Bios.
Practice meditation and concentration to remove dis harmonic thought and trojans.
Win the battle against mental addiction and the need of conflicting relationships or confrontation.
Equilibrate and harmonize yourself. Be Zen, and Do not fear solitude.
Disconnection from the False Matrix will give you a chance to rebirth.
Karma will take care, donít react, leave it to the law of Harmony. Be in control of yourself, do not let any external source feed your emotions. Be there.
Time will cure your wounds, be patient and strong.
Stop watching the news and listening to horrors at given hours, or you will feed the Egregore again, without knowing, and unconsciously letting it in again.
Activate your third eye and practice the gifts of insight and pure vision. Seek the truth, see through the veil of pain, ease it, and give good example. No shadow will harm you.

May the force be with you.

Thatís all I can do for you for the time being. Take care.

Below, an interesting chart that shows a perfect example of the mechanism that runs and administers violence in media contents, which gives you an idea of the allowed percentages of various kinds of violence broadcasted on TV. Here you may see that the average percentage of each kind of violence during the 3 year analysis did not change at all, being probably ruled by a program that controls all contents.

The fact that percentages do not vary, simply means that values are scientifically tuned.

On the other hand, If you repeat the same kind of analysis taking in consideration different social systems, and nations, you will find out that percentages will be completely different.

Programs of this kind, are unfortunately used to produce deviance and deaths, induced by mental subliminal and clear programming, bad example and imprinting.
These programs are sentient automatic algorithms that deviate the Matrix constantly and have the only function of regulating the amount of social violence and deviance produced.


Since the Egregore absorbs pain fluxes and fear, strong emotions and terror, bad thoughts and hate or disharmonic thinking, You should pay attention and avoid opposition, conflictual positions and take care about the system the Egregore uses to vampirize You and the system.

Avoid watching the news and listening to lists of terrible things that are happening all over the world. These condensations are lists of Demons, and terrible inductions, that want to spread memories of this kind all over the place, by giving terrible examples, repeating them, and pushing others to do the same.

No similar efforth is made to give god examples and condensate them in 30 minutes, anywhere in the world at the moment in the media.

This is Kali Yuga, the dark age. Kalu kali kal Tskul = to BLACK.

Just think about the time table of the Egregore, and you will notice that these emotions are food for this being, so you will have 3 main negative fluxes every day, at New time,
breakfast one, supper and dinner ones, and a few snacks that nowadays last only a few minutes, and condensate in even shorter time, all the negativity they can concentrate on.

The information and news that are spread out all over the world, do not depend in reality on what is really happening, but on the examples these mediatic institutions would like to pass You, and the kind of food the Egregore wants to eat.

Scientifically speaking, this being could and should be starved. It is a plague to mankind, and should be taxed, stopped and neutralized.

If You have never anything about a "tax on violence", it is because Vampires, do exist, and would starve if we understood their subtle game.

The God they serve is a dark one, and has nothing to do with this world.

Absorption curves look like this...even though the frequencies are not exactly what you can see in the chart.


by Amonakur Jedi Simon