Masdar City affair and rewasteable energies

How to make plenty of money right in the middle of a desert: Masdar City affair.

Opening speeches. We are talking about a multi million dollar affair. Just enjoy the ride.
This is all about energies, produced and sold, slices of future markets to exploit and global control.

The Zayed Future Energy Prize, recognizes organizations and individuals, who are leading the search for clean energy solutions. Today, the Prize continues to grow in international stature and significance.This year, we received a record number of submissions: 391 in total; up one third from last year; and double the number from two years ago.

We received submissions from 69 countries; spanning all continents. Most importantly, the quantity of submissions was matched by their quality. And as a result, the challenge for the jury this year, has been even greater than usual, as they sought to find one outstanding winner, from a very strong shortlist of pioneering and inspiring nominees.

I would like to thank the jury as well as the review and selection committees, who have contributed and participated in this year’s evaluation process. This year’s entries are remarkable for their ideas and innovation. The determination shown by every nominee, to finding future energy solutions, to the world’s energy challenges, makes them all worthy of praise and recognition.

And the excellence of our shortlisted entries should strengthen our belief that real progress is being made, here and now, towards a more sustainable world. Your Highnesses, Excellencies, Ladies and gentlemen, our winners will carry forward the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

We are confident, that they will continue to pioneer the renewable energy and clean technologies, essential to mitigating the effects of climate ( brain ) change. And by doing so, they will help build, a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Thank you for joining us this evening, and for sharing this celebration with us.


US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton address

Masdar Institute, Abu Dhabi, 10 January 2011

Good afternoon, it is such a pleasure for me to be here, I want to thank Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, Special Envoy for Climate Change, UAE and the CEO of Masdar. And Adnan Amin, ,at Abu Dhabi, Masdar Institute ,on January 10,2011

Good afternoon, it is such a pleasure for me to be here, I want to thank Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, Special Envoy for Climate Change, UAE and the CEO of Masdar. And Adnan Amin, the new interim Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency, known as IRENA, which will have its permanent headquarters here in Masdar City. And Dr. Fred Moavenzadeh, the president of the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and a professor from MIT.

This is a very exciting and important visit for me personally, and I thank His Excellency for those kind words, but the partnership that we have established between the United States and Abu Dhabi around renewable Energy and climate change and sustainable development that takes advantage of human capital is one of the most important partnerships for the future that we could be pursuing.

We have a special connection with the Institute because of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of our nation’s top universities and because of the Department of Energy. We believe that the work being done here at Masdar has the potential to solve some of the most urgent challenges facing our planet.

2010 speech

World Future Energy Summit 2010 - Opening Ceremony

Abu Dhabi, 18 January 2010 Welcome to the third World Future Energy Summit.

It gives me great pleasure to see that so many of you have returned to Abu Dhabi for this important international gathering, and that many of you are here for the very first time. Your presence here today is a testament to the Summit’s ongoing success, and the continued global importance of energy efficiency and renewable energy in mitigating climate change.

Over the past year, we have all faced the challenges of the global economic downturn. Nonetheless, I can confidently say that renewable energy maintains its relevance and continues to make absolute sense.

The year began with the establishment of the International Renewable Energy Agency, IRENA— the world’s first inter-governmental agency fully dedicated to renewable energy.

Through the efforts of the wise and visionary leadership of the United Arab Emirates and the ongoing support of the IRENA member states—most of whom are with us here today—we are privileged to have been selected to host the IRENA headquarters in Abu Dhabi. As the host country, we are fully committed to facilitating the establishment of IRENA and helping the agency achieve its objectives.

With 138 member states in its first year of establishment – IRENA is a true reflection of the global commitment to ensuring the widespread adoption of renewable energy across developed and developing nations.

We also saw significant growth in renewable energy and clean technology. For example:

* Estimates put the total investments in this sector at 155 billion US dollars; this is a four-fold increase from 2004.

* And, in one year, all forms of grid-connected solar photovoltaics grew by 70 Percent, while wind power grew by 29 Percent

* Furthermore, significant strides were made at local, national and regional levels with the development of policies to promote renewable energy generation.

Here in Abu Dhabi, Masdar continued, ITS steady progress in developing its various projects both locally and internationally.

That said the world is still faced with some challenges. With our population growing to 9 billion by 2050; our world energy demand doubling; CO2 emissions rising; and the planet’s temperature increasing—we cannot afford to falter.

That is why today we must urgently progress the deployment of clean energy solutions and the implementation of energy efficiency measures to help meet our future energy requirements and to address the threats posed by global climate change.

Last month, 193 nations attended COP15 to negotiate an agreement that could have generated a truly global commitment to mitigating the effects of climate change. And while a global framework was not achieved, we cannot lose sight of our responsibility to drive progress towards a low carbon economy.

We must urge governments to set policies and regulations. We must set our goals high and commit to advancing renewable energy. And we must urge academia to focus its efforts in developing and improving such technologies, while cultivating the required human capital to initiate meaningful action. In order to effectively drive this progress there has to be greater collaboration between the public and private sectors. And these collaborations must be of “mutual benefit”.

Governments should establish policies and frameworks that encourage the private sector to develop new ideas and solutions. These policies must make renewable energy economically sound.

In parallel, the private sector must drive the innovation and transfer of technology, and be prepared to assume the technical, operational and financial risks. With this collaboration, I have no doubt that we can drive real change. Ladies and Gentlemen, the time is now. It is our responsibility and duty to shape our energy future. And the future of our energy lies in the combined efforts of governments, academia and the private sector.


European Future Energy Forum 2009 – Opening Ceremony

Bilbao, Spain, 8 June 2009

Your Excellencies, ladies and gentleman, welcome to the European Future Energy Forum. It is a great pleasure to be here — in a place, where the renewable energy industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years.

The rising adoption of renewable energy across Europe is a testament to your commitment, and the United Arab Emirates commends your achievements. The UAE, Abu Dhabi in particular, through the Masdar initiative, is also committed to making a contribution to the global renewable energy agenda. We recognize that our contribution will be greater if we collaborate with governments and businesses from around the world. And because we strive to become an open, global platform for co-operation in the field of renewable energy, we decided in 2008 to establish the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.

In the last two years, this summit has driven collaboration and dialogue around renewable energy policy, investment and innovation. Based on our experience and success, we decided to take this platform beyond Abu Dhabi.The European Future Energy Forum will be the first of many opportunities to share knowledge, advance solutions and explore partnerships. For a major oil producing nation, to pro-actively seek a key role in the renewable energy sector, is a major paradigm shift. And we hope that all nations, whether developed or developing, will follow suit and reconsider the way they produce and use energy.

With the right collaboration…. between the public and private sectors… I have no doubt that we can drive real change. We must set our goals high, and commit the resources required to make the change that the global community so urgently requires. This is not the first time Abu Dhabi has made a major paradigm shift. Over the last forty years we have experienced an amazing transformation, from an economy based on pearl diving, fishing and agriculture, into a global hub of commerce, finance, tourism, and a key player in the global energy markets. Today, we recognize that our future depends on yet another transformation: this time from a country that imports knowledge into one that exports it. From a country that produces hydrocarbons, to one that is fully capitalizing on its energy expertise and assuming a leadership role in the renewable energy sector. This shift has already been demonstrated by Abu Dhabi’s commitment that by 2020, renewable energy sources will account for at least 7 percent of its total power generation capacity. This is the level of commitment being championed by our wise and forward thinking leadership.

However, we recognize that for bold targets such as our own, and the European Union’s 20/20/20 target to materialize, action from both the government and the private sector is critical. Where the government establishes policies and regulatory frameworks, it is the responsibility of the private sector to execute and implement. The establishment of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) will mark a high point for this sector in going forward. The UAE is proud to have been one of the founding members, alongside 83 countries, including Spain. Together we will actively promote the wide spread adoption of renewable energy technologies around the world. And to help achieve IRENA’s mandate, the UAE is ready to host the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency in Masdar City.

I encourage you to visit our stand to learn more about our bid to host IRENA.

Ladies and gentleman, while we meet today during difficult economic times…and while skeptics question the wisdom of dedicating resources to renewable energy…I tell them, that there is no better time than the present… and no better reason than the state of our global economy. We must take the challenges of today and turn them into opportunities……We must continue our commitment to invest in human capital as well as research and development. Through this approach, we can continue to make renewable energy solutions an important part of the world’s collective response to the ongoing future energy challenge.

By working together, we can push renewable energy to a new frontier……

Thank you.

Wonderful speech and very Good intentions!!!
Unfortunately the concept of renewable energy is exactly the same one as the concept of “plain energy” that we have constantly paid in the last 100 years. Hydro electric energy could be considered as a true renewable source, whilst, wind, sea and sun, could be considered as infinite sources. The problem is due to the amount of energy we are able to produce with standard transformations, which wastes enormous quantities of it. Clean variable sources, can’t coop yet with our needs, although much of the energy we produce is wasted or not necessarily used for civilian purposes, but absorbed by industry and military organizations. Wind, water, carbon cook, wood, oil, gas, geothermal, nuclear, ice, magnetic, electric, as well as photonic, mechanic, resonant etc… could be used, simply considering existing patents, up to 1000% greater production, which means that spending 1 watt we could easily get 1000 watts. The fact that scientists are not even allowed to admit that more energy than what is spent could be produced, says it all. To change paradigm, ultimately means to accept the reality of this fact, and behave consequentially. A downgraded world, serves interests, rather than ecologic green visions, which could produce great wealth fare for all. Once energy and communication will be freed from unfair chains, a real change of paradigm will produce possibility rather than impossibility.

The production of scarcity is a basic principle of the society of consumes, which is merely capitalistic. Selling and buying energy, within monopolies, oligopolies, and multinationals, at a chosen price, is in fact, the usual process of tying populations to private and public interests that run the whole business.

Rechargeable units, just depend on primary energy as well as other apparatus, and their functionality, or speed at which they will run out of energy, is not based on scientific acquired possibilities, but on average bureaucratic functions. These values and times are purely commercial ones, and only relative to time absorption, as a dysfunctional constant introduced to grant future betterments. A constantly downgraded society, from the scientific point of view, because of industry’s greed, is probably the worst kind of waste we cannot afford to make right now. Interest, in this case, is the first cause to blame, since we already possess the keys to free energy, zero waste, in loco production, wireless conduction and non stock energy, that Nikola Tesla, so kindly taught us, so many years ago.

We have already wasted 100 years charging batteries, although ( Tesla’s alternators ) made a good job.
On the other hand, fuel burning cars have been preferred to electric cars in 1910, because the car industry understood that there existed real risks of losing great slices of energy monopoly, since Tesla’s prototype, entered one of the main industry factories, feed only by a simple wireless antenna, and when they looked for the battery, they did not find it. Adverts, of those years, show the clear intention to start building masculine and powerful cars rather than slow and silent electric cars, which were considered feminine. No surprise, things went this way, as we missed the appointment with clean energy in the name of greed.

So, when we listen to speeches of this kind, where private and public, are continuously pronounced together, I get the feeling that there is a common intent behind these groups, that have decided someway to run the whole business together. Through a simple democratic vote, free energy could be free for all, so, what do you think private interest are doing right now? Could they stand a Democratic intrusion in their way of thinking? Change behavior? Accept a different way? This is the paradigm I was thinking about, and not mere words that sound great in the hands of philanthropist, that using non taxed foundations and direct interests without been seen. No foundation should grant anonymity to people that say they really want to help. It is time to think things over again. Change is necessary to solve this crisis. I advice scientists and engineers to free their patents on green energy, as we all democratically vote for a law that grants them money for research, merit and credit. This is mutual exchange and benefit for all. Secrets, are the worst bargain we could make with our future. Downgraded conscience, the worst spell some could make on people, in need, sufferance, and lacking basic and vital needs, as food, water, etc… I hope you understood the message, and has someone told me that you believe that too much democracy is a limit to your business, I urge you to use common sense, consciousness, wisdom and good thinking. To Respect, means to ask before doing, and not to pretending to know what is right or wrong for someone else. Eventually, in most cases, the money ends up in the banks of the helpers, and debt appears in the future of nations in need.

Let’s put it this way, we do not want money anymore, we want infrastructures, factories, farms and transformation plants, jobs and freedom to produce, invent, create, share, exchange, and grow.
If you are not ready to give useful help, and are still playing with numbers, or inventing money that has never been created, and does not exist, You missed again the sense of freedom and liberty, and practice slavery as usual. What is the use of money that has to be spent the way you want, in projects that are direct emanation of your wishes and produce the greatest benefits to you rather than to communities?

I guess you already know all this, I’m only asking you to find a different way to progressively change bad habits. I’m not telling you in which way you could do this, but urging you to balance and harmonize things without the use of money. If you are able to make things better without touching a cent or a penny, then you will be a benefactor. Money does not buy my soul.

By Amonakur