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We are best known for our home made herbal formulas. I set out 10 years ago to have 100 of Dr. John R. Christopher's top herbs and in a few years I realized many herbs only like to live in certain places on this earth and the ones that grow the most natural on their own are by far the very best. I like an old slogan from years ago that goes like this; "OH YES, WE GROW THE VERY BEST". I believe we do have the very best Parasite Formula on earth and if I could make it better I would. Hopefully this web page will convince the world it is made with the finest herbs possible and that Middleburg Hillside Farm is the ideal location for such Natural Herbs to grow. I don't believe anyone goes to such lengths to produce such a formula and I believe most if not all commercial formulas have their problems. I believe the Dr. Christopher herbal methods treats the person like a farmer would treat an animal, in that it uses very strong herbs (Male Fern) as a "treatment" and not as a program to get worm-free and stay worm-free! The goal of this web page will be to educate those with interest to understand what Worm-Free really means. The world was re-introduced to the subject of parasites some years ago with the Dr. Hulda Clark books. Once you have interest in parasites it is easy to find thousands of pages on the Internet from medical colleges around the world. Once my interest was
sparked by the Clark books, I purchased as many old medical books on the subject of parasites that I could find and discovered a few really great books were made about 100 years ago. The very best book was peer reviewed around the world and found to be correct, it identified all diseases and each parasite associated with that certain disease and used just one herb as a cure for all parasites. This book was only printed once and limited to 1,000 copies and I felt very honored to come across it. I think I can prove I have spent more time self-experimenting with the parasite issues so I could prove or disprove their existence than most anyone else that uses herbs. Nothing is ever the total truth written in stone, I learn as I go and what I believe today may change in time, all I write or show is for entertainment purposes only and to stimulate others to also self-experiment and learn for them selves. I have used the Clark type of herbs mostly because so many people have purchased her books and seek the products/herbs she makes mention of. The herbs I use are all mentioned in the Clark books as well as most herbal books. I make the formulas "different" than anyone else! I also will be stepping out on "MY OWN" with this web page and explain The "BAREFOOT" Way and offer a Select "PREMIUM" product based on "MY" personal beliefs of the true use of herbs as aids in health.

Trent is sitting in a bed of "Premium" Wormwood. Why do I say "Premium"? Because I have cared for this bed for 10+ years now and in Master Herbalist School I was educated to understand what makes a plant more and more parasite resistant each and every year! Note the stalk of Wormwood being held, it is hard wood, yet Trent is setting in a bed of fluffy soft Wormwood. This is only possible if you care for the plants and I am sure no one else who makes a parasite formula has any idea about Wormwood, its proper care and how to extract the nutrients properly and can only guess how to properly use it. The one thing I have noticed is that on the Internet and many modern books all show a picture of the "WRONG" Wormwood plant. They usually show a commercial ornamental flower garden wormwood plant. This proves to me they haven't a clue about what they are writing about and who knows what these people selling parasite formulas with wormwood in the formula are actually using??? This is why there are so few "Master Herbalist" in the world today, few want to actually want to learn, they would rather follow the blind in search of quick $$$ only and the consumer is the one that is always getting ripped off. I won't be showing all my learned methods, but hopefully enough to let all know; "OH YES, WE DO GROW THE VERY BEST"!

To graduate I had to write a thesis on 1 of 100 herbs used by The School of Natural Healing that no one else had chosen and I was able to write about the Black Walnut Tree, to me the thesis was something that is boring, I am not one for following others and their rules. I would rather just state it the way I see it and so be it, but we all know you flunk classes if you don't conform to their rules.
A really good herb can be described as; Every part of the plant/tree can be used, and the Black Walnut Tree as well as every herb in the De-Wormer Formula is usable. Knowing what parts and when and how is what makes or breaks a formula.
The Clark books explains the walnut or fruit of this tree is to be used when mature and even on the ground and partially black. This would be a source of plant iodine or an herb used to stain steel animal traps and NOT an herb used for Parasites or to be taken internally with out caution. The Clark books also explains to use Vitamin C powder as an acid aid to preserve the chemicals in the Walnut that is specific for parasites. I asked Christopher Hobbs (one of my teachers) years before I ever took the Schooling about the proper use of the Black Walnuts for use in De-Worming humans; he is considered one of the smartest herbalist on earth and an expert in herbal science.
Mr. Hobbs sent me an e-mail with many pages copied from a 1952 German Science Study of the Black Walnut and its use for parasites, I even took the time years ago to make a paper copy and send to Dr. Hulda Clark. This study proved the mature walnut to be the weakest part of the tree and if the nut was old enough to have any dark spots on it, it was worthless as a De-Wormer. It went on to explain the Male Bud at the top of the largest male trees was the Superior source and every day after the Male Bud, the source would be weaker and weaker as time goes on. The actual walnut fruit was considered a poor source, unless it was very immature. It explained that the extracted chemicals must be kept in an acid solution or they would be ineffective and the proper method was to add Raw Apple Cider Vinegar the hour the Walnut Buds were harvested. The Clark method uses Vitamin C powder as her suggested method of an acid, I explained the proper methods of the German Study and she ignored all the German Science and kept her books as they were, even though she has scientific proof that her method was not correct.

The Problem: most people selling Black Walnut Tincture or a combination of walnut/wormwood/clove have done so based on the Hulda Clark books. The use of dry/dead wormwood and powdered clove capsules, etc. is just about the poorest method a person could do that are seeking herbs as aids for removal of parasites. Throw in the use of Vitamin C powder and you have turned the herbs into a liquid made with white drugs falsely called Vitamin C. Most herbalist don't even bother with parasites, because like the MD, parasites keeps the person a returning customer. When you do see an herbalist using herbs for parasites they usually use the toxic herbs such as Male Fern and have zero idea what it takes to be worm-free, they suggest using their product one time and normally have little to say about worms, because they were never educated on the subject. Medically they know even the use of chemo can't kill all the parasites and if they kill them too fast with such toxic methods the person could die in their own trapped waste. You can find allot of information about parasites on the medical web sites at colleges and Government data bases proclaiming death rates by the year in every country and boast of having a collection of over 20,000 different parasites. Only in the oldest medical books such as the 1 of 1,000 printed long ago, will you read of the cure for such parasite problems. Today the use of drugs can not control parasites and all toxic substances always makes for more and more parasites, so you don't find MD's talking much about parasites, you don't want to promote something you have no cure for.
Like most herbal things the more I researched, the more I seen I would have to make my own if I was to trust it with my children and family.

Where I live the Black Walnut Tree is just about everywhere you look. Our yard has more Walnut Trees than any type of tree. The woods are full of large old trees. My experience has been that some years the male bud rarely appears and in other years it is abundant. In general there is maybe one male Walnut Tree for a half a dozen female trees. As the German Science proved, the largest Male Buds are on the tops of the largest trees, this is Nature's way of allowing the winds to blow the spores across space to reach the female trees.
I do allot of tricky things such as trimming the Male Trees to damage them and make them seek to make more and more powerful resistant chemicals and the greatest trick of all would be to cut down all the female trees in the area, this would force the males to make extremely potent male buds in an effort to reach the far off females. It is a proven government fact that plants communicate with each other.
When our life is over, we may actually learn that we humans of "free choice" who choose to poison our selves may actually be the least of God's creatures to understand Nature's Ways.
I have made many devices to retrieve the walnuts and even use to cut down some of the spare trees to obtain the Male Buds, those days are behind me, I have a Lift Bucket Truck that allows me to harvest on the "PRIME DAY" and not damage the trees more than I desire to. This is also the only safe method to harvest.
• Why am I the only person on earth to use the Premium Part of the Black Walnut Tree? Because the Male Bud must be harvested prior to loosing its spores to be absolute Premium and that means you have 1-2 days per year to harvest a years supply and I am the only person on this earth that does this as far as I am aware of and if they do harvest the male bud, they most likely are doing so because they read where I said it. The Black Walnut can not be dried or extracted in a non-acid liquid or the anti-parasite chemicals will not keep. Considering these few facts, it is easy to see why no one does it correct, ONLY someone such as a Master Herbalist would go to the efforts to make the very best.
I believe the Black Walnut commercial products are made with the wrong parts of the tree, harvested wrong, preserved wrong, bottled wrong, sold wrong and used wrong.
I personally believe the simple minerals the person receives from the herbs enables the liver to "Jump Start" and the increase then gives the customer the illusion the formula was the reason for worms dyeing and feeling better. I suggest the customer that used these wrong made products only received a very small percentage of what the whole herbs have to offer as nutrition.
I have noticed, those selling the Dr. Hulda Clark and other commercial or even home made versions of the Clark Style De-Wormer do not talk about being worm free, they don’t have actual experience seeing the worms that come out of people and they don’t have any clue what they actually are selling. Most people don’t even realize that vitamin C powder is a toxic substance and should not want their de-wormer herbs to have it in it.
None of these suppliers have a clue of the proper dose, most want the consumer to trust that 1 little 2 ounce bottle can de-worm three adults!!! They have no clue that 2 ounces is barely enough to de-worm a cat! These companies, like most companies needing to make $$$ are doing nothing more than merchandising the consumer and to do so while they are ill; is not something a God Fearing Person would ever want to do.

At the conclusion of the web page I hope it is clear to see that I will go to all lengths to make the very finest herbal De-Wormer Formula Possible, if it can be made better, I will modify it. The object of this web page is to show proof that this formula is the finest made on earth as well as education to all. In the above pictures the first one is a fine example of a prime male bud. The center picture is taking it to the next level. By topping the male trees I have their absolute Prime male buds and this forces the trees to make stronger and stronger chemicals each year in an effort to mate. These "topped" buds are the cream of the crop literally. The female trees also will react to not having enough males and will alter each year again in an effort to produce a fertile walnut. I doubt another person on earth has put the efforts into the Black Walnut tree and as well as examining the facts of human De-Worming as I will show later.
REMEMBER the above center picture; I will make an extremely rare offer based on this picture and a self-experiment I discovered this year later on this page.

The best possible walnuts fit easily into the palm of the hand and not the suggested old walnuts in the Clark books. It takes hundreds of these to fill a bucket and again, only The "BAREFOOT" Herbalist, M.H. and his boys will put such efforts into making herbs properly. This is not all I know about and use of the Black Walnut Tree, but more than enough to see; OH YES, WE DO GROW THE VERY BEST!

Like the Black Walnut Tree, the Olive Leaf Tree also can be used from top to bottom for many things. Dr. Morton Walker wrote the best book on the Olive Leaf Tree called; "Olive Leaf Extract". I won't go into allot of details here because everyone needs to read that book, it only cost $5.95 and explains everything from bacteria/virus control to a cure for Parkinsons, HIV, etc. and just about all viral/bacterial diseases with Olive Leaf that he states test shown was as safe as drinking water to consume.
My experiences with Olive Leaf has proven to me that Olive Leaf is the KING of HERBS.
I live in an area where the Olive Leaf Tree can't grow. I tried raising them in pots that I could bring in for the winter. They survive but can't thrive, so a kind lady in California sent be fresh cut limbs from her trees, she moved away and when I am out I will need to find another kind person to do this again. One time one of the branches poked a hole through the large box and it appeared some one 3,000 miles away was sending me their tree/yard clippings, but the mail lady didn't say much because she knew we seek the very best herbs anyway we can get them! On the "BAREFOOT" WAY web page you can see how I grind the limbs up and it attracts the honey bees that cover them selves in the powder and takes their treasure back to their hive to use as their medicines.
I use Olive Leaf in every formula I can, I believe it makes all the original Dr. John R. Christopher formulas better. Dr. Hulda Clark uses Olive Leaf in her HIV experiments and got me looking until I found the Walker book and once I understood this King of Herbs it had to be apart of my De-Wormer Formula.
The Olive Tree is the Oldest Tree on record for use in man’s health and proven to be effective against all viruses and bacteria and according to Dr. Walker, it is considered as safe as water to consume for all ages. These leaves were hand picked from the branches that were sent to us, I couldn't ask the nice lady to hand pick the leaves for me, it would be nice and save allot of shipping cost, etc.; but the leaves are best left on the stems until they reach us. I assure you, no one goes to the efforts we do to raise or obtain the very best!

As a child I remember raising pumpkins, they were a fun thing. We didn't make the pumpkin pies from them, but did enter one at a local festival once and I remember winning a $10 prize which was allot of money back then. Clark makes mention of the pumpkin seeds anti-parasite qualities as do most herbal books. They are best known as a children's de-wormer when eaten raw. I read a juice book once that explained if you juiced a pumpkin Rhine, seeds and all and drank it, it was considered a cure for HIV. So to round the De-Wormer Formula out I had to add Pumpkin Seeds.

The only source I have ever read about Cloves being used as a De-Wormer is the Clark books. She states it is good to aid in the elimination of parasite eggs. I will have to take her word on this and if nothing else the Cloves gives the De-Wormer Formula a pleasant flavor. I live in the wrong part of the world for Cloves so I purchase "ORGANIC" raised Cloves and then grind them and make an extract. The Clark books explains once the Clove is ground in air and put in a capsule it looses its ability as a anti-parasite herb, yet she then only has the reader/patient consume old clove capsules! The Cloves I use are the best available and they are ground in liquid and not the air to form a powder for a capsule.

I will only use Raw Vinegar as proven by the German Scientist over 50 years ago and refuse to use Vitamin C chemical powder as suggested by the Clark books. We obtain Apple Cider Vinegar from an Amish Apple Orchard that also sales our De-Wormer Formula. They keep a few thousand gallons of home made vinegar in stock and we buy their three year old Vinegar. I then have an Amish family further away that has vinegar that is three generations old that has aged just a little over 100 years. Being one of our customers they were nice enough to allow us to obtain some of this vinegar and it is so powerful tasting it is unbelievable! I mixed these two vinegars together and then add the three year old vinegar to the tank and never allow it to go empty, this way the 100 year old vinegar is always apart of this tank.
To take it a step further I make Pineapple Vinegar. This dates back in history as one of the best vinegars possible, it not only aids in keeping the heart and veins clean, it also is one of the best herbs to aid in removing heavy metals such as lead. Dr. Morton Walker searched the world over for people who lived well past age 100 and he noted one thing: "they all had extremely low lead levels" and he suggested the tribes that all lived past age 100 easily lived on pineapple.
I will suggest my vinegar is one of the most rare formulas of vinegar on earth! People often ask for some of the "mother" from it to start their own batch of vinegar. To give the De-Wormer the Ultimate “KICK” I also use Pure Oregano Oil from Turkey. Dr. Hulda Clark wrote about this amazing essential oil which lead me to reading the Dr. Cass Ingram Oregano Books. No one comes close to making such a product combination as this. I worked with people, examined the liver flushes and made the Formula based on what I saw and was hearing from the people.

From day one I never made plain walnut tincture and took pills of wormwood and cloves, I started out as a three herb formula and most likely was the very first one to do this! I was asked to take some pictures to a Dr. Hulda Clark seminar in Kentucky many years ago and showed my De-Wormer formula and Kidney Cleanse and everyone had never seen such a thing before! They didn't know this could be done in liquid. The Black Walnut, Wormwood and Clove has been copied shortly after that seminar but no one has copied "MY" formula of five herbs, the vinegar, etc. and if they have, it is most certain they would never put forth the effort or come close to the way I make it and "IF" they did and sold it commercially, it would be the most expensive herbal formula ever sold.
I have read about every herbal book written over the years and not one suggest making a herbal formula the way I do. My method came to me after my first forty day fasting experience and no one knows it or has an idea how to copy it. My formula is not a syrup, nor is it a tincture, it is "MY" combination that worked out so well that I make all my none tincture formulas this one way. Every formula I make that I call a Syrup/Tincture is basically a cure-all type of formula. The main herbs determines the name given to the formula and the actually formula is meant to supply the liver nothing more than plant based nutriments/minerals. Note that the Longevity Spices for Life Formula incorporates "ALL" my formulas, so it is always my Ultimate Plant based mineral formula that is about 108 times more complicated than this De-Wormer formula.

Herbs are sold all over the world and odds are, the person selling the herbs never used them or made them. So how do they know their products work? They don't!
I had my own health issues from working with lead all my life and was dieing, the medical doctors had no clue or help because the medical doctors are trained to not identify work related health issues that could harm the factories that pay the insurance that makes the doctors wealthy, so they turn a blind eye when the ill enter due to factory related diseases.
I had no teachers, no help, I had to learn how to save my life on my own and I was loosing the battle. Then a family member purchased the Dr. John R. Christopher video series over 15 years ago for over $300 which is allot of money now and then! When I watched these videos I watched them non-stop all night long! I was seeing something I had known nothing about, I was seeing these weeds called herbs could be used to help people like me. I was a novice, I had not one person to instruct me or to answer any questions. So today many years later we answer people's questions and we supply the books/videos and educational materials because I know it is a scary thing to Self-Experiment with herbs for the first time! I spent thousands of $$$ and time reading and searching and much of this was on the wrong paths and years went by as I stumbled onto this and that as my path was being straightened out as I started to "Believe" in Nature.
The very first herb I self-experimented with was the Black Walnut "Christopher's" Way! I had no idea what I was doing, I just followed the instructions to make the fungal killer his way. It worked, I painted it on my legs where the bloody rash had been for 12 years and my legs turned black from the natural iodine in the old walnuts. THEN I MADE A MISTAKE! I figured the next day I would apply the formula again!
I had no idea about iodine, I didn't know it killed human tissue on contact, all I knew was it stopped the itch that was driving me crazy! I didn't know my skin had been killed and a new layer being formed under the dead layer and when I applied the second coat of natural iodine I burned my legs so badly that I set in the bathtub filled with 55 degree water and my leg pain was almost unbearable for two hours. I had no where to turn, no one to call and I couldn't go to the emergency room with two black legs on fire from iodine burns. I was screwed and had to bare the pains of my self-experiment, my very first experiment that I thought was going to kill me!
I still had no where else to turn, the use of herbs was my only option and I didn't know how to use them. It took about nine months to obtain the Dr. Christopher School of Natural Healing Book and then I was able to read and understand the herbs better and make better decisions. My adventures; the ups and downs of self-experimentation with herbs and natural methods could fill a book! I figure I wasted over $20,000.00 by being mislead by the modern vitamin books printed after 1950.
For this web page I will only show how the De-Wormer formula came about based on my self-experimentations; which allot of people for three years volunteered, so I had a large variety of different people, ages and races to see with my own eyes the results that lead to me coming up with the formula I use and the doses I figured were best.

To read about parasites and the herbal methods is one thing, to prove such things is a totally different situation few if any have ever attempted. I spent about three years looking at liver flushes from a large variety of people who were all taking my herbs. Most had zero experiences with parasites and liver flushing prior to talking with us. I will take a guess and say I am the only person who makes anti-parasite herbal formulas and also looked first hand at the results of using the herbs. I did this to prove to my self as well as to allow me to perfect the formulas.
Many authors write about things they have no hands on experiences with. Authors of herb books are just such authors, they are repeating what they read in other books for the most part. The Naturopaths take this information and administer herbs, but they rarely ever make the herbal formulas and again are trusting many sources to be correct. I will estimate 99.99% of the people consuming herbs have never seen a Naturopath and are taking the herbs based upon an ad sent to them in the mail or from a book they picked up. The best herbs are handed down information and the same herbs the mother used and trained their children to use, but even then how could a person know if the herbs actually aided the body in an effort to be WORM-FREE!
I believe just about all the parasite information available today is mostly false in order to sell herbal products that actually have little value because the formula is made wrong and or the doses are wrong. The manufacturers wants the customer to believe they can be worm-free easily with little doses and hardly any effort, their goal being to fill their bank accounts so they can stay in business!

I have many parasite books and only one explains an herbal solution based on scientific medical experience, this along with the Dr. Hulda Clark books explains the use of herbs, but their methods and understanding of total health are lacking.
Parasites are creatures designed by God to keep this earth clean. In human health the "friendly" parasites cleanse our cells of our own waste, Dr. Christopher explains these parasites are our garbage men and out number the human cells with a ratio of 80% parasite and 20% human cells. The human cells are large and allow us to look human. With out these parasites we would quickly die in our own accumulated waste. A common word for these life-saving parasites is "CANDIDA".
Candida only becomes a problem when they are over fed, so the only solution for Candida is to stop over feeding them and if need be, reverse the prior damage and change the habits.
The larger Parasites can be called animal type parasites, these are more advanced creatures. They are selective and are designed by God to only have certain host. This is Nature's Way. Upon death the parasites quickly dissolve the cells, with out these Parasites life could not exist on earth. Most life forms have a few parasites and keep these in balance their full natural lives and don't experience problems because of them. When a creation of God's does not live where it was designed to live or lives aggressive against God's design in any way, Parasites are Nature's way to keep the checks and balances. All creation has its place on earth, this keeps the populations of all species of plants, animals, etc. in perfect balance.
So the more wrong an animal or human lives the more Parasites would be a natural problem which is the case for all civilized life today. We have far more reasons to have Parasites than we have to not have Parasites. Every wrong food, every wrong habit, poor air, poor habitat, etc. all demands judgment from Nature. In Nature, only the Strongest survive! Man has decided sterilization via metals/drugs is the best method of survival, I will suggest the sterilized body is the most ill body.
• The sterilized body does not have enough garbage men and suffocates in its own accumulated acid waste.
These large animal type parasites can be extremely small to the human eye sight or commonly as big as a dime with some averaging one foot in length. The Tapeworm species have reached records of fifty feet plus long. I have had customers pass up to 20 feet, but a very rare thing.
Most of the parasites take very expensive equipment to detect, the Internet college web sites have thousands of pages of such Parasite pictures and some country's are bold enough to keep records of the death counts each year attributed to out breaks of certain common parasites. Some list many millions of people each year dieing from very common Parasites. Other countries such as the U.S.A. does not like to display such public records so openly, it is not civilized to openly discus a subject such as human parasites. When I was experimenting with Parasites I could only afford a child's cheap computer micro-scope that worked with a computer, before this I used a 35 mm camera. This makes my pictures stand out and once you see my pictures they are easy to spot on other web sites.
Since the Parasites are seen best while doing a Liver Flush, I will also show my best Liver Flush pictures. I am the only "English" person to ever look at Amish Liver Flush results, I will presume this record to stand for all time. I did educate a group of Amish to look at the liver flush results and they showed me a whole barn full of buckets that they had "grouped" based upon the health issues of the flushee. They were quite amazed to see certain worms coming from certain diseases and even noticed their "special" children had a whole different group of parasites. This would only be natural!
Most of the pictures I will call "MY BEST" came from a Medical MD, a Dentist, a person that traveled to India allot, two woman that grew up around horses and sheep and two girls that had pet horses or dogs. After three years I was not seeing any new Parasites so I quit, my experimentation and perfection of the herbal formula was over. With this I will display a few of my best pictures.
I only looked at the Liver Flush results, so the majority of the Parasites came from the Liver. The Pre-Cleanse eliminates many of the intestinal worms, but in many cases there were still plenty of worms from the entire elimination organs. The above picture is My Best Gallstone and Liver Duct Stone picture. These came from a first time flush from a young man. Note the largest stone! It is the shape of the Gallbladder. This young man had a 100% blocked Gallbladder possibly for many years, the smaller stones only could have came from the clogged Liver Ducts.
Dr. Hulda Clark's son Geoff has a newsletter and years ago you can find this picture in the archived newsletters. The web site as well as many web sites over the

years have used some of my pictures. The above is the best possible picture of a Liver Flush that is possible.
This is a picture of eight Amish Liver Flushes at one time! I have known this family for many years now and they still continue the Liver Flushing and herbal methods. We have learned allot from watching this family over the years. Like a few other Amish family's they buy our products in bulk and spread around the family's in their settlement. It would be clear to see, no one else has went to such lengths to study parasites and herbs. I would separate the stones of each bucket to show each family member along with microscope pictures of their worms and amount of eggs. This encouraged them to continue until the worms were gone and the stones would be removed along with the chaff as described in the Dr. Hulda Clark books.

These are four of my favorites. The first picture shows a brood of babies that were waiting to be released into the intestinal tract. You can see more of these pictures in what I call the 108 page booklet.
The second picture is the best picture possible ever taken of a live Liver Fluke and her babies. This is the most common worm of all. Note she normally has four reproductive systems that can expel estimates of 20,000 babies!!!! These are the worms that make the liver look like Swiss cheese. These can cram the pancreas tight and as well be anywhere in the body.
The third picture shows what I call the Sheep Fluke Worm stuck inside a common Gallstone. It also appears that most people have this red worm and it also loves the Liver. It is known to fill the female reproductive areas and excrete its own hormones that stops the human from conceiving, we have seen women De-Worm and expel huge amounts of these worms and then become pregnant for the first time a month or two later. The fourth picture is just a small example of eggs or segmented worms found commonly in a Liver Flush.

I really have know idea of the medical names given to these worms, so I sent many pictures years ago to Dr. Hulda Clark in hopes she could identify them. She sent the pictures back stating she would identify them in the future and never has. So I am satisfied to just know these and most all human parasites come out easily with the Herbal De-Wormer Formula.
These are just a sample of my best pictures, you can see and read more in the 108 page booklet.
The study of herbs in herbal books or old medical books will explain that the body uses the chemicals and minerals from the herb to restore health. This theory sells allot of herbs. Medical doctors around the world seek the most rare herbs on earth and naturally they then market these "RARE" herbs in countries where the herb does not grow and they make millions of $$$$$. Each year new herbs are discovered and over and over people are mislead into buying these "Miracle" herbs. They must keep finding new ones because once the market is saturated the sales plummets and the company dies as fast as it was born. Their goal is $$$$$$$$$$, period.
Many authors will explain the placebo effect of "just believing" works 50% of the time; when someone reads a Clark book the word "CURE" on the front cover not only sells the books, but also when the brain is educated about certain things being toxic, "JUST KNOWING" is part of the body's ability to maintain health longer. Education to me, is at least 50% of the cure. I always suggest to read one hour per day about self-applied health methods.

Dr. John R. Christopher used over 60 herbal formulas. He explained that all these herbs are just like everything else taken by mouth; in that the body does not want it and seeks to eliminate it as fast as possible. The Professional Naturopath can use more toxic herbs similar to all medicines and "FORCE" the body to eliminate in a specific manner. Dr. John R. Christopher chose less than 200 herbs from the 2,000 he knew how to use. He considered these 200 to be safe and usable by anyone with interest in herbs. These considered safe herbs are not toxic enough to poison, normally at most when taken in large doses the herbs will cause the person to eliminate quickly. The best herbs cause the accumulated foods to expel out the bowels, the kidneys, by sweating and by coughing mucus up and out the lungs. Some of the herbs is large doses will cause the stomach to throw up and even a few will cause the lungs to throw up. The very best are anti-parasite and cause increased circulation/sweating.
So why do certain herbs become known as Anti-Parasite Herbs such as are used in the above formula?
I am certain Clark chose the Black Walnut because it is not available in Southern California and she was searching for the market and I believe she went to Mexico to study the Harry Hoxsey method from the rumors I have heard from those that worked around her, but regardless of the rumors, her method of using the old walnut is an iodine method; aka Harry Hoxsey method. The use of daily non-plant based iodine ends up sterilizing the body and stops most cancers, but must be done 7 days a week for life. Not the best ideal, but certainly a better choice over chemo drugs, many lived another 40 years on daily iodine hidden in the Harry Hoxsey complicated herbal formula to throw off the AMA.
I gave Dr. Clark the German science study explaining the true parasite use of the Black Walnut tree and that made no difference to her, so I am convinced she was only searching for the iodine and copying Hoxsey. I have nothing to prove Cloves kills parasite eggs other than the Clark source and it is simple to see why wormwood would be chosen. By the way, the best medical parasite herb book ever printed suggested one cure for all worm problems and naturally it was wormwood and peer approved by medical doctors around the world before 1,000 copies were printed one time. Historically children who ate Pumpkin Seeds would expel worms in the stool and Dr. Morton Walker exclaims that Olive Leaf will keep all the worms/bacteria/viruses in check. Some such as Dr. Christopher will even use Male Fern as a De-Wormer, but admits it is too strong an herb and must be used short term and the Christopher method de-Worms a person like a farmer De-Worms his cow; take some herbs, expel some worms and your done.
We know one thing for sure; the herbs are dead. This means their electricity and ability to live is gone. This means we electrical humans can only absorb the minerals/chemicals from the dead herb.
• We know these dead minerals/chemicals have zero life and therefore can do nothing. We then know our Spirit guides our Liver; via our solar plexus to make "LIVE" chemicals as needed by our "LIVE" blood.
In 1957 the discovery of Co-Q10 cost about $1,000 per gram and was made from the beef liver. When given to Japan years later they made the Co-Q10 out of the Tobacco Plant and who knows what it is made from today or why it is school bus yellow. The scientist of that time believed the Liver only produced Co-Q10, that all foods had Co-Q 1-9 and that the Liver would accumulate the Co-Q 1-9 and combine until it had Co-Q10 and that our bodies only operated on Co-Q10. They believed as do the Japanese through studies of mice that Co-Q10 supplementation doubled/tripled the lifespan of all mammals.
I am not sure I believe any of the Co-Q10 theory because huge $$$ backs such studies, the drug factories of today got their start in factories created to produce better Co-Q10 or so I have read. What all the medical books have in common is that the Liver is the manufacturer for the body. I will base my Theory on this Theory.
• I firmly believe the stomach when in good health is the organ that cleanses the blood. I believe the ill stomach can not filter the blood and then forces the liver, spleen, etc. to cover for the ill stomach. So naturally the stomach is a priority and why I suggest the orange juice fasting so often, it is the best method to restore "thy" stomach.

Dr. Christopher teaches that the herb has hundreds, if not thousands of different and unknown chemicals within the whole plant. The doctors isolate these chemicals to make drugs that can then be patented. Dr. Christopher as well do many others; believe the whole herb is best because many times the anti-dote for toxic chemicals in a plant are also present in the same plant and makes the plant eatable in its whole form.
Dr. Christopher states in his video to a room of doctors that he could cure all cancers with but one mineral; POTASSIUM. The reason being when the body lacks Potassium it has too much salt and the irritating salt caused the lack of circulation that lead to the low oxygen over growth of fungus known as cancers/tumors. Again, this plant based Potassium is a dead food, the liver was doing all the work.
Other medical books have stated most if not all health issues are an imbalance of iron. Christopher's plant based formula that balances the iron seems to do miracles and proves it is true in the healing of poison Ivy and Oak.
These dead minerals/chemicals have vibration and color and some will attempt to heal by balancing the vibrations of the body as well as using color therapy which is also a vibration method as well. Just standing barefoot on the damp earth while facing the sun will do far more for vibration/color therapy than any other natural method.
So I believe it is the Liver that takes these dead herbs and makes the chemicals that are needed by the blood as directed by the Solar Plexus via the Spirit in the Heavens above in an effort to provide the Spirit a healthy Temple to do Gods work while on earth in body. The ill body does not support the Spirit.
I believe the Co-Q10 theory is full of holes, I believe the liver is making thousands; if not millions of combinations of chemicals as needed by the blood. The "LIFE" is in the "BLOOD" via each and every breath; thus flows "LIFE". We are in a body made up of Earth/Wind/Water/Fire that only exist via the sun. "WE" are electricity within the body. The body falls dead to the ground the second "WE" leave it. While sleeping "WE" leave the body, but are connected by what the ancients referred to as the "silver cord".
We are 100% E/W/W/F and perfectly combined with the "breath" of life (Spirit). Life forms look different because of the combination of E/W/W/F is structured a little differently in all species of animals, plants, reptiles, etc. and easy to see all has but one creator. It is very easy to see "ALL" exist because of the sun, "ALL" being compressed radiation. The compressed radiation only has life when animated by Spirit, so all that has life, has Spirit.
• The ancients state that when man is ill, the trees are his source to regain health (balance).
I believe the above statement to be one of the most true statements in human health. The fruit bearing tree and the bush are the premium herbs. The tree and bush gets better and better with age. They only allow in the very finest minerals. These minerals started as cosmic dust entering the atmosphere and or volcanic dust that circled the earth and fell down to form layers in the soil. These clays, dust, soils are useless until bacteria have eaten/refined the minerals until they are so tiny that they can be absorbed through the root bark of the tree/bush. The tree/bush digest these minerals all winter in preparation for the new seasons fruit. The Sun works on the minerals within the fruits to create a live mineral also known as ORGANIC.
When fresh picked fruit is picked and eaten within seven minutes, the life is consumed with the fruit. This is how man was designed to eat. Eating this way eliminates disease and premature death. All live fruits need zero digestion, thus no accumulation/loss of circulation. The live fruits are cleansers of the blood stream. After seven minutes the life (electricity) returns to the air and back to the heavens where it came from. "ONLY" the seed possesses "LIFE" as long as it is not heated.
• With this Theory the Tree/Bush is man's food/medicine.

Man being E/W/W/F experiences illness when ever the "balance" is not maintained. "ONLY" the tree/bush possess the "ORGANIC" mineral that can restore the balance of man.
Every thing other than the tree/bush possess minerals less "ORGANIC" or in simple terms, the mineral is larger than the mineral found with in the tree/bush. All wild plants have much finer minerals than man created vegetables, yet less organic than trees/bushes.
• The un-natural vegetables forced with chemical fertilizers grow way too rapid and produce un-natural fruits filled with too large of minerals that actually can enter the blood stream because they are partial organic, but can not totally be removed by the elimination organs and the body accumulates these vegetable minerals and all accumulations cause loss of circulation/death.
Tree/Bush fruits cleanse and restore, all other foods are not food for humans. All fruits have ample water content and water is not a human food. Water is a habit for the wrong habit of eating.
The De-Wormer formula uses The Black Walnut Tree and Olive Leaf Tree as the backbone of the formula. The Cloves are only used because of the Dr. Hulda Clark info with no explanation of why she believes Cloves does anything other than flavor the formula, at least, it does no harm. The Wormwood is a "wild herb" that grows many, many years and turns to a woody bush, the older the bush, the better and I consider it a bush when many years old and not created by man. The wormwood plant has the ancient history of the best De-Wormer when only one herb is used. Wormwood is a powerful herb and I believe too potent and nasty tasting to take as an individual herb and best in combination with other herbs. The pumpkin seed is a man made vegetable, but it is the seed that is used and the most potent minerals are found in the seed and it has many years of historical use with children and parasites. The Raw Apple Cider/Pineapple Vinegar is used to lower the ph of the Formula in an effort according to German Science to preserve the chemicals in the Black Walnut tree. The Raw Vinegar made from two powerful fruits teaming with life until mixed with the alcohol extracting process lends yet more extremely fine tree based minerals.
• Hopefully this sheds a little light on why people feel better when they consume herbs! Wild crafted herbs have smaller minerals; than minerals found in common foods. This makes us feel better and work better. By this I mean the body wants rid of these accumulated wrong foods, so the fine minerals in herbs allows the liver to make the chemical combinations it needs to and when it does this, we POOP, PEE, SWEAT, COUGH, SPIT, HACK, and even vomit when needed to save our lives.
The secret behind The "BAREFOOT" formulas; the De-Wormer is made as good as I can make an herbal formula, it is a Syrup/Tincture. Not a tincture and not a Syrup, but a combination. The Syrup (water soluble chemicals) is a 5X concentration of the herbal properties that takes heat to produce, the tincture (alcohol soluble chemicals) is a cold process with fresh picked (when possible) process. I mix the best of both worlds. In many of the other formulas I mix in plenty of plant based minerals to balance the formula so that when consumed the herbs are supplying the liver with plenty of organic minerals to choose from. The Syrup/Tincture method is something I came up with after my first forty day orange juice fast. Ever since; when I am fasting my best ideals come to me. Benjamin Franklin received all his inventions via a method he created that would wake him up just at the point his Spirit left his body, the returning Spirit possessed all the information of the universe and he was able to obtain the answers to his questions that lead to the inventing of many of the modern devices we use today.

My method/formula may not be the best, but it is the best I can do at the present time in life, "IF" I can improve it in the future I will. It is one of the few formulas that has stayed the same for some years now. It seems good for child and adult alike and the dose can be from one teaspoon to one quart depending on the situation and has been an amazing product. We owe this all to Dr. Hulda Clark's books for enlightening us on the subject of human parasites.
Most will see that I am really hard on Dr. Hulda Clark and I am, we know Dr. Clark as a person, not just another author out to make a buck. Dr. Hulda Clark lives just like her books suggest a person should live, she lives a sterile lifestyle. She lives in a very, very acid body just as she would have all do. She seeks to identify all the enemy and "KILL" it with acids and vitamins (metals). As a person we know and have videoed we tried our best to educate her and even she admitted BOOK I was powerful information and that her methods all leads to a low red blood cell count and low pH body. She knows better, she knows how to use oranges to restore the stomach and red blood cell count and she knows vitamins are not vitamins and that her methods actually leads to a low oxygen, loss of circulation system that can only turn to cancer in the long run, yet, she continues the past of acid/sterilization. We feel for her as a person and in the same breathe I condemn her methods because she has known better for many years! I have always suggested that the low pH; acid person makes for a poor connection with their true "SPIRIT" and this allows what is referred to as lower spirits to overwhelmed the body and this is when "TRUTH IS TAKEN AS LIE AND LIE TAKEN AS TRUTH". The Blind then leads the Blind down the path of destruction. By blind I refer to knot knowing their Spirit. The greatest authors all have one thing in common, they all seek Spiritual Awareness and this is lacking in the Dr. Clark books. Many times religion stops this natural path.
I encourage all to read the Dr. Hulda Clark books as well as many books and judge all your books on Alkalinity. Our blood is pH 7.3 and every good health book will have but one goal; REMOVE the ACID and supply ample Alkaline minerals for the body to build a healthy system with.
This is for those who will for sake of argument, agree that the tree is God's food for humans.
Some of Dr. John R. Christopher's greatest healing herbs are from the trees. The Mighty White Oak, Slippery Elm, The Black Walnut, The Willow, The Cedar, The Juniper, The Pine, etc..
The 1952 German Science study of the Black Walnut Tree produced some enlightening thoughts about this tree. The most potent trees were the oldest and largest (finer organic minerals) and the Power was to be found at the time of "mating".

Just like all creatures created by God, they all live to mate and mate to live. Does not matter if it is animal, reptile, fish, plant, parasite, etc. God created all to replicate. The deer goes through great changes to attract and then defend its mates, in lesser degrees so does the human. Plants have fewer choices, they must at all times Obey God's laws. They must live where they are designed to live, or they can't thrive and die unable to reproduce when in the wrong soil/climate.
During sex all creatures are at the most powerful and Nature would only the best surviving to have sex so the next generation has the best chances for survival. So it is with the Black Walnut Tree. The females normally out number the males. Nature can take a female tree and turn it into a male or even make 1/2 the tree male and the other side female (I have seen this happen with the walnut tree).
The Maleness is most strong at the top of the tree where the winds can carry the seed of life over to a receiving female tree. Nature provides the winds at the correct times and all works perfectly via the phases of the Moon. The most powerful of all are the males at the top of the tree on the North Side. I see that the Top males are the largest and on the North Side they seem larger yet, I presume this is based on the amount of sun received.
The books and the scientist would have us believe it is the hundreds or thousands of chemicals that are doing the work in the human body, while I firmly believe these chemicals/minerals are quite dead and only work for the plant they grew in and while alive with the parent herb. I firmly believe it is the liver using these dead minerals/chemicals to make what we can only call "Co-Q10" type every day products needed to keep a healthy body. The more toxic plants supply chemicals that nature has expel out certain places in the body such as glands, mucus membranes, lungs, etc. as part of the elimination process and this stimulates the accumulated waste to be expelled with the more toxic type herbs. The toxic herbs are used by the professional Naturopath in medical methods. The better the herb/food the better the liver can make the nutrients needed to expel parasites and supply the organic minerals needed to make strong healthy bones.
I will suggest the "MALE" of the Black Walnut is by far the most "POWERFUL" part of the entire tree and at its best one - two days out of the year when mating takes place. (With many other herbs it may be the female part of the plant.)

The Male Bud develops fast and last only a few days and then falls to the ground. Once the seed of life has been released into the air, the Power is gone, it was stored in the roots all winter waiting to produce the Male Bud so the seed could be released to the wind. If the Bud is picked too late the seed is gone. The trees must be watched every day for the prime time to harvest. As the Buds are harvested each year, the tree in theory will make stronger and stronger Buds in an attempt to successfully mate with all the female trees in the area. It has been proven with many different plants that they communicate well among each other, I am convinced all the trees know when the maleness has been cut and the females must wait another season before they can conceive again. The females too will make more and more stronger fluids to trap the male seed as it flows on the wind, all in an effort to produce fertile seed for the next generation, just the same as all of God's creation has on its mind when in season to mate.
SO, if the tree is man's food and medicine, then it only seem logical to me that the tree that seeks to mate with another tree would be at it's most powerful time. I have been harvesting the Male Buds every year since I read the German Study, (the same one I sent Dr. Clark that she ignored and stayed with the mature 1/2 black walnut). These Buds are very, very hard to harvest, I even went as far as cutting down or severely pruning some trees to obtain these buds each year. Then I got smart and used my brother's lift truck, it can take me right to the top of the tree where the large Male Buds are full of the most potent minerals the tree was capable of. I had two days this year to harvest, it comes and goes that fast. These Buds can not be dried out or even frozen or they loose their most potent chemicals according to the study, they must be put in liquid as soon as possible with a little live apple cider vinegar.
Having the truck enabled me to have extra for the first time ever. I experimented and ate a Male Bud whole by mouth while picking them, as I expected I had incredible energy the rest of the day, I then ate another one the second day and was convinced to try to make the whole Bud available somehow to the very few who seek to self-experiment.
This is what I came up with; I did not want the chemicals/minerals to be extracted out of the Buds, so there was but one solution, I took last years Male Bud Tincture and poured it over the new fresh picked Male Buds and have a shelf full of canning jars. The Male Bud Tincture is the finest on earth, then you throw in the BONUS of the whole Male Buds, to me that is the ultimate. You have all that grain alcohol can extract over one years time and then you have the whole herb complete with the thousands of microscopic seeds with in along with all the minerals/chemicals. This is the closest method I could think of to give people the experience I had by eating a whole Male Bud.
REMEMBER I stated Dr. Christopher said he could cure all cancers with Potassium Alone? He states the Black Walnut Tree to be the Number Two source for Plant Potassium. The Number One Source for Potassium is the Elder Berry. Naturally the wild Elderberries are common and we pick them each year as well and they love to live under the Walnut Trees!
Dr. Christopher did not use the Black Walnut leaf, bark, etc. as a De-Wormer, he used it for Potassium in his formulas. So maybe the reason the Black Walnut enables the liver to KILL the WORMS is because the liver really only needed plant Potassium????? None of this really matters, science is never perfect, we are only guessing, BUT, we see the worms come out, so what ever these plants do, that is what matters.
SO, for Potassium I would mix Elder Berry Tincture and Black Walnut Bud Tincture 50/50 and throw in the whole Male Buds for that extra RARE once in a lifetime experience or if nothing else, just to show others that you posses a herb you can not buy anywhere else on earth, or at least the way I made it.
The two options:
1.) Jar full of Buds covered in pure one or more year old Bud Tincture!
2.) Jar full of Buds covered in pure one or more year old Bud Tincture and pure Elderberry Tincture.
Price? Priceless / extremely small amount to share. I will show a picture of what I am talking about.
My suggestion is to take a small piece of the BUD daily; early in the day so you don't have too much access energy late at night. When the BUDS are all gone, you still have the best Walnut Tincture ever made. I have a few extra gallons I made up just Special for this web page! If nothing else I will simply use it as I usually do when making the De-Wormer Syrup/Tincture known as "BAREFOOT" De-Wormer.
The smallest canning jar that is respectful would be a pint, while a quart would be much nicer and the one gallon be a bragging jar. The larger the jar the more Buds I could pack in it. The option would be 50% Elderberry Tincture to make the ultimate Potassium Formula that you would take 15 drops per day as a Christopher Method.

Suggested Dose
I have always suggested a 30 day Parasite Cleanse, by taking 1 tablespoon morning and night. This equals about two of the sixteen ounce bottles of De-Wormer. I then suggest taking one tablespoon per week for the rest of your life. This equals about two of the sixteen ounce bottles per year.
Parasite 30 day Cleanse – 2 bottles
First Year- 30 day clanse & first year – 4 bottles
I always tell parents to read books on herbs and for children, Please read Dr. Christopher’s Childhood Disease Book First, then experiement with the herbs on your self and Then, decide if your going to experiment with your child’s health using Natural Herbs. By then, you understand the herbs and realize how safe they are and what a starting dose would be based on your child’s past history with vacinations, drugs, etc.
Just because I use herbs with my children, does not make it right to use my suggestions on your children; Parents need educated and to take control of their own health as well as their childrens. Once you see the herbs are not harmful, THEN, your qualified to use herbs on your children, not before.
De-Wormer Ingredients:
Black Walnut Tree Bud, Green Hull, Leaf bud, Bark, Olive Tree Leaf/Rt., Clove, Wormwood Herb, Pumpkin Seed, Oregano Oil, Apple/Pineapple Vinegar, Coconut Glycerin, Grain alcohol and distilled water.

 If you do not believe, take a look!!!! Now you know the difference between a Human and a Zombie. Change diet!


compiled by Amonakur