Acambaro 35000
Jedi Simon

Finally we know that there exist 35000 Acambaro sculputres of Dinosours and Men, pottery and artifacts

in a museum in Mexico. Science should give us and explanation. But unfortunately, when explanations do not match

the fairy tale of history, no one will bother to expose his idea or himself to derision.

The findings will disappear in wooden boxes somewhere.

This is the most illogical but realistic reason for which science has rarely achieved the answers.

The procedure that takes in count only what is "conforme", auto generates the worst prejudices.

I guess that we should consider things from a different point of view.

Do you remember the dinosour that I found outside an Indian temple? Ok.

I found another one on in Israel, on a temple, so my conclusion is that this information had to be preserved and was important.


So, now we have 4 civilizations that show men and dinosaurs living together, and 4 that should not know anything about Dinosaurs

but own an incredible imagination.    Please stop messing up the matrix....


Jedi Simon