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Emotional Well-Being

Household Cleaning & Freshening

Physical Well-Being

Skincare, Beauty & Hygiene

Holiday Blends




Emotional Well-Being Recipes

17 Diffuser Blends

Air Freshener*

Anger Reducing Blends

Anxiety Relieving Blends

Bath Oil*

Bath Salts*

Confidence Enhancing Blends

Calming/Relaxing Blend

Depression Reducing Blends

Energizing Blends

Fear Fighting Blends

Grief Easing Blends

Happiness and Peace Enhancing Blends

Insomnia/Sleeplessness Blend*

Irritability Reducing Blends

Loneliness Easing Blends

Massage Oil*

Memory and Concentration Blends

Panic and Panic Attack Blends

Self Confidence/Insecurity Enhancing Blends

Stress Reducing Blends

Winter Blues Blends


Physical Well-Being Recipes

Arthritic Joints

Balm for Cuts & Scrapes

Boo Boo Juice



Menstrual Cramps

Massage Oil*

Stuffy Nose


Skincare, Beauty & Hygiene Recipes

Acne Blend

Bath Oil*

Bath Salts*

Dry Hand Lotion

Facial Toner

Hair Conditioner

Scented Shower Gel


Scented Hair


Shoe Deodorizer



Household Cleaning & Freshening Recipes

Air Freshener*

Carpet Deodorizer

Potpourri - Drying and Scenting

Vanilla Room Spray


Holiday & Seasonal Blends

Christmas Tree Diffuser Blend

Sugar & Spice Blend

Frankincense & Myrrh Holiday Blend

Scented Greeting Cards & Tissue Paper