Sweet Heart


Kindness and love are the answers to insensibility. It is time to share and take care, to smile and to help, and put order in our lives.
Gentleness and sweetness are the best answer to those who have lost faith and beliefs, and hiding behind books and numbers seem happily living at the top of the tower. Appearance is illusory and their worlds are virtual ones. The essence of a caress could be explained as deep understanding and comprehension, whilst greed and egoism are directly connected to ignorance and possession. Personal, stands for ďmineĒ, and it is the best word sellers use to turn the normal proprietor of an object into a selfish one.

I suppose that objects of this kind, like pcs, cell phones and other technical devices that are in fact Trojans, own in reality their owners, by conditioning them to interact with fixed and standardized programs, interfaces and ways of thinking that make them servants to the machine and to the economical system. Alas, this stupid mouse game is rapidly changing the mentality of people that are becoming quarrelsome and nervous if they donít get the answer they want in a click or two.

Viruses that spread from technological devices to the head of their owners are made of etheric projections and software that behaves like elementals once it infects the mind of a person. We should talk about possession rather than addiction, and consider the problem from another point of view. Brainwashing of this kind is a typical exercise magicians = programmers nowadays practice to please their commissioners. Garlic, salt, oil, and symbols wonít work with this kind of possessions, so just donít waste so much time trying to find the way out of the labyrinth, just press off and meditate.

Touch helps. Contact helps. Silence helps. Yoga helps. Harmony helps. Music helps.
Arts help. Creativity helps. Love helps. Responsibility helps, and Will of course. Be yourselves.

The scent of a rose is a gift for the heart.