The administration of scarcity is a criminal activity. I have the feeling that philosophical schools have canceled from vocabularies, dictionaries and culture, language and books, a great deal of words, verbs, concepts and adjectives, they did not like. Thats why we never find the words to express what we feel, think etc… It is time to balance the complete set of standard words, that appears to be negatively oriented. People speaking in languages made of unbalanced ingredients, suffer greatly disharmony. It is time to balance the whole thing. Let’s tax violence on medias, bad examples on tv and papers, comics and screenplays. To your great surprise, you will find out that the only way negative entities have to corrupt society is by giving bad examples all the time, showing repression scenes, and the victory of a status quo. So, logically speaking, entities of this kind hide behind facades that enable them to resemble the best examples of conduct not to be seen. Masters of illusion, create worlds of this kind to their maximum benefit, and force in such a way darkness into light, that by being so mean they spoil society and corrupt it. Above all, they fear one name: their name, and day by day they pretend to be, and mystify themselves to hide away. Secrets hurt feet like stones. New words will come, and old ones will go.