A peaceful mind is so calm that it does not need someone to take control of it. Kindness and tranquility denote spiritual mastery. Too many follow desires and illusions trying to fill up the emptiness that they feel. Wishes are made of empty absence. Servants follow the guides given by wish-makers whenever they reach their heart. Like crazy horses, desires take fools anywhere wish-makers want them to go. Those who don’t own their legs anymore, will serve them endlessly, and become vicious.

Vice is a practice or a behavior or habit considered immoral, depraved, and/or degrading in the associated society. In more minor usage, vice can refer to a fault, a defect, an infirmity, or merely a bad habit. Synonyms for vice include fault, depravity, sin, iniquity, wickedness, and corruption. The word vicious means “full of vice”. In this sense, the word vice comes from the Latin word vitium, meaning “failing or defect”. But of course, most of these languages are based on Sanskrit, so if we look for the seed, we shall find “vit” that stands for “bend”, “to wring”, that is something we apply on a straight wire to curve it.

l =/= C. This means that we are talking again about a cycles, thought cycles, social cycles, or wish cycles, that rhythm our lives constantly and comfortably. Apparently, it is hypnosis that keeps things going on in the same old way in society, and although this term is connected to psychoanalysis, there is another one that could be used in its place, which is “ritual”. Which is made again out of the Sanskrit seed “rit”, that means right, fit, apt, fixed, law, order, rule. Repetition, again and again, reiteration, and ritual. In Greek literature we can find various kinds of repetitions: Epizeuxis or palilogia, Conduplicatio, Anadiplosis, Anaphora, Epistrophe, Mesodiplosis, Diaphora, Epanalepsis, and Diacope, but if we concentrate on human and social behavior, we could find even more, many more.

Ritualized actions are addictions. So if you are tired of repeating cyclic actions, do not forget to introduce a transmutation principle in your life, and stop nourishing the clone. Constant cycles want to be fed and require a particular attention, to inner tensions, referring to misconduct, discomfort, and other disturbing feelings that one could feel if he tries to free himself from addiction. Rechargeable devices are the best example, prayers, physical exercise, devotional attitudes, school, work, functions, the clock and games of course. Books, movies, records, cinema, disco, tv programs, news, publicity, computer games, normal games and any other ritualized formula that start and end up feeding you emotionally, either by creating a depression, and then giving you the opportunity to be happier, fulfilling the request or rather, altering your state and guiding it for a given time through controlled inputs that force unconscious people to become human emotional feeders to elementals and Egregore (also egregor) which is an occult concept representing a “thoughtform” or “collective group mind”, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people.

The symbiotic relationship between an Egregore and its group though, most of the times is not visible and detectable at all, unless you are sensible or your third eye is activated. Opinion makers and wish makers work hard on these protocols to control the masses, whilst clones enjoy dramatically the power they feel when they are singing in a concert or shouting during a football match in a stadium. Unfortunately, as they are not aware of the fact that they are pumping all their energy into the Egregore, all their excitation will be vampired and transformed into occult power according to ancient teachings on magic. So, according to the level we have organized society, on Sundays, in western world, people will possibly attend two of the most powerful rituals; football and mass. A gentle journal at news time, followed by cartoons for kids and a good movie later on.

Occult programming takes place in society all the time. Social programmers are at work 24 a day. Some of them created upon natural rhythms, their own, to take control over society, and they run these rhythms within specific groups or in general, according to their needs or greed. Money is the best of these inventions. Altered cycles by accepting this compromise, made us servants to the few, and this world became unfair. We should think about it, and find a different way sometime in the future, from a spiritual point of view and from a materialistic point of view. Once money lost contact with equilibrium and harmony, it became a distorted power to conquer and subjugate. This is pure black magic once it ends in the hands of people that want more, much more, terribly more, dramatically more. I noticed that saints have no pockets. St. Francis and Buddha left all this behind.

Interests, make people poor, and when men stop communicating one another because they have nothing to share anymore, life becomes dull. Exchange is all that is left, emotional, sexual, and economical. And all that we are looking for is tied to power, authority and what we expect from each other. We must never forget that we are not machines neither computers and that life isn’t made of binary codes but colors.

Once there was experience, skill, knowledge, and creativity of course. Now we’ve got games to play, and illusions to follow till the end of time. Merchandising. I bet these values aren’t really what we were looking for. There’s not much hope to solve this crisis with all these lottery players, unless someone re-programs them with a new bios. Heart and kindness, friendship and altruism are still alive, and numbers, numbers, numbers, make no sense anymore from the spiritual point of view on one side and for the common sense average mentality people, that are loosing faith in all this nonsense. Sense the difference. When ogm fruit stops tasting, it has been transformed into virtual fruit, and has no nutrients any more.

It’s molecules, vitamins and enzymes, proteins etc… have been finally scrambled in something that has lost it’s order, taste, scent, and quality. The meaning of biodiversity is something that should take care in nature as well as in culture. Quantized clones are unfortunately the worst solution to the needs of this world. It is time to reset the system and allow it to clean the register and defrag. I’m shure you know what I am talking about. There are too many programs open at the same time, and the systems are getting stuck.

It is not time to act against someone or something, but rather time to organize, put order, and not mix things up again. Any solution that is based on dualistic mentality goes inevitably against. We must reconsider our way of thinking. Use colors instead of black paint. Traditions are important, very important. Human bio diversity as well. Globalism does not take care about individual differences, traditions and constitutions, because it’s dream is unite everything that exist to possess it, but We own nothing, and life is just a way to learn this through transmutation, transmigration and transformation. Money for nothing isn’t a great bargain, if we throw away our history, past and essence. It is time to consider that the rhythms we are following are wrong. Time runs faster and faster. We have no time to relax, or do anything we want in peace.

This rhythm belongs to machines, not men. Why hasn’t anyone noticed that this acceleration since the introduction of electric lights in the factories has created such an acceleration? And what about the standard digitalization of media, heavily compressed and accelerated to contaminate mind’s functions and over stress us just to produce more, much more? I guess You know why… it’s as simple as this: unnatural rhythms have transformed circadian cycles slowly from natural rhythms to cultural ones, then from cultural to economical, and we are now living in an “Ecodian Cycle”, that we should abandon if we don’t want to get on pills, anti-depression medicines or any other kind of substance that chemistry has thought about to alleviate the sensations some situations produce in our life.

I must apologize now for the mood in which I have put you this time, but this was the only way to make you think about something you already know, but should take care of. If I really wanted to make you sick, i would have wrote the true statistical numbers all these systems are producing concerning depopulation programs. I beg you pardon, if i have disturbed you in any way, and I hope that you will be able to transform the mood in which you should be right now, into something else. It is time for a Positive attitude. Show me how you would solve this problem considering and not denying. Show me which way you would go to include, give wider possibilities and solve problems, rather than adding more laws and weight on the scale. The meaning of Harmonic Comprehension should be clear, before starting any kind of change or transformation. Have you ever thought about how your body works? This is an over simplification of course, but if we pretend not to respect these rhythms, we cannot expect our body to respect our mind, and it will eventually answer in the best way he can to stop our foolishness and teach us a different way: malady. Remedies don’t work. An answer to the 8 fundamental questions is the way. WHO, WHY, WHEN, WHERE, WHEN, WHICH, WHOSE, HOW. Once these points have been cleared out, it is much easier to proceed towards a cure. Whenever a fisherman is trying to capture a fish, we must never forget the elements that create the karmic formula. A fish hook, a fishing line, a worm, a fishing rod, and the intention of the fisher man. 5 moves.

Now You have the answer. The key is right in the middle of your brain, the third eye. It is the pineal gland, that is made of retinal tissue and located in the heart of the brain. Its ability to know right from the start if something is going to work or not is peculiar. Call it intuition, or whatever you like. This organ has the capability and it is symbolized as a pine cone, that you will probably see on top of columns and pedestals, roofs and temples. Such a secret and powerful symbol that no egoist will ever explain it to you. A passepartout ? It really looks like some selfish demons see this gift as a danger for them, rather than a blessing, and wouldn’t like to see around enhanced telepathic beings or their intentions to be known. The truth is that once this gland is activated, vision is instantaneous. Now don’t overestimate the capability of your mind, and do not act as a fool trying to activate it in stupid ways. It stopped working when you reached the age of ten. It should be all covered up with calcium crystals by now. Calcified. Drugs shouldn’t be compared to it. Insight is something that cannot be produced artificially and neurons that are not ready to stand its frequencies, fail to do their job and visions are useless.

Anyway, try to avoid drugs, acids of any kind, like ortho-phosphoric and fluorated substances, and light. ( toothpaste, fluoridated water and substances, salt with additives, soft drinks, etc… ). I will share another secret with you now. Light makes your pineal gland blind. To reach a possible, but improbable activation of what its left of its functions, you should spend at least 8 days in complete, total darkness, and on the ninth or tenth day you should be able to see. By knowing, you could understand better what is going on, and work hard to change things. Wiser, you could do your best to harmonize everything that in disharmony suffers. To make this world a better place to live in is a good thing to do. Please act positively and behave.

Lets see if you are able to create a spider-gram like this one, brainstorming in a meditative state. Conscious Activation of Inspiration and generative thinking are a good exercise. Tomorrow you will send me the diagrams and i will post them. We could work together.



Foto by Jedi Simon. All rights reserved.

Foto by Jedi Simon. All rights reserved.

right in the middle of the square… I guess that’s enough, you are probably starting to understand what happened…
just follow intuition…

Jedi Simon