No side, no war.

I think that I shall have to repeat again this concept because I noticed that dark forces are working on it quite strongly, and whist they are forcing, people,

 groups, parties, teams, workers, races, nations, etc… into conflicts, on the other side they are working on discontinuity, reducing the average levels and time of attention,

and limiting in such way understanding, comprehension, and conscious presence.

Absent minded people, ( having this group of demons worked hard on fragmentation, degradation of concepts, bending of their meaning, and pulverization of their

constituents  and twin-root concepts ), have serious problems to concentrate and follow linearity, progressiveness, and discussions that last more than 5 minutes.

Remote controls have created such a jumping syndrome, that their discontinuous way of thinking and rhythm have damaged our circuits.

So please, slow down and dedicate time to awareness. I said:…..

Dualism is presented as the Law of Two opposites, competing forces that rely on each other: Order and Chaos.

These two are further separated, falling into either constructive or destructive versions of Order and Chaos.

Moral, Justice, Religion and Philosophies that are based upon dualistic oversimplification may incur in cycles of Recursive Thought

that are incapable to solve and face problems.

Such a behavior leads to the illusion that what is visible of the moon is the entire, rather faulty illusion that does not consider the work of the Dark Side and of its Shadows.

Dark Forces produce Attachment rather than Freedom, and without a 360° vision, Liberation is not possible. Peace, Harmony and Equilibrium are what we need.

We must seek and hunt the enemy within.

One is The Force. Wholeness. Two parts mean division, and Faith is lost because ignorance takes its place.

Gods widest point of view 360° cannot be compared to Lucifer’s 180° projection of the world, where opposition and options are arguments of the Dark Force,

 and shadows made to hide and disguise its ambassadors.

No constant change of configuration may help the system that has lost the integral point of view.

Sides, besides, can be used to oppose men to men, people to people, nations to nations, worlds to worlds, to divide et impera, to use and abuse.

Dark ones work on Dualism. Coagulate and are ready to fight at any time on one side or the other.

No side, no war.

The understanding of “Vita”, The Force, requires the capacity to penetrate the Multiverse whilst sensing the totality of vital vibrations

 from every point of view at the same time, space and motion.

Find a possible path to the principle of unification, which is Love. Connect to The Source and be the Force.

Any kind of unification ( the gathering / globalization ) that is not based on first principle, will look for legitimation,

 and make use of secondary concepts to make people and nations move in the direction they want.

Fear, terror, danger and other negative karmic processes that produce controlled chain reactions, are most of the time,

the way these egregore use to condition the world, metaphysically and materialistically.

We would like to avoid this. The mantra is simple. “No side, no war”. Just love.

We are one!!!