The Silent Source

Jedi Simon


Purify the body, Purify the mind. Purity of body is only the

 preliminary to purity of mind. Cleanliness is a part of godliness.

Restriction in diet if adopted helps make the Mind Pure.

Food exercises a Direct Influence on the mind. Purity of food

 leads to purity of mind. The Mind is only made up of the fine

 essence of food. As the food is, so is the mind. You must be Pure

 in thought, word and deed. Your heart must be as Pure as Crystal,

 Innocent, Straightforward and Absent of all Evil Thoughts.

 He who is endowed with purity will find it easy to tread

 the Spiritual Path. Reach perfect Self-Control, Self Mastery,

 Control of the Body and Control of the Mind. Lead a

 well-Regulated and Disciplined life. Keep all the senses

 under Perfect Control. Self-control implies Self-Sacrifice,

 Annihilation of Egoism, Patience, Endurance, Forbearance

 and Humility. Overcome Attachment and Dispassion.

Overcome Anger and Forgive. Love constantly, Serve selflessly,

 Practice goodwill. Overcome evil by good. Return good

 for evil. Overcome lust. Practice regular Meditation.

 Conquer greed by Charity, Generosity and Disinterested

actions. Conquer Pride by Humility and Delusion by

 Discrimination and Enquiry. Overcome Jealousy by

 Magnanimity.  Conquer Egoism by Self-Sacrifice,

Self-Surrender, Self-Abnegation and Meditation

on the Non-Dual innermost Self.

This you may practice. This you may… become.