The Invisible sun

The Secret Source

 Jedi Simon

Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Control of the Mind, Purity,

Practice of Charity, Control of the Senses, Non-Violence,

Service, Compassion, Simplicity, Absence of Greed,

Absence of Malice. Austerity, Truth, Restraint of Anger,

Good Relationship, Understanding, Listening, Learning,

Absence of Envy, Knowledge of the Self and Forbearance.

Continence, Self-Control, Serenity and No-Stealing, Offering,

Absence of Covetousness, Control of the Senses, Fortitude.

Temperance, Non-Meddling, Respect, Celibacy in thought,

 word and deed, Non-Stealing, Self-Restraint,

Internal and External Purity, Contentment. Fearlessness,

Clean-ness of life, Steadfastness, Wisdom, Alms-giving,

Straightforwardness, Avoid doing Harm, Absence of wrath,

 Renunciation, Peacefulness, Absence of Crookedness,

have Compassion for the living, Mildness, Modesty,

Absence of Fickleness, Vigour, Forgiveness, Absence of Pride.

This you may practice. This you may… become.