The Invisible Source

Jedi Simon 


May you all attain eternal bliss and immortality through the

 practice of the virtues. Perform duties Efficiently, Act Freely,

 Untied and United, Separate but One. Be Pious and Virtuous,

 Heroic and Humble. The form is One, not affected at all

 by changes of time, place, surroundings and individual

 differences. What changes according to the change of time,

 place and surrounding circumstances is the external shape.

 The colour of Conduct cannot be disguised. Stage by stage,

 complete the Cycle. Let only those Actions that are free from

blemishes be done and not others. Be Moderate in everything and

 remember that the whole world is nothing but your own Self.

 That work which gives elevation, peace and joy to the mind,

 is right, and that which brings depression, pain and

 restlessness to the mind is wrong. By doing Virtuous

 Actions, you develop a Noble character. Any deed,

any thought that causes an effect, is followed by

 consequences, sooner or later. Desire, Thought

 and Action go together. Things do not happen by accident

 or chance in a disorderly manner. Step by step, every action

 produces a threefold effect: it yields a fruit, it affects

 your character, it leaves behind an impression in your mind.

 The impression will urge you to repeat the act again

and it will assume the form of a thought-wave in the mind

 on account of a stimulus, either internal or external.

 You sow a seed, a stem grows up. You sow an Action

 and reap a habit. You cultivate a Habit and reap a

 character. You sow a Character and reap your Destiny.

 Silent witness of the actions of the senses and of the mind,

 find the Path to the Invisible Source.

This you may practice. This you may… become.