Acqua di Luce

Five Eelements


White energy lines, dark background and.... interaction fields.....


Interacting rays


Sacred Tree




The Cecret Garden






















Standing bear...


Synchronize... tune in....

Limits of the Logical Consciousness....

Tune in....


AGravitational way to manifest the magnetic power of love....

Formation and Conformation

Sharp hedges

Take care....

You are not alone

Where Light is, life is Present.


Where the elements meet...


wheels within wheels

Orders of magnitude


Fire does burn

Light beings

Angel's Gate


Manifestation of the shape of the Spirits


Mr Keshe

Jedi Simon

Par Conditio is the key.

Empty the cup, tune in.

Elemental and Elementary Beings. Xenodimensionals, Alien beings, Spirits, Ghosts, Projections, etc... exist although our event horizon is a limited one.

Please handle with care.

This is a totally new world.