A walk in Paradise

by Jedi Simon







All Rights reserved. All pictures by Jedi Simon. Plasmatic fields at work. Awalk in Paradise.

May the force be with You


W a t e r  w a l l

by Jedi Simon

A tax on violence for a peaceful world. Cure against the "Violence CrossVirus".

I advice you to start thinking about the formulation of a Tax on “Violent Contents and Projections” to change this society, through the use of good example and common sense.

When I claim that a dark minority perfectly knows what is going on because they create context, I mean that they have got all the numbers, projectors, opinion makers, own the media and play with the minds of peope.

Those who vectorialize fear to rxploit given responses or produce constant shoks to alter the emotional state of people, should be ashamed. Dissonace hurts, and produces sufference. Karma is going to tale care of this situation,.

Do not allow minorities to corrupt Your mind or emotion, reason and logic. Theos who show no respect, abuse. Money dos not pay. Karma, pays back. Do not make this world unlivable for its beings. Peacefully stand up.

A change is needed. Transform and Transmutate, I advice you to practice Ahimsa, and meditate every day and to reject violence in any form. Do not speculate. Let them spend all their money and time trying to convince You.

Listen to You Heart. Here is a gift from the sky above the sky. "Waterwall". Try it. You shall feel better indeed. Practice makes perfect.

Watch No TV violence, change channel. Watch No internet violence, change web page.
Watch No violent game, do not let them implant in our memory violent examples that you will practice later on.
Violence is a contagious illness that is spreading all over the world, sustained by media asymptomatic carriers,
and electronic devices that have been filled up with crossing viruses capable of attacking your biological systems.
Do not give any attention to violent contents or allow them to entertain you. Switch all devices off,
if they are channeling infected contents. Do not participate to any violent act.
Do not allow violent feelings, emotions and reactions to take place.
Purify yourself and Don’t look for violent contents, the infecting virus absorbs greater sensations
and stronger emotions as it infects your Body, stop feeding it. Do not fear, panic or lose control
of Your inner self, subtle bodies and let projections become subliminal vetors to the needs of the egregore.
Decondition yourself rejecting the parasite that took control of your being.
Be in peace, even if you have to work hard and force yourself to purify your Bios.
Practice meditation and concentration to remove dis harmonic thought and trojans.
Win the battle against mental addiction and the need of conflicting relationships or confrontation.
Equilibrate and harmonize yourself. Be Zen, and Do not fear solitude.
Disconnection from the False Matrix will give you a chance to rebirth.
Karma will take care, don’t react, leave it to the law of Harmony.
Be in control of yourself, do not let any external source feed your emotions. Be there. Be Present.
Time will cure your wounds, be patient and strong. Vigilant and ready to move out of the contaminated field.
Stop watching the news and listening to horrors at given hours, or you will feed the Egregore again, without knowing,
and unconsciously letting it in again. Negative things happen all the time, concentrate on positive ones, avoid such projections.
Activate your third eye and practice the gifts of insight and pure vision. Seek the truth, see through the veil of maya, the great illusion,
ease pain, either mental, physical or metaphysical, and start looking for good examples, teachings, beauty and joyful contents. No shadow will harm you.

May the force be with you.

Jedi Simon